Mountain Ranges

Based on the location, name these mountain ranges.
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Last updated: January 23, 2020
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Highest Peak
Mt. Everest
North of the Indian subcontinent
Entire west coast of South America
Mount Elbert
From New Mexico to British Columbia
Mont Blanc
Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, etc...
Mt. Narodnaya
Through Russia and Kazakhstan. Divides Europe and Asia
Mt. Mitchell
From Alabama to Newfoundland
Between France and Spain
Gerlachovský štít
Parts of Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland
Mt. Elbrus
From the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea
Mt. Whitney
California and Nevada
Sierra Nevada
Mt. Rainier
From British Columbia to northern California
Mt. Marcy
Northeastern New York
Mt. Olympus
Western Washington state
Ben Nevis
Throughout much of Scotland
Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia
Mount Kosciuszko
Entire east coast of Australia
Great Dividing Range
Mount Pico
Mostly underwater. World's longest mountain range
Level 48
May 7, 2012
I would've said Cairngorms for north east Scotland, as Ben Nevis is western Scotland, bit picky I know!
Level ∞
Aug 5, 2015
Fixed the clue and Cairngorms will work now.
Level 70
Oct 5, 2015
Ben Nevis isn't in the Cairngorms so it is one or the other.
Level 79
May 8, 2012
Could you add some more misspellings of Pyrenees? I think I spent most of the quiz trying to spell it, haha. (And I'm usually a pretty good speller!)
Level 32
May 8, 2012
Transylvanian Alps should be accepted
Level 71
May 23, 2012
Damn you H in Carpathian!
Level 33
Dec 23, 2012
Well there you go. Proof that 1/2 of all the mountain ranges of the world are in one medium to large sized country. ;)
Level 75
Aug 30, 2014
Out of curiosity I checked Wikipedia for all the mountain ranges of the world. The US has 150, Canada has 142, and the remainder of the entire world combined including Antarctica and the ocean ranges, totals 166. So maybe the US doesn't have half of the world's ranges but it has a third, and considering some of those ranges include Canada the numbers are a fair representation.
Level 70
Oct 1, 2015
Or maybe they just like to name smaller parts of bigger mountain ranges.
Level 83
Dec 13, 2016
And you're sure that mountains in Africa aren't underrepresented in Wikipedia compared to North America?
Level 82
Jul 14, 2018
Some of these comments are ridiculous. There's nothing wrong with the quiz.
Level 10
Apr 30, 2013
great quiz !
Level 62
Oct 1, 2015
California natives (like myself) just say "Sierras."
Level 64
May 2, 2020
"Sierra" is Spanish for "mountain range," so probably not specific enough.
Level 82
Oct 1, 2015
"Much of Scotland" is somewhat inaccurate for The Grampians!
Level 70
Oct 2, 2015
Do not see the point of including underwater mountains, if we were dealing with large Canyons for instance would we include all the underwater canyons such as Zhemchug Canyon which would demote land canyons such as Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon and The USA Grand Canyon to the ouffield.
Level 65
Oct 2, 2015
Are these in order of altitude?
Level 79
Oct 26, 2023
No, the Appalachian Rolling Hills would be much farther down the list if these were ranked by highest elevation.
Level 81
Dec 9, 2015
I canot spel!
Level 55
Apr 25, 2016
Should Tatras not be accepted for the mountain range in Poland/Slovakia? That is how it is known here.
Level 83
Dec 13, 2016
They are just a part of Carpathians. Tatras don't stretch to Romania as the quiz says.
Level 75
Aug 27, 2017
good quiz. much more interesting sample exist. most of Asia an Africa are not mentioned.
Level 68
Jul 14, 2018
Got mid-Atlantic ridge. Woo A-level geology!
Level 70
Jul 15, 2018
Misspelling, should be A-level egology.
Level 74
Jul 14, 2018
I sure love the Sierra (Sierra Nevada Mountain Range). Mainly because I live in said mountain range, but it's so great to camp in as well as many cool sights to see, such as Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. It also has quite a strong history with the California Gold Rush, including my county where John Marshall first discovered the gold leading to the rush. None of what I said is important to this quiz, I just felt like bragging about my home.
Level 82
Oct 24, 2021
I feel like Olympic is a bit obscure and for the sake of variety there are better options, given there are already four other US ranges. Any of the other great ranges of Asia, perhaps - Karakoram or Hindu Kush? Maybe the Altai Mountains of Central Asia? Or the Zagros Mountains of Iran? The Southern Alps of New Zealand? The Drakensburg Mountains of South Africa? The Transantarctic Mountains? The Dolomites of Italy? There are many more possibilities, these were just a few that sprung to mind. Just a suggestion.
Level 79
Oct 26, 2023
I agree, especially since many of the ranges you list are some of the highest and most beautiful in the world. As a native of the Rockies, I look down (literally) with haughty derision upon the piddly Appalachians and up with stupefying awe at the world's greater mountains.
Level 47
Feb 11, 2022
Fun quiz!

Why no Alaskan range? The tallest in North America with Denali? I feel like they deserve a spot on the list :)