Movies Set in Miami

Based on the summary, name these movies or TV shows that took place in the Miami area.
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Last updated: August 30, 2018
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A detective must find the Miami Dolphins' missing mascot
Ace Ventura:
Pet Detective
A Cuban immigrant becomes a successful drug lord
For the Miami Sharks pro football team, every week brings so much drama
Any Given Sunday
Two best-friend detectives must recover stolen drugs in this Michael Bay classic
Bad Boys
Horny teenagers feud with a redneck strip club owner
An irresistible woman has many conniving, yet idiotic suitors vying for her affection
There's Something
About Mary
Man must introduce his conservative in-laws to his gay, Jewish, night club-owning father
The Birdcage
A musclebound secret agent and his clueless wife must stop a group of nuclear terrorists
True Lies
TV Show
Four older women share one house
The Golden Girls
A serial killer is on the loose, but it's okay because he only kills other bad guys
Heroic dolphin saves lives and solves crimes
Stylish 1980s detective fights drugs and prostitution
Miami Vice
Two doctors own a plastic surgery center
Forensic analyst is a total badass despite looking like a leprechaun
CSI: Miami
Burned spy helps people using his spy tricks, and also eats a lot of yogurt
Burn Notice
Level 63
Aug 21, 2013
Best Burn Notice clue EVER
Level 36
Aug 22, 2013
Yeah it was. Really good quiz. Hopefully Mike Weston finds what he is seeking in the end.
Level 44
Apr 6, 2014
Obviously written by someone who has never seen a leprachuan
Level 73
Apr 24, 2014
That doesn't really narrow it down, does it?
Level 84
Jun 26, 2014
Level 40
May 15, 2014
I could NOT remember that dolphins name!
Level 77
May 28, 2014
Accept Nip and Tuck?
Level 60
Jun 18, 2014
Level ∞
May 17, 2016
Level 37
Nov 13, 2015
Yeah would never of got CSI Miami by that clue, who is meant to be the leprechaun??
Level 62
Aug 15, 2016
Horatio Caine looks like a leprechaun because he has red hair? That's about the only similarity. He neither wears green nor has facial hair. He's also not a dwarf. I like the funny clues, but that one is pushing it.
Level 89
Dec 18, 2018
Put a little pipe in his mouth and give him a bowler. Oh yeah.
Level 87
Apr 29, 2022
"Forensic analyst likes to whip off sunglasses while making cheesy one-liners?"
Level 50
Aug 15, 2016
I think that's the first time I've ever seen the term classic used when speaking of anything Michael Bay has ever produced.
Level 55
Aug 15, 2016
Nice colors :)
Level 60
Aug 15, 2016
Why have there been two Florida quizzes yesterday and today? Is there anything these past two days?
Level 85
Apr 12, 2017
Since no one else seems willing to answer your questions, I'll help out.



Level 69
Jan 18, 2018
I'm not sure whether it was Crockett or Tubbs you were under-appreciating or possibly overlooking entirely, but (aside from the likely racist pay differential between the two actors), "Miami Vice" was definitely about both of them, as partners. So unless you specifically meant to cast aspersions on one of their stylishness (and come on! They were both stylish af), I beseech you to change the word "detective" in the Summary to the plural "detectiveS". 👥
Level 39
Feb 8, 2018
no black sunday?
Level 89
Dec 18, 2018
I guess no one remembers The Jackie Gleason Show.
Level 83
Oct 2, 2020
Rubbish clue for CSI Miami.
Level 91
Jul 2, 2022
"Forensic analyst is a total badass despite looking like a leprechaun": This took a second to sink in. When it did, I cracked up. It's not just the red hair. Note the elfin features. The mischievous twinkle in the eyes. Caruso may be half Italian but he's 100% leprechaun.
Level 59
Apr 3, 2024
"Despite" or -- "because of?"