Movies that Start with F

Based on the descriptions, can you name these movies that start with the letter F?
Ignoring "the" and "a"
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Last updated: September 16, 2019
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First submittedJanuary 26, 2014
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Boy helps an orca escape from a theme park
Free Willy
FBI agent and dangerous criminal swap faces
Mother and daughter swap bodies
Freaky Friday
Insomniac office worker founds a group where men can beat each other senseless
Fight Club
Mentally-challenged Southerner finds himself a part of many
historical events of the 20th century
Forrest Gump
Man builds a baseball field in the corn so that Shoeless Joe Jackson will come
Field of Dreams
Clownfish goes on an epic journey to locate his only son
Finding Nemo
Doctor has been framed for murder and must find the one-armed man
who killed his wife
Fugitive, the
Gonzo journalist and his lawyer do lots of crazy drugs in Las Vegas
Fear and Loathing in
Las Vegas
Man and insect are merged into a single creature after a teleportation
experiment goes awry
Fly, the
Military lawyers bring down a truth-handling Colonel who thinks he's above the law
Few Good Men, a
Princess with freezing powers accidentally freezes her sister
Teenage truant fakes illness to enjoy a day on the town with his friends in Chicago
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Undercover cop infiltrates a gang of street racers who are stealing electronics
Fast and the Furious, the
Vietnam War veteran goes on a rampage after being harassed
by a small town sheriff
First Blood
Man who is not a rich man must use a matchmaker to make matches
for his daughters
Fiddler on the Roof
Artistically-gifted teens want to live forever by attending a special
New York City high school for the performing arts
Minnesota car dealer hires thugs to kidnap his own wife
Naive young girl starts a submissive relationship with a sexy Seattle billionaire
Fifty Shades of Grey
Level 37
May 9, 2014
21% for First Blood?!? This quiz must not have been taken too many times yet.
Level 70
May 9, 2014
Assuming most people probably know it as Rambo.
Level 45
Mar 9, 2020
all the answers fepwosh
Level 70
Jul 4, 2020
It's one of those movies that you have to go well out of your way to watch again and it just doesn't strike me as being worth the effort considering all that we already have access to.
Level 78
Jan 29, 2023
Level 31
May 15, 2014
a few good men, really? I get the ones starting "the" but "a" few good men in silly.
Level 44
May 18, 2015
No Fargo?
Level ∞
Dec 10, 2015
Added Fargo
Level 56
Jul 24, 2016
Yay, Fargo
Level 75
Sep 17, 2019
Something Fargo
Level 89
Mar 8, 2020
I’m watching Fargo at Key Largo
Level 83
Jul 18, 2019
would have gotten that if it was something about a wood chipper.
Level 78
Dec 19, 2015
"teens want to live forever" -- somehow this made me think of Flatliners.
Level 70
Apr 26, 2018
me too!
Level 84
Apr 2, 2016 all of them
Level 72
Jul 19, 2016
Man who is not a rich man - great clue!
Level 56
Jul 24, 2016
That's the only reason I got the answer!
Level 42
Jul 19, 2016
You need to accept Free Willzyx as an answer for the first question ;)
Level 84
Jul 19, 2016
Needs a little Fletch! :-)
Level 67
Mar 28, 2017
I misread the second description. Thought it said "swap feces"
Level 84
Sep 18, 2019
Different video! (Wonder if it's in the "T" quiz...)
Level 82
Mar 24, 2021
Oh no
Level 79
Jul 18, 2017
Where is Frankenstein?
Level 12
Oct 19, 2017
Bueller? Bueller?
Level 91
Jun 2, 2018
19/19 Yesh !
Level 84
Nov 19, 2019
Mr. Connery, is that you?
Level 76
Sep 16, 2019
Got 18/19 but I never watched 11 of the movies. I just knew them from the descriptions, advertisements and doing other quizzes.
Level 65
Mar 8, 2020
Got 14, seen 3
Level 62
Feb 23, 2020
surprised that there is no Full Metal Jacket
Level 72
Mar 8, 2020
Damn that Forrest Gump clue is really tough
Level 59
Mar 14, 2020
Free Willy means something completely different in Britain!
Level 57
Apr 6, 2020
"Princess with freezing powers accidentally freezes her sister"

I think it was called "the girl who couldn't warm up".

Level 63
Dec 11, 2022
You should add Footloose