J Vocabulary Words Quiz #1

Can you guess these vocabulary words that start with the letter J?
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Last updated: September 14, 2017
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First submittedApril 23, 2012
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To illegally walk across the street
Spear for throwing
Short straight punch
To cut vegetables into long, thin strips
American big cat
To reject a lover
Group-specific terminology
Group of ruling military officers
King's comedian
Peril, danger
Items thrown overboard from a ship,
unlike flotsam which comes
from a ship's wreckage
An unstoppable force
Bored, callous, lacking enthusiasm
Racehorse rider
African-American slang talk
Medical symptom of yellowed skin
Type of Chinese sailing vessel
Large neck vein
Swing dance sometimes synonymous
with the Lindy Hop
Medieval tournament event with lances
Ballet leap
Jamaican spice rub
An old car; a junker, hooptie,
beater, banger, etc...
Level 76
Apr 27, 2012
100 with 2:58 left :)
Level 79
Apr 27, 2012
June Cleaver in Airplane..."Excuse me miss, I speak jive." BRILLIANT
Level 58
Jan 6, 2014
Chump don' want no help, chump don't get da help.
Level 51
Apr 24, 2015
I didn't realize that was her! lol
Level 38
Oct 7, 2016
Lol exactly what i thought of. That movie was on the other night. Don't call me Shirley!
Level 66
May 7, 2018
Level 19
Jul 17, 2012
loved it!! Thank you!!
Level 32
Feb 28, 2014
AAAHHH!!! I spelled jitterbug with 2 d's instead of 2 t's!
Level 38
Dec 15, 2014
I missed jaded >
Level 44
Mar 5, 2015
Shoot! I couldn't figure out how to spell jaywalk. I kept trying j-walk. So frustrating
Level 58
Mar 12, 2017
i achieved 100 percent and i am special
Level 81
Oct 20, 2017
Couldn't think of jaded. Tried je-m'en-fou-tiste - fits the definition but admittedly not the right language.
Level 37
Nov 24, 2017
Could kick myself for missing "Jalopy" as that's what my Mom called every one of my Dad's cars... even those that were brand new!
Level 59
Apr 27, 2018
just could not think how to spell juggernaut grr
Level 66
May 7, 2018
A much different definition for "jerk" would have been a lot easier! (I like easy!)
Level 43
May 7, 2018
14, but I'm Italian so I think it's ok. The best I got was Jeopardy, but I didn't get Jaundice because we call it "icterus" here
Level 80
Dec 5, 2018
I like Jamboree.
Level 68
Dec 8, 2018
tried all types of spelling for julliette (l's and t's) and same for julian... Didnt try julienne...
Level 59
Sep 23, 2020
What about 'Jabberwocky'? Onomatopoeia at its best. ;)
Level 67
Jun 13, 2021
I got junk guessing for items thrown overboard from ship haha
Level 77
Jul 4, 2021
I got jive in my guess for swing dance lol
Level 46
Jan 17, 2022
I got junk by accident and didn't get jalopy because I couldn't spell it, so I'll call that a draw.
Level 61
Feb 12, 2022
"junior" for childish?
Level 28
Jul 23, 2022
No, "junior" just means not as tenured, which is why it's used without any kind of negative connotation in job titles, like "junior project manager." You wouldn't use "junior" to as a negative commentary.

On the other hand, "juvenile" is a negative assessment of someone's behavior. Our junior project managers may act juvenile, but hopefully not.

Level 66
Jul 23, 2022
I thought a jalopy was a vintage car in good condition. Confused now.
Level 77
Jul 23, 2022
Nope, definitely refers to an old car in lousy condition.
Level 85
Jul 24, 2022
Yeah, like Marlowe, I've always heard it used to describe a ratty, junky vehicle - think the Joad family in The Grapes of Wrath.
Level 28
Jul 23, 2022
Rather embarrassed at how many times I tried "jump" just to make sure that wasn't the ballet leap, until I finally remembered the ballet leap actual term...
Level 71
Jul 23, 2022
The medical clue reads backward and is a little confusing - sounds like the answer you're asking for is a symptom of the diagnosis, yellowed skin. Could maybe say something like, "Yellow skin is a medical symptom of [insert correct answer here]." I get what it says as currently written, but it's awkward.
Level 65
Feb 16, 2023
Isn't "julienne" the outcome of the cutting activity (i.e the food itself) and not the action of cutting?
Level 67
Jun 8, 2023
Can "jettison" be accepted for "to reject a lover?"