Highest Grossing 1960s Movies

How many of the highest-grossing movies of the 1960s can you name?
U.S. gross - not adjusted for inflation. Source.
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Last updated: November 14, 2017
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163 m
Musical nanny helps an Austrian family escape from the Nazis
The Sound of Music
145 m
Practical woman wants to reduce pet overpopulation and
get a new fur coat at the same time
101 Dalmatians
142 m
Indian boy is raised by wolves, befriended by a bear, and hated by a tiger
The Jungle Book
112 m
Physician falls in extramarital love during the time of the Russian revolution
Doctor Zhivago
105 m
Young man, fresh out of college, is seduced by an older woman,
but falls in love with her daughter
The Graduate
102 m
Duo of Old West outlaws successfully evade a posse and then go to Bolivia
Butch Cassidy and the
Sundance Kid
102 m
Magical nanny uses umbrella to fly
Mary Poppins
72.0 m
Phonetics professor turns a London street girl into a polished socialite
My Fair Lady
63.6 m
Suave Scottish spy uses scuba skills to subdue SPECTRE scofflaw
57.8 m
The story of the the last Queen of Egypt
57.0 m
Astronauts travel to Jupiter to find the meaning of an ancient obelisk -
but the ship's computer has other plans
2001: A Space
56.7 m
Parents of an inter-racial couple meet over food
Guess Who's
Coming to Dinner
51.1 m
Oh no! A super-villain wants to irradiate the gold in Fort Knox.
46.5 m
Four generations of a pioneer family move progressively west
across the American continent
How the West Was Won
46.3 m
Random strangers race to find cash hidden under a "W"
It's a Mad Mad Mad
Mad World
45.3 m
In WWII, twelve convicted murderers are recruited for a dangerous mission
against high-ranking Nazi targets
The Dirty Dozen
44.8 m
In WWI, an urbane English officer rallies desert tribes to
fight against the Ottoman Turks
Lawrence of Arabia
44.8 m
Texas man buys cowboy clothing and moves to NYC to be a prostitute
Midnight Cowboy
44.5 m
Two grumpy young men share an apartment. One is laid-back
and messy. The other is tightly-wound and neat.
The Odd Couple
44.3 m
Three young women abuse prescription drugs, aka "dolls"
Valley of the Dolls
Level 86
Nov 14, 2017
Whew, got "How the West Was Won" at the wire!
Level 84
Nov 17, 2017
That's the only one I couldn't pull. Now that I see it...D'OH! Awesome quiz idea ander217!!!

One of only a couple of movies on this list that I haven't seen, I would never have guessed that "Valley of the Dolls" alluded to drug use.

Sidney Poitier should've gotten 3 or 4 Oscars for "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner". Amazingly powerful scene at the end with Spencer Tracy, too, who IIRC died less than 3 weeks after shooting that final scene.

Level 37
Jan 30, 2018
Tracy, Hepburn & Poitier; Three giants of the industry in the same film together! Marvelous!!! Though I was more in tune with Malcolm's philosophy than MLK's at the time, I acknowledged and respected the excellent performances of these great actors!
Level 89
Jul 31, 2018
That same year Sidney Poitier said it was like going to acting class every day with Rod Steiger in "In the Heat of the Night".
Level 49
Jan 30, 2018
So that's what 2001: A Space Odyssey was about!
Level 84
Jan 30, 2018
Couldn't remember which Bond movie that was (first one). 18/20, so not bad being born well after these movies came out. :-)
Level 59
Nov 20, 2019
Dr No was the first one. Thunderball forth.
Level 91
Feb 20, 2018
Do you need to get the exact number of Mads correct?
Level 84
Apr 25, 2019
Goldfinger didn't want to steal the gold from Fort Knox, he wanted to irradiate it with an "atomic device" to make his own stock of gold more valuable. Perhaps "Oh no! A super-villain wants to set off a nuke in Fort Knox". A nitpick perhaps, but it's a big part of the plot :)
Level ∞
Feb 4, 2020
Fixed the description.
Level 52
Aug 22, 2020
Hey it's a little too soon for spoilers
Level 67
Jun 14, 2019
Time was very very tight imo. If the title doesnt immediately pop into your head you need you need a little time to think of it. That said i dont think i would ve gotten more than i did. I recognise a lot of the ones i ve missed, but wouldnt have guessed them
Level 59
Nov 20, 2019
Bond uses scuba diving a lot. I kept thinking of Octopussy but that is, of course, much later.

For Your Eyes Only is scuba from the start as the Bond girl is an underwater archaeologist.

Of course SPECTRE wasn't the enemy for those.


Level 67
May 22, 2020
Only 26 for Thunderball?
Level 56
Jun 10, 2020
Firstly is the British army . Lawrence of Arabia was in British army and was Welsh so to say English failed on so many fronts
Level 85
Aug 19, 2020
Cleopatra was not the last queen of Egypt. For example, Queen Farida was queen of Egypt about 2000 years later.
Level 85
Aug 19, 2020
Were the odd couple really supposed to be young? The actors were in their 40s.
Level 77
Aug 19, 2020
I think calling them "grumpy young men" is a play on the fact that 25 years later the same actors (Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon) would star in the movie Grumpy Old Men.
Level 67
Aug 19, 2020
So the Simpsons episode where they look for "millions of dollars buried under a big T" is based on that movie. All these years I had no idea. So many pop culture references buried in that show.
Level 70
Aug 19, 2020
Just watched the Netflix docu-series "Wild Wild Country" about the Rajneesh movement in Oregon that I'm pretty sure partly inspired the cult episode.
Level 90
Aug 19, 2020
As someone born 5 years after the release of the most recent movie, I have to thank TMC and my parents disregard for pirating VHS tapes. The summer of 1985 I broke my collarbone and had nothing better to do than watch a bunch of "old" movies.
Level 83
Aug 19, 2020
misread dirty dozen question ( one of my favorite movies ) and wasted so much time trying to spell Nuremberg .D oh.
Level 59
Aug 20, 2020
I wonder how many of the quiz takers have seen all the movies.
Level 82
Aug 20, 2020
I've seen 9. And a few were more just on in the background and I wasn't really paying attention. The only ones I'd say I know well are the Disney ones.
Level 78
Aug 20, 2020
16 for me.
Level 68
Aug 21, 2020
I have seen 6
Level 80
Feb 16, 2023
11, but have seen stage productions of another 2. A few others I just knew about, probably should watch. Born in 87 so obviously all these came out well before my time
Level 56
Aug 24, 2020
How could so little people guess "It's a mad mad mad world!?" It's a great film
Level 82
Sep 26, 2020
A friend of mine in Junior High School cited It's a Mad Mad Mad World as his favorite movie, which I thought was incredibly odd, as we were adolescent boys, and this was the 1990s, and his favorite movie was from the 60s. I still have never seen it.
Level 65
Dec 7, 2021
31 flavors Yeah Baby Yeah!
Level 83
Jan 7, 2022
RIP Sidney Poitier .
Level 58
Aug 31, 2022
never watched Sound of Music but know it by the Jetpunk clue. Jetpunk what have you done to me?
Level 71
Oct 4, 2023
A poor 13/20, not really my era for film. I think I should get half a point for "Pygmalion".