Life of Moses

Can you name these facts related to the life of Moses according to the Old Testament?
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Last updated: February 3, 2017
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Moses is first mentioned in this book of the Bible
The baby Moses was hidden in this river
Nile River
Brother and "spokesman" of Moses
Sister of Moses
Form that God took when he first appeared to Moses
Burning Bush
The 8th Plague of the Egyptians, involving insects
Plague of Locusts
What the Jews put above their doors to be spared the 10th Plague
Lamb's Blood
This holiday celebrates the Jews being spared from that plague
God parted this sea to let the Jews escape from Egypt
Red Sea
Mountain where Moses received stone tablets
Mount Sinai
What was written on the tablets
Ten Commandments
God told Moses how to build this container for the tablets
Ark of the Covenant
…. And how to build this portable house of worship
Idol that the Jews worshiped in Moses's absence
Golden Calf
Length of time that the Jews wandered in the desert
40 Years
Heavenly food that God gave them to eat
Moses died before crossing this river into the Promised Land
River Jordan
Prophet who followed after Moses
Level 74
Feb 1, 2017
"What's this?" "Ark of the Covenant." "Are you sure?" "Pretty sure."
Level 26
May 24, 2019
How do you NOT know what the Ark of the Covenant is?
Level 75
Apr 7, 2021
Keep up.
Level 82
Feb 1, 2017
Nice quiz
Level 70
Feb 3, 2017
Accept Myriam for Miriam?
Level 60
Feb 4, 2017
QM on a religious trip?!
Level 86
Feb 6, 2017
QM does things in themes sometimes. This is one of many.
Level 64
Feb 4, 2017
It doesn't actually say that the Red Sea was parted. When it was first translated, they knew it said he parted a nearby sea starting with "R, so they assumed it was the Red Sea. It actually said the Sea of Reeds.
Level 64
Apr 11, 2017
I second the motion to accept ¨Sea of Reeds.¨
Level 14
Apr 11, 2017
I agree to accept sea of reeds
Level 46
Feb 7, 2017
also accept "tent of meeting" for tabernacle?
Level 53
Mar 11, 2017
Could you accept "Sanctuary" for tabernacle? Exodus 25:8 - Let them build me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them.
Level 54
Apr 11, 2017
I second this.
Level 65
Apr 11, 2017
Wiki: The word sanctuary is also used for the biblical tabernacle, as is the phrase "tent of meeting". The Hebrew word mishkan implies "dwell", "rest", or "to live in", that dwelt within this divinely ordained structure
Level 69
Apr 11, 2017
People, this is just a quiz. Not a lesson in theology.
Level 63
Apr 11, 2017
Level 71
Apr 11, 2017
Looks like Moses is about to spike those ten commandments like he just scored the winning touchdown.
Level 76
Apr 12, 2017
He spiked them when he saw the golden calf, but it wasn't a winning moment.
Level 66
Apr 11, 2017
Thank-you for featuring this on the first day of Passover. It has made my day.
Level 37
Apr 11, 2017
Great Quiz!

Thank You.

Level 58
Apr 12, 2017
fiction quiz
Level 64
Apr 12, 2017
They were called Hebrews. They were not referred to as Jews until the Babylonian exile.
Level 81
Apr 12, 2017
I think they became Jews some time after invention of English.
Level 76
Sep 18, 2020
Moses and Aaron were descended from Levi not Judah so they were not Jews. They were leading the Children of Israel (Hebrews, House of Israel) which included the the Jews (descendants of Judah).
Level 67
May 31, 2021
They were Israelites, no? TIIRC, Jews isn't really a Hebrew word, and is an English one. Nomenclature *could* be debated, but nobody cares.
Level 71
Dec 20, 2021
Can you accept "15, ten, ten commandments"