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Last updated: June 23, 2021
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First submittedJanuary 23, 2017
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What legendary creature of Norse mythology resembles a giant squid?
What is the Spanish word for water?
What well-known movie was inspired by the real-life Von Trapp family?
The Sound of Music
What are the two most populous cities on the Nile river?
What type of printers use "toner"?
Laser Printers
What conqueror killed or displaced up to 90% of the population of Persia in the 1200s?
Genghis Khan
What is the world's largest Arabic language news network?
Al Jazeera
What is the name for a plant that lives longer than an annual or biennial?
In 1493 Pope Alexander VI divided the New World, giving half of it to Spain.
Which country received the other half?
What type of corporal punishment is used in Singapore?
What car part has largely been made obsolete by fuel injection?
What actor has a name that's something like Bandersnatch Cummerbund?
Benedict Cumberbatch
In what part of the body would you find a hammer, anvil, and stirrup?
What country has de-facto control over most of the disputed territory Western Sahara?
What is it considered bad luck to walk underneath?
What movie series featured a messy poltergeist named Slimer?
What monarch was known as the "Sun King"?
Louis XIV
What neutral country was invaded by Germany in 1914 and again in 1940?
What pseudoscience tries to explain human events by the movements
of the planets and constellations?
Level 85
Jan 24, 2017
feels great to get 100%
Level 86
Jan 24, 2017
I tried Al Jezira and Al Djezira to no avail...
Level 45
Mar 2, 2017
Level 92
Jan 24, 2017
Could you please accept just Khan? I tried it, and moved on when it wasn't accepted.
Level 78
Jan 24, 2017
Khan is a title, not a name. This would be like accepting "King" for the sun king.
Level 75
Oct 4, 2021
There were multiple khans. How would that narrow it down? Also, how hard is Genghis to spell, really?
Level 65
Jul 12, 2023
Level 63
Feb 28, 2017
Is Slimer really a Poltergeist rather than "just a regular" ghost?
Level 60
Feb 28, 2017
Slimer was pretty clearly a class-5 free roaming vapor.
Level 81
Jul 16, 2020
17/20 gets 5/5, wow.
Level 85
Jun 27, 2021
19/20 now gets 4/5. I want my money back!
Level 79
Jun 24, 2021
Luxembourg should be accepted for the invasion question.
Level 78
Oct 4, 2021
I would say that Luxembourg is even more of a correct answer because Britain and Belgium had a weak alliance since 1839. Since Belgium was somewhat aligned with Britain, a member of the Entente, surely Luxembourg was even more neutral. Maybe, "What neutral kingdom?"
Level 75
Jun 25, 2021
can you accept "falling piano" for ladder?
Level 75
Jun 29, 2021
haha, or "anvil with acme written on it"
Level 78
Mar 3, 2024
prs17: I tried exactly the same. Perhaps it's not accepted because it's not 'considered' to be bad luck - it genuinely is bad luck.
Level 76
Oct 4, 2021
The treaty of Tordesillas was not only about dividing the New World, but all newly discovered, non-Christian lands. Portugal only got a small part of the New World (part of Brazil), certainly not half of it. But the Portuguese received India, which was their major interest.
Level 77
Oct 4, 2021
"In what part of the body would you find a hammer, anvil, and stirrup?"

Depends on just how angry you made that blacksmith.

Level 28
Oct 4, 2021
Is it bad I genuinely forgot Benedict cumberbatch was his name. I just know him as banner -deck keyboard smash
Level 73
Oct 4, 2021
You should have to put which Louis it was as guessing Louis on its own without the number shouldn't be allowed.
Level 47
Apr 21, 2022
but then you could just type 1,2,3,4 et cetera until you got it right, so it wouldn't help much
Level 78
Oct 4, 2021
Kept trying Canon, HP & IBM for toner question.
Level 82
Oct 4, 2021
I read "conqueror" as "conquistador" for some reason and was so confused in the second half of the question. Persia??? 1200s??? nope I just couldn't read apparently, carry on
Level 80
Oct 7, 2023
Belgium is not considered a neutral country. Which criterion are you using?
Level ∞
Oct 8, 2023
Please read the question again.
Level 88
Jan 17, 2024
I agree with ruftytufty, Luxembourg should be an acceptable type-in