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Guess the horror movies that featured these quotes.
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Last updated: February 28, 2019
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Heeeeere's Johnny!
The Shining
I see dead people
The Sixth Sense
You're gonna need a bigger boat
It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again
The Silence of the Lambs
Your phone rings, someone knows you watched the tape... and what they say is,
"You will die in seven days"
The Ring
I saw Death's plan. We cheated him. But what if it was our time?
Final Destination
When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth
Dawn of the Dead
They're all gonna laugh at you
A boy's best friend is his mother
I am your number one fan. There is nothing to worry about.
If you look in the mirror and you say his name 5 times, he'll appear behind you
The power of Christ compels you!
The Exorcist
They're hee-re
There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully
survive a horror movie. For instance, number one. You can never have sex.
I want to play a game
It's ALIVE!!
Whatever you do don't fall asleep
A Nightmare on Elm Street
That's it man, game over man, game over!
Level 44
Oct 28, 2015
It's actually "WE'RE gonna need a bigger boat."
Level 70
Apr 27, 2016
Nope, it's you're
Level 68
Jul 18, 2019
It’s actually you’re
Level 74
Oct 31, 2022
I'm just thinking how easily you could have confirmed this before making that comment.
Level 55
Sep 23, 2017
"Whatever you do don't do fall asleep"---I think another correct answer should be "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"! Though could maybe be stuck in the sci-fi category only, but is as much a "horror" film as some of the others.
Level 74
Nov 3, 2017
That's the one I thought of, as well.
Level 81
Feb 28, 2019
But the quiz is about quotes, nothing close to this seems to appear in those movies.
Level 75
Apr 4, 2019
A few of those I got based on the quotes' content, not so much because I remembered them from the films themselves. So, Invasion of the Body Snatcher was my first choice too.
Level 74
Mar 1, 2019
Dangit, I tried "dawn of the LIVING dead" as well as "night" and "day". Could've sworn all those Romero films had "living" in the title.
Level 89
Mar 1, 2019
I disagree with allowing the singular type-in for the "game over man" quote. That's an entirely different movie which is probably worthier of inclusion in this list, since it adheres much better to the horror genre than the sequel, but is unfortunately much less quotable. The sequel is really an action/war movie with horror elements.
Level 60
Oct 31, 2019
Misery, Silence of the Lambs and Psycho are not horror movies.
Level 42
Oct 31, 2019
Are they comedies?
Level 79
Oct 31, 2019
No, Romantic Comedies.

Annie and Paul, Starling and Lector, Bates and his mom.

Level 67
Oct 31, 2019
They're not the kind of mindless slasher movies that people crave on Halloween, but what else would you call them? They're not really dramas. They're not really thrillers. Certainly not comedies or action movies. They're movies in which psycho killers stalk the hero, who must use his or her wits to escape ( to do so, and get hacked to death in the shower). That sounds like horror. Silence of the Lambs doesn't quite fit the bill. I could see calling that a drama, but Misery and Psycho are much closer to horror than they are to anything else.
Level 69
Dec 3, 2019
Brilliant quiz
Level 52
Apr 17, 2020
No “You’ll float too!” (IT)? No “You see, Jason was my son, and today is his birthday.” (Friday the 13th)? No “You have a lot of spirits in here but there's one that I'm most worried about, because it is so hateful.” (The Conjuring)? No “They look exactly like us. They think like us. They know where we are. We need to move and keep moving. They won't stop until they kill us… or we kill them.” (Us)? No “Sheriff, death has come to your little town.” (Halloween)? No “ He, he, he, he, he. Come on's gonna be a fun trip. If I have any more fun today, I don't think I'm gonna be able to take.” (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
Level 30
Jun 3, 2020
how is 'the thing' and 'halloween' not here yet misery is?