History General Knowledge #12

Can you answer these random history questions?
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Last updated: March 13, 2017
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What ancient kingdom worshipped Osiris, Amun, and Isis?
What composer was almost totally deaf when he wrote his 9th and final symphony?
Ludwig van Beethoven
What constricting garment was worn by 19th century women to
achieve an hourglass figure?
What is the largest animal that was originally domesticated in South America?
Who signed the Emancipation Proclamation?
Abraham Lincoln
What expensive fabric was never made outside of China until around 300 A.D.?
Who was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn?
Queen Elizabeth I
What naval battle is considered the turning point of the Pacific Theater of WWII?
Battle of Midway
What island was ruled by Fulgencio Batista in the 1950s?
What country was controlled by Spain, the United States, and
Japan before becoming independent?
What city's temple was destroyed by the Roman Empire in 70 A.D.?
What type of colony was established in Australia in 1788?
Penal Colony
What group of textile workers destroyed job-stealing machines in 19th century England?
Which U.S. state was an independent country for almost 10 years?
What monument was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to house
the tomb of his favorite wife?
The Taj Mahal
What bird of Mauritius was driven to extinction in the 1600s?
What island of modern-day Tanzania was once a center of the
Arab spice and slave trades?
What "ism" was practiced by the people who assassinated
President McKinley and Tsar Alexander II?
What railroad connected Moscow and Vladivostok when it was finished in 1916?
What technology did Wernher Von Braun help to develop?
Level 71
Mar 14, 2017
Really great quizzes, good mixture of questions, for the life of me I couldn't bring to mind 'Midway' although I knew it well, otherwise would have got 20 / 20.
Level 75
Mar 15, 2017
Ralph Vaughan Williams was also deaf when his 9th and final symphony was composed. Here's my favorite work of his.
Level 73
Jun 6, 2017
For the Von Braun question, could V-2 be allowed?
Level 37
Sep 1, 2017
V-2 is not a technology but the name of a particular rocket.
Level 40
Mar 11, 2018
Can't believe only 32% of people got the last one. It isn't rocket science.
Level 41
Mar 11, 2018
Level 83
Mar 11, 2018
Thank you, Tom Lehrer!
Level 69
Mar 27, 2018
i wrote Space and Aerospace but they weren't accepted.
Level 55
Mar 12, 2018
won't accept trans Siberian?
Level 52
Mar 12, 2018
Things started to get tougher around midway.
Level 82
Mar 14, 2018
I can't believe I finally got to use "Luddite". I've been carrying that tidbit around for years and finally got to use it. Now, it's all been worth it.
Level 69
Jan 2, 2021
It's a word that can be used outside of its historical context. It's semi-jokingly used to describe anyone who is slow to adopt or learn new technologies.
Level 56
May 21, 2021
I never heard this word before, I guess I'll have to google it...

P.S.: After googeling I found out, that I got the question totally wrong, I tried weavers, sewers, even tailors, since I thought the answer would be a specific profession.

Still wouldn't have helped me if I got the question right...

Level 53
Jul 17, 2021
i have horrible histories to thank for that one
Level 16
Jan 5, 2019
I couldn’t get “llama” and just kept guessing alpaca 🤦‍♂️
Level 82
Mar 13, 2021
1. FSM, Palau, and the Marshall Islands were also owned/occupied by Spain, Japan, and the United States before becoming independent.

2. Vermont was also an independent country for almost 10 years (And another 5 years after that)

Level 32
May 22, 2021
I tried "terrorism" as an answer for the assassins questions XD
Level 78
Aug 11, 2021
I saw the word "tsar" and tried communism first.
Level 57
Jan 16, 2022
I thought Lincoln was assassinated before he could sign? Didn't Andrew Johnson sign it?