Major League Baseball Multiple Choice

Can you answer these multiple choice questions about Major League Baseball?
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Last updated: July 29, 2022
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1. Which team has won the most World Series titles?
2. Is Randy Johnson tall, short, or average for a baseball player?
At 6'10" Randy Johnson shared the record for tallest player in MLB history, until the record was broken by 6'11" Jon Rauch
3. Which of these player has not hit 50 home runs in a season?
Jose Altuve's career best is 31 home runs - not bad for his size!
4. What team was featured in the 1989 movie "Major League"?
5. What position did Mickey Mantle play for most of his career?
Center field
First base
Third base
6. What the heck is an eephus pitch?
An extremely slow, high-arcing pitch
A fastball that appears to rise
A spitball
7. What was unique about pitcher Jim Abbott?
He only had one hand
He was a switch pitcher
He was 37 years old as a rookie
8. What batting average is the "Mendoza Line"?
9. Which baseball player served as a naval aviator in both WWII and the Korean War?
Joe DiMaggio
Lou Gehrig
Willie Mays
Ted Willliams
10. What record is held by Aroldis Chapman?
Fastest pitch in a Major League game
Highest signing bonus
Most Olympic gold medals
Most home runs in a single game
Chapman's pitch was recorded at 105.1 miles per hour
11. Who expressed frustration by breaking bats over both his head and knee?
Wade Boggs
Bo Jackson
Don Mattingly
12. Has the the World Series ever been canceled?
It was canceled in 1994 because of a player's strike, and in 1904 because the NL refused to play against the "inferior" AL
13. Is it possible for a pitcher to strike out more than three batters in a single inning?
If a batter strikes out but the catcher doesn't catch the pitch, the batter can run to first base. If he gets to first base before the ball does, he is not out, even though the strikeout is recorded.
14. What country is the second most-common birthplace of current MLB players?
Dominican Republic
15. What's the most home runs anyone has ever hit in a single game?
Level 85
Jul 30, 2022
In the last question can you tell us who the person was in the explanation?
Level 90
Jul 30, 2022
17 different people
Level 84
Jul 31, 2022
Wait. If you steal first, it still counts as a strikeout even though the batter isn't out??? How does MLB justify that?
Level 83
Aug 1, 2022
It's not really stealing first, it's more like advancing on a wild pitch or passed ball. So even though you did indeed garner three strikes, you aren't actually out unless the third strike is caught, you are tagged with the ball, or the ball is thrown to first before you get there. As for why, it has a long convoluted history, like much of baseball. Check this out:
Level 77
Aug 1, 2022
It's a strikeout which goes to the pitcher stats. But it's either a wild pitch or a passed ball which is an error. The runner advances on an error.
Level 33
Jul 31, 2022
4/15. I don't know anything about baseball.
Level 84
Jul 31, 2022
It would be very nice to tell us the names of the people in #3 in the explanation. I'm pretty sure Sammy Sosa is one of them, and you give us Altuve - but who are the other two?
Level ∞
Jul 31, 2022
Judge, Altuve, Bonds, Sosa
Level 61
Aug 12, 2022
100% guesses - 67% correct - Statistically unlikely...
Level 72
Aug 12, 2022
Guessed every single one and somehow got 11 correct
Level 65
Aug 12, 2022
Got 7, knew none.
Level 65
Aug 12, 2022
15/15 nice quiz but pretty easy for an avid baseball fan.
Level 67
Aug 13, 2022
Altuve might have hit 50, but there were a few games when the Astros couldn't find the right trash can to bang on.
Level 81
Dec 13, 2022
Even with the cheating, Altuve was nowhere close to 50 homeruns.