London Multiple Choice

Can you answer these multiple choice questions about the city of London?
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Last updated: November 9, 2023
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1. What do you call a person from London?
a Londonian
a Londoner
a Londonite
2. Which part of London is known for its theatres?
Canary Wharf
Notting Hill
West End
3. What industry is Fleet Street known for?
4. What is the tallest building in London?
The Gherkin
The Shard
St. Paul's Cathedral
5. What killed thousands of people in London in 1952?
German bombs
6. Which of the following makes Pudding Lane famous?
Invention of the chocolate bar
Source of a cholera epidemic
The Great Fire of 1666
7. Which of these people died in London?
Jimi Hendrix
Michael Jackson
Princess Diana
Queen Elizabeth II
8. What animal would you find, in statue form, in Trafalgar Square?
9. Which of these areas can NOT be found in London?
Elephant and Castle
Tribeca is in New York City
10. If you were to follow the Thames downriver from London to the sea, which direction would you travel?
11. True or false: The Cockney accent comes from London.
12. What was the name of the theatre where Shakespeare's plays were performed?
The George and Dragon
The Globe
The Swan
13. What is the main color of London's buses?
14. Where would you find Speakers' Corner?
At the bottom of the Thames
Buckingham Palace
Hyde Park
The Palace of Westminster
15. Where would you find Poets' Corner?
The British Museum
Hampton Court Palace
Westminster Abbey
Poets' Corner is the area of the Abbey where Geoffrey Chaucer and other famous writers are buried
Level 73
Nov 10, 2023
Do you want to remove Notting Hill as an answer for question 9 because it is in question 2?
Level ∞
Nov 10, 2023
Level 92
Nov 10, 2023
My guessing was on point today. Probably only actually "knew" 5-6 of these answers, but ended up only missing 2. Just like in school, I can skate by pretty well with multiple choice.
Level 83
Nov 10, 2023
Some small corrections:

Q12: the name of THE theatre

Q10: IN which direction

Thanks for the quiz.

Level 80
Nov 10, 2023
And here I thought "Soho is in New York, not London, duh!" and clicked that and just moved on. Well played.
Level 63
Nov 13, 2023
Same here.
Level 78
Nov 15, 2023
Fleet Street is also known for demon barbers.
Level 61
Nov 19, 2023
Yeah, I read the question and was sure "pie shops" or "barbershops" would be one of the options.
Level 74
Jan 29, 2024
I came here to make this comment.
Level 75
Nov 19, 2023
easy peasy lemon squeezy
Level 63
Jan 29, 2024

Thanks for the free points QM. always helps

Level 32
Jan 29, 2024
All I knew Fleet Street for was Sweeney Todd the demon barber XD
Level 71
Jan 29, 2024
A fun quiz, thank you.
Level 56
Jan 29, 2024
maybe change the tense in the Fleet St question as there aren't any newspapers there anymore.
Level 45
Jan 31, 2024
We still refer to the English press in general as Fleet Street (as a metonym).
Level 78
Jan 29, 2024
Pretty cool quiz. Even as an American, apparently being a huge history buff, combined with one 4-day visit to London decades ago, was sufficient for me to know 10 answers for sure, and to be able to make logical or educated guesses for the other 5, heh.
Level 60
Jan 29, 2024
Fun quiz thanks - though I have to admit that it helps to have lived in London for 20 years!