Movie Cameos Quiz

Based on the movie and the clue, name these celebrity cameos.
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Last updated: February 3, 2015
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First submittedApril 28, 2012
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Happy Gilmore
The price is wrong!
Bob Barker
The Hangover
Owner of a tiger
Mike Tyson
Pretends to be a zombie, gets shot
Bill Murray
Ace Ventura
Laces out!
Dan Marino
(various Marvel movies)
Comic book tycoon
Stan Lee
(39 different movies)
Director with a famous silhouette
Alfred Hitchcock
Wedding Crashers
Funeral crasher
Will Ferrell
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
Hitchhiking TV star
Neil Patrick Harris
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
White rapper: Go ninja, go ninja, go!
Vanilla Ice
Very tall co-pilot
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
God is a woman
Alanis Morissette
Didn't quit when he had brain, lung
and testicular cancer
Lance Armstrong
He punts Baxter
Jack Black
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Jack Sparrow's dad
Keith Richards
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Richard the Lionheart
Sean Connery
Walk-off judge
David Bowie
Pulp Fiction
Smuggled a gold watch in Vietnam
Christopher Walken
Murdered in the opening scene
Drew Barrymore
Cómo están, *****!
Spanish Language News is here
Ben Stiller
Tropic Thunder
Movie mogul Les Grossman
Tom Cruise
The Other Guys
Baseball star gets shot by Marky Mark
Derek Jeter
Level 32
Apr 29, 2012
I think Tom Cruise is actually a character in Tropic Thunder instead of just a cameo
Level 82
Sep 5, 2013
I was going to say the same thing. He's in at least five different scenes and has a bunch of lines and is dancing over the credits.. that's not a cameo.
Level ∞
Sep 5, 2013
I have to balance technical accuracy with fun. Based on the stats, this quiz is already very difficult. Few people want to take a quiz where the answers are obscure.
Level 69
May 3, 2012
Yeah I wouldn't necessarily consider Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin's parts in their respective movies as cameos
Level 82
Sep 5, 2013
good idea for a quiz.
Level 78
Dec 12, 2014
The quiz was good, but the use of "cameo" is pretty relaxed. Usually I think cameo, I think people who portray themselves. Even if you are a musician, but are playing a role, like Richards in Pirates of the Caribbean, you are an actor at that point. Not just a cameo. I can appreciate the difficulty of putting a true cameo quiz together though. Would result in some pretty obscure roles or films.
Level 73
Nov 19, 2019
I disagree that a cameo must be someone playing themselves. Stan Lee's parts in the marvel movies are definitely cameos and he is not playing himself.
Level 57
Feb 3, 2015
I think a cameo should really only be considered a cameo if an actor is playing themselves. If they have a character role then it is just that - a role. You wouldn't necessarily need to pick more obscure movies/actors, some duplicates yes, but there are lots of well known options.
Level 75
Feb 3, 2015
Considering I'm an older woman and have only seen four of these movies (probably all of the Hitchcock, but counting that as one) I'm satisfied with a score of seven.
Level 15
Oct 5, 2018
Actually most cameos don't play themselves they have generic names like "old man in street" or "criminal resisting arrest" some play themselves sure but I think this quiz is about right balance.
Level 70
Jun 7, 2019
I got three :D Stan lee, hitchcock and keith richards. But wouldnt have thought of sean connery as a cameo, for one it's sean frickin connery, two he plays richard the lionheart, not some mailman or something insignficant and he has lines. (Not something like a flashback playing the dad of someone or something). Ok it is no leading role, but not something especially written in to make an appaerance (like stan lee delivering a package)
Level 93
Dec 17, 2019
Thinking about, the watch, in Vietnam, really made me, clench.
Level 81
Oct 13, 2021
I think the second part of this quiz could be very interesting. For example, Pamela Anderson in Borat and Donald Trump in Home Alone 2...
Level 90
May 1, 2022
Trump also in zoolander