I Answers Quiz #2

Can you guess these random things that start with the letter i?
All answers are a single word
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Last updated: April 28, 2015
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House made of snow
Hawaii triathlon
First name of dictator Amin
Place to share your filtered photos
Country on the Mediterranean
Mr. Montoya of "The Princess Bride"
The middle of a month, to a Roman
Famous Rio de Janeiro beach
Mr. Crane of Sleepy Hollow
Type of rock made from magma
Major Pakistani river
Frankenstein's hunchbacked minion
Information superhighway; a series of tubes
Five-time Tour de France winner
Egyptian goddess or Middle East terror group
U.S. state that is tops in corn production
Prime Minister Gandhi
Place to buy furniture and meatballs
Queen of Castille who married Ferdinand
Maker of Pentium computer chips
Also known as Persia
First generation of immigrants from Japan
Tristan's lover
Level 76
Apr 28, 2015
Also accept Ignimbrite?
Level 91
Apr 29, 2015
Not a vulcanologist, but doesn't ignimbrite come from pyroclasts, not magma?
Level 77
May 5, 2015
My thought is...if you know should probably know Igneous. But thanks for showing off for us.
Level 65
Jul 10, 2017
LOL -- right on !!
Level 48
Jan 20, 2016
Did I really just miss Internet? For shame..!
Level 84
Jul 9, 2017
I missed Instagram, so I'm right there with ya.
Level 85
Jan 20, 2016
The triathlon question threw me. I expected some exotic sounding Hawaiian word. Did they originate there?
Level 72
Oct 8, 2017
You and me both. Looks like we weren't alone either
Level 65
Jan 20, 2016
Couldn't spell Inigo for my life... not sure why.
Level 55
Jan 23, 2016
"First generation of immigrants from Japan". Immigrants to where? I'm not saying it makes a difference to knowing the answer, just to show a little awareness of the rest of the world.
Level 58
Feb 27, 2017
To the USA.
Level 86
Dec 21, 2018
To the Americas, not just the U.S.

Level 65
Nov 25, 2022
Also, know of nisei, the next generation.

I struggled with Iseult and Isolde, being Celtic...

But Israel in the Mediterranean almost sank me.

Level 50
Feb 6, 2019
Yes beware the ides of March. Especially when its "steak +" day March 14th.
Level 76
Feb 20, 2020
Please accept Icabod
Level 68
Nov 19, 2023
I wanted this too and was very frustrated it wasn’t working but know I know better.
Level 67
Feb 25, 2020
my name is inigo montoya, u killed my father, prepare to die
Level 76
May 27, 2022
No, it's pronounced Eye-gor.
Level 65
May 27, 2022
Only 37% know about Intel Pentium processors? Laughable
Level 61
May 27, 2022
Can you accept idus? I know Jetpunk often doesn't accept names in the original language, but here you're asking what a Roman would call it.
Level 63
May 27, 2022
My dark sense of historical humor made me think ‘interned’ should be an answer for first generation Japanese immigrants.
Level 81
May 29, 2022
I think this comment is funny, even it's not correct.

As you probably know (but going to mention it anyhow) one of the many compounding tragedies of the concentration camps is that 2nd (nissei) and 3rd (sansei) native-born Americans of Japanese descent were also imprisoned by the US government.

PS We Koreans also use the word 이세 /i-se/ because both Korean and Japanese use Sino numbers and the same hanja/kanji characters for issei and i-se

Level 65
May 27, 2022
Please put the correct answer as Iñigo, with inigo as a valid type-in.
Level 76
Oct 16, 2023
He pronounces it "Inigo", not "Inyigo", so the tilde is unnecesssary.
Level 65
May 27, 2022
You should accept Iseult for Isolde, as it is the most common name for that character.
Level 66
May 29, 2022
Let's make it international:

"First generation of immigrants from Japan" -> "First generation of immigrants from Japan to the USA"

Level 65
Jun 1, 2022
I hadn't heard the "series of tubes" reference before. Pretty funny!
Level 63
Jan 31, 2024
isis is in both "i" quizzes ??