Geography Ending in O

Can you guess these geography-related answers that end in the letter O?
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Last updated: February 11, 2023
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Most populous city on the Nile River
Canada's most populous province
City home to the world's tallest
building from 1973–1998
City whose name is an
anagram of Tokyo
Rainier, Fuji, or Pinatubo e.g.
Country which Serbia considers to be
a breakaway province
Largest city in Sri Lanka
Northernmost of Japan's four
main islands
Country completely surrounded by
South Africa
Capital of the Inca Empire
City in Palestine which has been
inhabited for more than 10,000 years
Latin American term for a person of
mixed European and Indigenous descent
Richest country by per-capita income
Capital of Uruguay
Second largest city in Portugal
Suburb of Johannesburg whose name is
an acronym of South West Townships
Highest U.S. state by average elevation
The only national capital whose
name starts with Q
Largest island in Asia
Spanish word for river
Level 69
Feb 11, 2023
I was thinking Mount Rainer and Mount Fuji.
Level 73
Feb 11, 2023
Río is missing the accent.
Level 70
Feb 12, 2023
Rio is almost never written with a diacritic in English, but it's really going to depend on whatever style guide is appropriate for what you're writing (afaik, JetPunk doesn't have one).

The AP Stylebook, for example, says accents are for "people, not not places, things, foods..." unless you're directly quoting someone in their native language.

Special characters also run the risk of being rendered incorrectly on some screens. If you want to hedge your bets for maximum readability, it's best to use them conservatively.

Level 59
Feb 12, 2023
This is directly quoting from a native language. It's asking for the word in Spanish, not how one might write it in English.

Characters like í aren't really "special", they are very common and any device or browser should have no problem rendering them.

Level 70
Feb 13, 2023
Very true. Thanks!
Level 84
Feb 12, 2023
"Country completedcompletely surrounded by South Africa"
Level 87
Feb 12, 2023
New Guinea is in Asia, and it's bigger than Borneo. I guess it's in Oceania as well, though.
Level 95
Feb 12, 2023
Every answer ends with the letter O. New Guinea ends in A.
Level 81
Feb 13, 2023
IMHO, it doesn't really matter whether or not New Guinea ends in "O," though. Were it the correct answer to the question, then "Borneo" wouldn't be the correct answer, and thus that question shouldn't have been included in this quiz. No?

(In this specific case, though, @blizzrd33 is of course right: New Guinea is on the Australian plate, so is not the correct answer and the issue is moot.)

Level 79
Feb 12, 2023
It's part of the Australian tectonic plate.
Level 65
Mar 26, 2023
PNG is considered to be part of Oceania, so I assume the rest of the island is, although Indonesia is counted as in Asia.

I guess it's similar to Turkey counting as Asian despite having Thrace in Europe, or Russia being counted in Europe despite Siberia. How the country is counted depends on where its core is.

Level 66
Feb 23, 2023
Wow the scores are high on this one! When "Mestizo" has nearly 50% correct, you know you're in for a tough ride.
Level 48
Mar 26, 2023
Soweto isn't an acronym per se, since it uses more than just the first letter of the words that make it up. I think more suitable word to use would be "abbreviation" (wikipedia article calls it "syllabilic abbreviation", although it also writes "acronym SOWETO" later on in the article).

But I guess if acronym is just the first letters of words, this should be called something different.

Level 72
Mar 26, 2023
You’re right insofar as it’s not an acronym, although it’s not an abbreviation either. This is a portmanteau, which is usually an amalgamation of parts of two or more words. They don’t necessarily have to be the first letters of each word though, often they’re used to describe celebrity couples, e.g. ‘Brangelina’ or ‘Bennifer.’
Level 72
Mar 26, 2023
Wikipedia says "an acronym is a word or name consisting of parts of the full name's words" and uses Benelux as an example.
Level 35
Mar 27, 2023
No ohio???
Level 17
Apr 28, 2023
Kosovo is not a country… it is a breakaway province
Level 72
May 18, 2023
Found the Serb