History General Knowledge #9

Can you answer these random history questions?
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Last updated: November 1, 2020
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First submittedJanuary 9, 2015
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What was New York City called before 1664?
Nieuw Amsterdam
In what modern-day country was the Norse settlement of Vinland located?
What Roman dome, dedicated in 126 AD, still stands today?
The Pantheon
What country's official newspaper was called Pravda, meaning "truth"?
Soviet Union
What canal opened in 1869 after 10 years of excavation using forced labor?
Suez Canal
What bird's presence in the Tower of London supposedly ensures that
England will never fall?
Who supposedly rode naked through the streets of Coventry, seen only by Peeping Tom?
Lady Godiva
What nation was led by Ho Chi Minh?
North Vietnam
Who was the first European to reach India by sea?
Vasco da Gama
What country was the site of the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961?
What English city was called, in 1835, "the first and greatest industrial city in the world"?
Who hosted the Oscars 19 times, entertained troops, and lived to age 100?
Bob Hope
What team-based test of strength was an Olympic sport from 1900–1920?
Tug of war
What French feminist wrote "The Second Sex"?
Simone de Beauvoir
What is the name for a Celtic priest?
What chemical in tonic water helped prevent European colonists from getting malaria?
What Greek hero of the Iliad did Alexander the Great model himself after?
Phrenologists believed they could determine a person's character by
measuring their ____.
What giant bird, bigger than the ostrich, was hunted to extinction by the Māori people
of New Zealand?
What era of British history lasted from 1837–1901?
Victorian Era
Level 84
Jan 10, 2015
Ho Chi Minh never led Vietnam. He did, however, lead North Vietnam.
Level 75
Jan 11, 2015
Level 75
Aug 13, 2015
Actually he did, briefly, in 1945, (and arguably until the Geneva Conference in 1954 when Vietnam was officially divided into north and south.) His Viet Minh took over several cities and declared the country to be the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and he was its president. The French did not agree, and there was fighting until the Geneva Conference when the division officially took place and Ho Chi Minh was named the leader of the north. His followers would say he definitely led Vietnam during those years between 1945-1954.
Level 38
Jan 19, 2017
I quite agree with that. Just because an external superpower rejected vietminh sovereignty doesn't mean we should derby perpetuate that rejection. Ho Chi Minh remains an important spiritual leader to north and south to this day
Level 83
Jan 12, 2018
Agree. This is a bit similar to saying that Abraham Lincoln was president of the North United States.
Level 72
Apr 10, 2021
No. Lincoln was elected president of an existing, unified, independent United States. It didn't stay unified while he was president, but...
Level 75
Jan 15, 2018
Ho Chi Minh did lead Vietnam - 1945-46, at the very least.
Level 55
Aug 13, 2015
I wasn't even close to spelling de Beauvoir correctly and the quiz gave it to me. Huzzah!
Level 37
Nov 24, 2017
The name of New York was NIEUW Amsterdam!!! -
Level 83
Feb 4, 2019
Not in English
Level 65
Jan 12, 2018
There was just another quiz (Famous Roberts) that said Bob Hope hosted the Oscars 19 times, not 14.
Level ∞
Jan 12, 2018
Fixed. The correct number is 19.
Level 80
Jan 12, 2018
Got them with 1 second remaining. I was guessing cities in England.
Level 76
Jan 12, 2018
Huh. So even old New York was once New Amsterdam.
Level 53
Apr 9, 2021
Why they changed it, I can't say.
Level 58
Apr 10, 2021
Maybe they liked it better that way?
Level 38
Apr 11, 2021
So take me back to Constantinople
Level 76
Apr 22, 2021
No, you can't go back to Constantinople.
Level 72
Jun 7, 2018
Good quiz, great series.

First nine, and last five questions in this one were very getable for me. The middle six though, jesus. I got one, and four of the other five I would never have guessed.

Level 80
Oct 19, 2018
Would it be possible to accept cranium?
Level ∞
Nov 1, 2020
Level 67
Apr 11, 2021
Suez canal fact hits different in April of 2021.
Level 75
Apr 27, 2021
Could you accept brain for skull? I know it's not the same but phrenologists comes from the greek word "study of sanity" and it is evident they would study the brain within the skull.
Level 59
Sep 29, 2022
Izvestia was the official state newspaper of the USSR. Pravda was the official newspaper of the Soviet Communist Party.