Movies by Year, 1990–2009

One question per year about movies and actors. Can you answer them all?
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Last updated: November 5, 2019
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This James Cameron production becomes the highest-grossing film of all-time
The Coen brothers share a Best Director Oscar for this movie
No Country for Old Men
This movie about ancient Spartan warriors hits theaters
This actor goes on an anti-Semitic rant after being arrested for drunk driving
Mel Gibson
Jamie Foxx wins a Best Actor award for his portrayal of this singer
Ray Charles
Aramaic and Latin are the only languages used in this Biblical movie
The Passion of the Christ
The Wachowskis release the third film of this series
The Matrix
This "Monster's Ball" actress becomes the first African-American
to win an Oscar for Best Actress
Halle Berry
George Clooney stars in a remake of this Frank Sinatra movie
Ocean's 11
This Chow-Yun Fat movie becomes the highest-grossing
foreign film in U.S. history
Crouching Tiger,
Hidden Dragon
This low-budget horror movie, featuring "found" footage, become
a surprise success
The Blair Witch Project
Two different asteroid impact movie hit theaters. Name either.
Deep Impact |
This movie becomes the first to gross over $1 billion
Michael Jordan stars in this basketball movie
Space Jam
This movie, the first by Pixar, is released
Toy Story
This Quentin Tarantino movie wins the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival
Pulp Fiction
This actor is killed by a prop gun while filming "The Crow"
Brandon Lee
This Kevin Costner movie is released - its soundtrack is the best-selling of all time
The Bodyguard
"JFK", by this director, implies that Kennedy was killed by a high-level conspiracy
Oliver Stone
Johnny Depp stars in this movie, the first of his many
collaborations with director Tim Burton
Edward Scissorhands
Level 59
Oct 5, 2013
To be honest, I thought "A Bug's Life" was Pixar's first movie until I took this quiz. Guess I learned something new today!
Level 79
Mar 10, 2014
must have spelled scissorhands wrong because I was fairly certain that it was right...
Level 84
Sep 18, 2014
I love that Space Jam is on this list
Level 70
Dec 30, 2014
Great quiz. Thank for posting. I would love to do more like this
Level 91
Dec 23, 2015
I was sure the Costner flick would be Prince of Thieves. Not my favorite actor, but can't argue with either of those soundtracks.
Level 83
Feb 20, 2017
Now now, the Canadian government has apologized many times for Bryan Adams.
Level 72
Nov 21, 2022
They should also say sorry for Justin Bieber... Or is it too late now?
Level 80
Dec 31, 2015
Okay, I obviously shouldn't bother with Movie quizzes. I only got 1.
Level 59
Nov 6, 2019
I got 2. Ha!
Level 76
Dec 31, 2015
Deep Impact was a comet, not an asteroid. Just saying.
Level 83
Dec 31, 2015
But what was the comet's motivation?
Level 75
Jan 4, 2016
Glad QM included the word impact in the clue or I would never have gotten that one. Finished all with 1:58 left - I think this is the first movie quiz I've gotten 100%.
Level 58
Jan 2, 2016
The other "asteroid" movie actually featured a comet
Level ∞
Dec 11, 2018
Oh, in that case the movies weren't similar at all.
Level 75
Dec 13, 2018
You could rephrase the question as something like,

"Along with Armaggedon, one of two movies to make a big impact at the box office"

Level 88
Dec 12, 2018
I thought it was Space Invaders. I always get those two confused.
Level 63
Nov 18, 2019
SPOILER ALERT The meteroid never impacts earth in Armageddon. Whoopsie. I get the essence of the question though and got no problem with it.
Level 66
Oct 6, 2020
Assuming you mean meteoroid, they're typically no more than 1m. They can become meteors or meteorites under certain circumstances but they're nothing to do with asteroids. The thing in Armageddon was an asteroid.
Level 46
Aug 21, 2017
The only one I had trouble with was the Frozen question.

The rock I live under is fine.

Level 67
Nov 21, 2022
Frozen question?? What did this quiz used to be?
Level 65
Feb 2, 2019
I typed "Dances with Wolves" and "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" about 10 different ways before remembering "The Bodyguard"
Level 80
Nov 5, 2019
At least you weren't convinced that "Hidden Tiger, Crouching Dragon" was the highest-grossing foreign film...
Level 85
Nov 6, 2019
I still think there must be a better movie-related question for 2006 than Mel Gibson's real-life bad behavior.
Level 82
Nov 8, 2019
Plenty of interesting movies available for a movie quiz instead of some random tabloid story about a director that already appears in the quiz. But there's always Apocalypto if you love Mel so much. Lives of Others, Prestige, Children of Men, Pan's Labyrinth, Little Miss Sunshine, The Departed, Babel, Borat, The Queen, The Last King of Scotland, Volver, Zwartboek, Blood Diamond, Letters from Iwo Jima etc.
Level 83
Dec 14, 2019
I was actually a paid extra for one of the 2nd unit director's scenes in Deep Impact, but my scene got cut to shreds and I could never find myself.
Level 57
Jun 25, 2020
I always thought Saturday Night Fever was the highest selling soundtrack of all time. Looks like SNF wins out in the US but not worldwide.
Level 89
Jul 29, 2020
I knew the two present participles and the two animals for 2000. I just couldn't remember the order of them. Permutations dictated that there were 4 possible answers and of course it was the fourth one that I tried that was correct.
Level 66
Oct 15, 2020
Jurassic Park is the first movie to have grossed 1billion I'm pretty sure. Titanic was to first to gross 2billion.
Level 83
Nov 21, 2022
JP got very close to making a billion dollars worldwide... which was a big achievement at the time...but it didn't actually cross the $1B threshold until the 2013 reissue.
Level 80
Nov 11, 2020
I think the Costner movie might more fairly be described as a Houston movie - they co-starred, but he can hardly take any credit for the soundtrack. He didn't write or direct or anything.
Level 72
Nov 21, 2022
Putting Whitney Houston in the clue would kind of give it away though, wouldn't it? I don't mind a challenge.
Level 48
Dec 30, 2021
not the last movie anymore lol
Level 76
Nov 21, 2022
1999 has a past participle problem, methinks. It should be “became”?
Level 72
Nov 21, 2022
It's the "s" that's missing. None of the other clues are in the past tense...
Level 76
Nov 23, 2022
Quite right! Good catch!
Level 72
Nov 22, 2022
Oliver Stone - is he a movie or an actor? LOL
Level 76
Nov 22, 2022
The Coen Brothers may have won the Oscar in 2008, but the film obviously came out the year before.