Japan Multiple Choice

Can you answers these multiple choice questions about Japan?
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Last updated: October 19, 2019
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1. True or False. Japan has a higher population density than the United States.
2. About what percentage of the population of Japan are ethnic Japanese?
less than 25%
more than 98%
3. In Japanese, the country of Japan is represented by the characters: "日本". What is the literal meaning of these characters?
Long cloud
Heavenly kingdom
Sea people
Sun origin
4. Which company manufactures both musical instruments and motorcycles?
5. What is a torii?
A playing card
A sea urchin
A traditional Japanese gate
A traditional sash
6. What are sakura?
Cherry blossoms
Noodles made from wheat flour
Throwing stars
7. Who tried to invade Japan in 1271 and 1284, but were turned back by typhoons?
The Chinese
The English
The Mongols
The Portuguese
These typhoons were given the name "kamikaze", meaning "divine wind"
8. Who was emperor of Japan during WWII?
9. Which of these was NOT invented in Japan?
CD Player
Mobile phone
Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
10. What country did Japan fight a war against in 1904–05?
United States
11. Which city is furthest north?
12. What is the name of Japan's legislature?
The Diet
The Duma
The Imperial Senate
The Knesset
13. Which of these is not a Miyazaki film?
Cowboy Bebop
Princess Mononoke
14. What is the approximate population of Japan?
12 million
62 million
127 million
15. What sport attracts the most total spectators in Japan?
Auto racing
Sumo wrestling
Level 77
Oct 19, 2019
I would dispute question 2. With over 2.7m foreign nationals, 1m plus Okinawans, Ainu, mixed race, and naturalized citizens, I think 98% is wrong. However the Japanese government doesn't survey its citizens for ethnicity hence why you have the erroneous figure of 98%
Level 72
Dec 23, 2019
there may be 2.7 foreign nationals, but most are NOT citizens of Japan. It's actually very hard to become a citizen of Japan.
Level 85
Oct 20, 2019
So, where was invented the mobile phone then? I think it was Motorola thus American? You should put a comment about that.
Level 67
Dec 23, 2019
Mobile, Alabama.
Level 40
Oct 26, 2019
Level 70
Dec 23, 2019
Imperial senate. Nice one. May the force be with you too, Quizmaster.
Level 77
Dec 23, 2019
Surprised that I got all of them. Cowboy Bebop was just a guess.
Level 68
Dec 23, 2019
I thought Q9 was a trick question - MSG wasn't invented, but discovered.
Level 72
Jan 11, 2020
No. It was built. In Manhattan.
Level 68
Sep 10, 2021
That's what I thought, too. It's a naturally occuring salt of glutamate. Wikipedia says: "MSG was first prepared in 1908 by Japanese biochemist Kikunae Ikeda, who was trying to isolate and duplicate the savory taste of kombu, an edible seaweed used as a base for many Japanese soups." In this way, he discovered its effect on flavour and thus invented it's use as a flavor enhancer, but not the compound itself - similar to how Fleming discovered but did not "invent" penicillin.

Maybe clarify by writing "discovered or invented"?

Level 88
Dec 23, 2019
Not saying it is wrong but what constitutes the first CD Player? Depending on your definition it can be either the US (The patents and basic proof of concept at the Department of Energy), Netherlands (Using lasers to read optical discs at Phillips) or Japan (Recording sound digitally at Sony). If you are talking about the CD standard and player that made it commercially viable it was a joint collaboration between Phillips and Sony. You probably better off offering another choice.
Level 70
Mar 14, 2022
It is wrong. CD players were commercialised by Sony (in collaboration with Philips) but they were an American invention. Sony and Philips bought the patents, they didn't invent CDs.
Level 80
Dec 24, 2019
Would remove the 'Chinese' option on 7, considering it was actually the ruling Yuan dynasty of China that launched the invasion.
Level 46
Jun 21, 2022
And what was Yuan part of?
Level 71
Aug 13, 2020
I only got question 3 because of Bill Wurtz's History of Japan ("How about Sunrise Land?") :)
Level 68
Sep 10, 2021
So did I :D and also question 7. "So the Mongols came over, ready for war, and died in a tornado. But they tried again and had a nice time fighting with the Japanese, but then died in a tornado." Thank you Bill!
Level 69
Aug 14, 2020
I second the statement above that MSG was "discovered" not invented. MSG is a naturally occurring substance found in foods like tomatoes and cheese. Please replace.
Level 60
Nov 10, 2020
I only got question twelve because I watched a video on governments in school today. The Knesset is in Israel.
Level 82
Sep 10, 2021
The comment section from this particular quiz reminds me of the comment section from the Japan Today website and not in a good way.
Level 56
Sep 10, 2021
Again, I should read the questions more carefully. I gave away the first question because I missed the word "density"...
Level 46
Jun 21, 2022
*1274 and 1281