Geography by Letter - I

Guess these geographical answers that start with the letter I.
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Last updated: September 5, 2018
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Boot-shaped country
Also known as Éire
Spanish party island
City once called Constantinople
Famous Rio de Janeiro beach
"The Land of Lincoln"
U.S. state known for potatoes
Majority Jewish country
Small volcanic island owned by Japan;
site of a famous 1945 battle
Iwo Jima
Narrow strip of land that connects
two larger land masses
Country that invaded Kuwait in 1990
Major river in Pakistan and India
"Capital" of the Scottish highlands
Country and subcontinent
Second largest religion in the world
Peninsula of Spain and Portugal
Russian oblast in Siberia made famous
by the board game "Risk"
Austrian Winter Olympics host city
Turkish city once known as Smyrna
Jakarta is its capital
Level 77
Sep 18, 2013
I loved this one.

(Because I got them all?!)

Level 68
Nov 10, 2013
Greetings from Idaho, everyone! Where a potato field is never far away.
Level 83
Oct 5, 2016
I must have a look into Idaho's geography, I thought it was all Rockies
Level 62
Feb 6, 2021
Most of Idaho is mountanous, but there are some flat areas, especially in the southwest of the state. Most of the farms are along the Snake River near the major cities, including Boise, Twin Falls, Burley, and Idaho Falls.
Level 37
Nov 7, 2016
Sorry, but I spent four years of my life in Amsterdam, Holland, having to eat potatoes in one form or another EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I will be an extremely happy camper if I NEVER SEE ANOTHER POTATO AS LONG AS I LIVE.

Level 82
Jun 30, 2018
don't get stranded on Mars.
Level 79
Apr 8, 2020
But there are so many ways you can cook and eat a potato!

Potatoes new, potatoes old

Potato (in a salad) cold

Potatoes baked or mashed or fried

Potatoes whole, potatoes pied

Enjoy them all, including chips

Remembering spuds don't come in ships!

Level 63
Oct 24, 2020

Boil em

Mash em

Stick em in a stew


Level 79
Oct 31, 2020
But why? Amsterdam has a massive range of restaurants. You can avoid potatoes very easily.
Level 75
Dec 19, 2020
Go to a Wagamama :)
Level 82
Jun 9, 2021
I spent four years of my life living in The Hague, Holland, and ate pretty much whatever I wanted. You know, what with it being an advanced country with a wide range of restaurants, supermarkets and other sources of a diverse selection of foodstuffs.

I'm trying to imagine what circumstances can have forced you to eat potatoes every day. Were you in prison?

Level 79
Nov 3, 2021
Or were you stuck in a Vincent van Gogh painting?

Level 44
Feb 5, 2014
I was on the last 's' of Inverness! Argghhhh!
Level 75
Aug 13, 2014
Never heard of Ibiza, but glad so many of you knew about the party.
Level 72
Jul 18, 2018
We rarely get invited to places like that. However, I have been to the New Madrid Country Club - it's kinda the same thing isn't it?
Level 75
May 13, 2019
Apparently it's very family oriented. When my late brother lived there he met a lot of men he knew from other towns. They introduced the young women they were with as their "cousins".
Level 80
Jul 14, 2015
Empanadas are often eaten in Ipanema.
Level 47
Feb 27, 2016
i love geography that is why i am so good at the quizzes!!!
Level 75
Feb 27, 2016
Being older helped me get Ipanema from the song, "Girl From Ipanema" - "Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking, and when she passes, each one she passes says, 'Ahhhh'." Bossa nova from the '60s was great.
Level 84
Aug 11, 2017
Great song! So mellow.
Level 85
Feb 5, 2017
Found this pretty easy - though, half of my time was spent trying to spell "isthmus!"
Level 70
Feb 20, 2018
Like Geography?....... try my Geography One here it is
Level 72
Jun 30, 2018
I've never heard of that famous Rio beach.
Level 79
Jun 30, 2018
"Tall and tan and young and lovely,

The girl from Ipanema goes walking and...."

I think the 60's bossa nova song made it famous for quiz-takers of a certain age.

Level 85
Jun 30, 2018
Greetings from İzmir, Turkey. It's always good to see your hometown in a Quiz.
Level 69
Jul 1, 2018
Way cool!
Level 43
Mar 7, 2019
How on Earth did I miss Irkutsk? facepalm.
Level 75
May 12, 2019
My sister is a potato from Montana
Level 70
Jun 19, 2020
Where are all the Risk players??? Only 28% for Irkutsk!
Level 67
Mar 20, 2022
Never played Risk. Don't even know what it is but how many oblasts starting with I are there in Siberia
Level 81
Aug 14, 2022
I won’t lie. I think Risk is an awful game. 10% strategy and 90% luck. It takes so dang long to finish too.
Level 60
Oct 5, 2021
Letter V Scavenger Hunt Answer (see my blog)
Level 29
Oct 18, 2021
what do you mean the risk players you should be asking where the Russians are
Level 69
Jul 7, 2022
So is Jetpunk going to pretend Palestine doesn't count as a country AND claim Israel is a majority jewish country?

So Palestinians don't exist at all? SMH.

Level 72
Jun 6, 2023
Palestine lacks full control of their own territory and doesn't even have a unified government, being divided between Hamas and the PNA. Lack of territorial control, no unified government, disputed recognition, so it lacks a lot of attributes of nationhood.

According to the country’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) classification system (2020 data), approximately 73 percent of the population is Jewish, 18 percent Muslim, 2 percent Christian, and 1.6 percent Druze. The remaining 5 percent consists of those the CBS classifies as “other.”

Level 84
Nov 27, 2022
Iwo Jima is certainly the best known name for the island, but since the question is phrased in the present tense, maybe Iwo To should at least be an acceptable answer.
Level 72
Sep 14, 2023
Please accept Italia for Italy
Level 72
Jan 10, 2024
Greetings from Illinois
Level 23
Apr 12, 2024
seeing your city on jetpunk for the first time🥹 greeting from izmir 🫡