History Multiple Choice #2

Can you answer these multiple choice questions about world history?
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Last updated: May 22, 2019
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1. What was the original purpose of the Taj Mahal?
Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor, built the Taj Mahal to house the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal - his favorite wife
2. What was the capital of the Byzantine Empire?
3. Which came first?
The Bronze Age
Classical Antiquity
The Neolithic
The Paleolithic
The Paleolithic is the early part of the Stone Age, lasting from about 3 million years ago until about 10,000 B.C.
4. What did Costa Rica abolish in 1949?
Fossil fuels
Its military
5. What was the Tunguska event of 1908?
A giant explosion in Siberia probably caused by a meteor impact
A rebellion in Austria
The mysterious disappearance of a ship in the Caribbean
6. What was a dreadnought?
A demon in Norse mythology
An elite German soldier
A type of battleship
The HMS Dreadnought was launched in 1906. It was so influential that future battleships with similar capabilities were informally referred to as "dreadnoughts", and earlier battleships were "pre-dreadnoughts"
7. Which of these crops DIDN'T come from the New World?
8. What decade was known as "gay" in America and "naughty" in Britain?
9. What was Abraham Lincoln doing when he was assassinated in 1865?
Giving a speech
Inspecting the troops
Walking on the grounds of the White House
Watching a play at Ford's Theatre
10. Who theorized that, as food levels rise, population levels grow to meet them - thereby ensuring most people will always be poor?
G. W. F. Hegel
David Livingstone
Thomas Robert Malthus
Adam Smith
This was almost always true throughout history until the time of the Industrial Revolution
11. Who was the first animal to orbit the Earth?
Ham the chimpanzee
Laika the dog
Yuri Gagarin the human
The Soviets had not yet invented a way to come down from orbit, so Laika's trip was a suicide mission
12. Where did Karl Marx spend most of his adult life?
Buenos Aires
13. Compared to 50 years ago do French people drink more or less wine?
French wine consumption per capita has fallen by more than half in the last 50 years
14. What country was formerly known as Southern Rhodesia?
15. What did the Qing dynasty force all men to do when they took over China in the 1600s?
Get circumcised
Serve in the army
Wear a specific hairstyle
Wear specific clothing
The "queue" was a hated symbol of loyalty and submission to the Qing regime, who were Manchu invaders not Han Chinese
Level ∞
Mar 26, 2019
Too hard?
Level 79
Mar 26, 2019
A good challenge no doubt, but not too hard that it needs to be watered down. I got 12/15.
Level 45
May 5, 2022
Level 74
Mar 26, 2019
Nope. Nice quiz, thank you.
Level 88
Mar 26, 2019
Nope, nice and challenging
Level 27
May 23, 2019
yeah it was fine i guess
Level 69
Mar 27, 2019
No, it's good! Sure it's a bit of a challenge, but that's why we're all here!!
Level 87
Apr 12, 2019
No, I think it is well-balanced. I got all of them right (!) but even if I hadn't I think it is nice to be challenged.
Level 83
May 22, 2019
No. Got them all. Maybe you should add Thanos the Mad Titan as an answer for #10 that might trick some people.
Level 79
Oct 22, 2023
such a garbage 'supervillain'
Level 84
May 22, 2019
A decade ending in 40s might have tricked some people too, given "naughty forties". Anyway, no, not too hard. Good quiz.
Level 75
May 22, 2019
Nope. Missed three, just a bit of a challenge which is good.
Level 77
Mar 27, 2019
That circumcision choice is a joke.
Level 78
Apr 4, 2022
I think it's a reasonable choice.
Level 93
Mar 27, 2019
I like how Laika's trip is referred to as a 'suicide mission', suggesting she was fully aware of what the trip entailed and made the decision to do it!
Level 82
Apr 7, 2019
It was a murder mission indeed. Or at best collateral damage mission.
Level 55
Jan 20, 2021
I've an idea I've heard that "laika" is Russian for "dog". So she was Dog the dog. I could be wrong but I very much hope that's true.
Level 76
Apr 4, 2022
"Laika" is actually a term used for several different breeds of dog, but its literal translation is "barker."
Level 70
Apr 4, 2022
NASA considered sending several cows into space at about the same time. It would have been the herd shot round the world.
Level 68
Aug 9, 2022
Brilliant joke!!
Level 37
Mar 27, 2019
Good quiz. Should have scored higher.
Level 52
Apr 9, 2021
Is the question about France and wine consumption really a History question? I mean no disrespect, but I honestly think that it isn't.
Level 68
Aug 9, 2022
If it happens in time, it's History.
Level 81
Sep 3, 2021
YES! I've finally gotten 100% right on my first try!! I usually suck badly at these multiple choice so I am very happy rn!!
Level 72
Apr 4, 2022
I thought that Malthus was a fakeout because I’ve only ever learned about his theory that food couldn’t keep up with population. This idea is much more interesting and should also be taught about him in schools
Level 76
Apr 6, 2022
No it shouldn't; his eugenicist ideas remain fundamentally flawed, and he was wrong about everything.
Level 72
Apr 6, 2022
So children shouldn’t learn about flawed theories if put in the proper context? Seems to me like a good inoculation to bad ideas
Level ∞
Jul 22, 2023
The idea wasn't even flawed, really. The Industrial Revolution led to the current epoch when resources grow faster than population. Eventually, that will no longer be true, even if we are currently in a golden age. Every biological species is resource-constrained in the end, whether it's 500 or 5000 years from now.

I also find criticism for "eugenics" as highly correlated with bad arguments. It's a label that seeks discredit a person without actually explaining what is found objectionable. Eugenics are still very much practiced today for example. The vast majority of people who learn their child will have Down Syndrome choose to abort.

Level 73
Oct 23, 2023
Your example is not eugenics per se. Those abortions are personal choices made for personal reasons, each within a unique set of circumstances. They are not decisions dictated by an ideology about improving future generations of the human species.
Level 76
Apr 4, 2022
Good quiz. For the last question, you might want to consider wording it, "When the Qing dynasty took over China in the 1600s, what did it force all men to do," or something along those lines. In its current wording, a reader might not know if the Qing took over China or if the men did.
Level 50
Apr 4, 2022
Does Thomas Robert Malthus go by Robert or Thomas, because in all writing I have seen it said Thomas. This probably sounds really accusatory, but I am just genuinely wondering. Does anybody know? (Pls don't attack me)
Level 56
Apr 8, 2022
As a ""new-worlder"", the formulation of the one about the crops it's a bit tricky, as technically these crops (else than hemp) DIDN'T come from ""New World"", as they were already in the ""New World"". A more general perspective is required.

"Which of these crops WASN'T domesticated in the Americas?" might be an optimal option.

Level 46
Sep 19, 2022
Q11 is wrong, fruit flies were sent up into space before Laika (accidentally on a rocket).
Level 79
Oct 22, 2023
I was confused by the wine question because I interpreted it as total wine consumption in France, not per capita (which I think would be a helpful specification in the clue), but even then it's still markedly less than 50 years ago.
Level 47
Oct 22, 2023
wasn't laika dead before she even got to space? I don't think it counts if a corpse orbits the planet.