Movies by Wikipedia Descriptions #2

Can you name these movies by excerpts from their Wikipedia descriptions?
Some sentences slightly altered for brevity
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Last updated: September 17, 2021
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Stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as members of different social classes
who fall in love aboard the ship
The sequel, Finding Dory, was released in June 2016
Finding Nemo
The nine-minute chariot race has become one of cinema's most famous action sequences
The film established Shyamalan and introduced the cinema public to his traits,
most notably his affinity for surprise endings
The Sixth Sense
Oddjob demonstrates the lethality of the steel-rimmed hat he wears
Gilbert Gottfried as Iago, Jafar's sardonic, hot-tempered parrot assistant
Phoenix lost 52 pounds (24 kg) in preparation, and based his laugh on "videos of people
suffering from pathological laughter"
Anna Kendrick as Beca Mitchell, an introverted and rebellious freshman who joins
the Bellas to appease her professor father
Pitch Perfect
Five students at the fictional Shermer High School report for an all-day detention.
Each comes from a different clique.
The Breakfast Club
This product placement resulted in a large increase in Reese's Pieces sales
E.T. the
Don Vito Corleone's line, "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse",
was voted the second-most memorable line in cinema history
The Godfather
Greg loses Jinx and replaces him with a stray whose tail he spray paints to
make him look like Jinx
Meet the Parents
He is searching for the people who killed his wife, using an intricate system of Polaroid
photographs and tattoos to track information he cannot remember
The story centers on a supernatural board game that releases jungle-based hazards
Damon, who had never played such a physically demanding role, insisted
on performing many of the stunts himself
The Bourne Identity
In the beach town of Amity Island, a young woman goes skinny dipping in the ocean
Christopher Nolan was initially concerned that a scientifically accurate depiction
of a black hole would not be visually comprehensible
See also: Slimer and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
Level 83
Sep 20, 2021
You mean Greg Focker?? :-)
Level 74
Nov 24, 2021
I hardly know her.
Level 78
Sep 21, 2021
I have never seen Memento, but it's safe to say based on these quizzes that it's one of Quizmaster's favorites. It's the only one on this list that I haven't seen besides Ben-Hur, but I still got it because of the dozens of times it has shown up in other quizzes.
Level 68
Nov 16, 2021
Memento is one of I think only 10 that I've seen from this list. Only missed Goldfinger.
Level 64
Sep 22, 2021
Could you accept a more general answer for the Oddjob one?
Level 87
Sep 24, 2021
Like Goldmember?
Level 68
Nov 16, 2021
Level 47
Dec 2, 2021
Level 74
Nov 18, 2021
Fun fact: the animatronic Jaws shark malfunctioned (turned out it couldn't handle salt water). That's why you barely see it in the film :P Which of course turned out to be scarier!
Level 68
Nov 20, 2021
16, missed Ben-Hur and Meet The Parents
Level 38
Dec 28, 2021
Get them all, but had to crack my head over some of the titles, hate the brazilian distributors tendency to create movie titles instead of just translate the originals...
Level 34
Oct 5, 2023
I believe Jason Bourne should be accepted for Bourne Identity, as well as James Bond for Goldfinger.
Level 76
Feb 22, 2024
James Bond is not the name of any movie.
Level 66
Oct 5, 2023
Choose better movies and this would be great fun.
Level 66
Oct 5, 2023
The caveat: Some sentences slightly altered for brevity is the JetPunk version of This movie has been formatted to fit your screen.