Movies that Start with N

Based on the descriptions, name these movies that start with the letter N.
Ignoring "the" and "a"
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Last updated: January 15, 2020
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First submittedFebruary 3, 2014
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Museum exhibits come to life after dark
Night at the Museum
Burned child murderer returns from death to haunt your dreams
Nightmare on Elm Street, a
Mexican orphanage employee wants to become a professional wrestler
Nacho Libre
It's like Lethal Weapon, but funny, and has O.J. Simpson in it
Naked Gun, the
Boy uses his imagination to ride a luckdragon and save Fantasia from the nothing
Neverending Story, the
To find Masonic treasure, a professor must decipher clues on the
Declaration of Independence and the $100 bill
National Treasure
People hide in a rural farm house to avoid shambling zombies
Night of the Living Dead
Nerdy chemistry teacher invents a serum that changes him into a suave womanizer
Nutty Professor, the
Nerdy man is abused by his obese wife, Rasputia
Residents of Halloween town perform the customary duties of Christmas town
Nightmare Before
Christmas, the
Man finds money in rural Texas but is hunted down by a killer with a weird air gun
No Country for Old Men
Unstable news anchor earns higher ratings by being "mad as hell" on air
Elderly man reads a book to his senile wife that tells the story of how they fell in love
Notebook, the
Man is framed for drunk driving and pursued by a crop duster before
having a showdown at Mount Rushmore
North by Northwest
A book store owner woos a Hollywood superstar in this movie named for
a posh London neighborhood
Notting Hill
Llama-owning weirdo has a brother who is training to be a cage fighter
Napoleon Dynamite
This 1922 German movie was an unauthorized adaptation of "Dracula"
This 2011 movie was remarkably similar to "Friends with Benefits"
which came out the same year
No Strings Attached
Level 91
Apr 30, 2014
Quizmaster, you and I watched two very different movies, if that is your idea of a good summary for Napoleon Dynamite.
Level 90
Aug 30, 2014
"Tina, come get some food, you big lard!"
Level 65
Mar 2, 2017
It was Napoleon's grandmother that owned the llama, not Napoleon himself.
Level 83
Mar 2, 2017
Level 95
Apr 29, 2017
You think anyone wants a roundhouse kick to the face while you're wearing these bad boys?
Level 89
Apr 28, 2019
That totally threw me. I think of Kip more as a man trying to get babes online.
Level 61
Jun 28, 2020
I agree, neither clue is acurate. The grandmother owned the llama and I don't think ever gave a reason for Kip taking martial arts lessons, presumably to impress babes.
Level 67
Jun 28, 2020
Kip actually says specifically at one point that he is training to become a cage fighter. Those are his exact words. That's what prompts Napoleon to try to hit him, when they have the slap fight in the living room.
Level 90
Jun 29, 2020
I disagree. I knew the answer after three words. Next best was four.
Level 68
Mar 2, 2017
Got the top two. Yuss!
Level 68
Mar 2, 2017
Only seen the first one though. Out of all of them.
Level 89
Mar 2, 2017
I remember the Naked Gun movies. Extremely silly, but what else would you expect from the guys that made Airplane?
Level 63
Oct 9, 2017
Leslie Nielsen was the freaking best!
Level 75
Apr 4, 2018
The Naked Gun isn't like Lethal Weapon, though. It's much more like Dragnet. A funny version of Lethal Weapon would be National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon.
Level 89
Apr 28, 2019
It was a very transparent parody of Dragnet.

It had been a short-lived TV show called Police Squad!, that featured "Rex Harrison as Abraham Lincoln" in the opening credits crouching down and returning the gunfire from his theater balcony like the other characters did.

Level 82
Jun 28, 2020
Agree with above comments. The Naked Gun wasn't like Lethal Weapon at all.
Level 89
Jun 28, 2020
Yeah, Lethal Weapon was a buddy-cop movie, Naked Gun wasn’t. If anything it’s more similar to Beverly Hills Cop than Lethal Weapon.
Level 72
Jun 28, 2020
Wow. These scores are surprisingly low. I thought most of these movies were fairly well known...
Level 75
Jun 28, 2020
North by Northwest only had 38% - one of the iconic Hitchcock movies..
Level 81
Jun 29, 2020
I put Norbid, but I'm okay with missing that one.
Level 17
Jul 1, 2020
You forgot to add the Nut Job
Level 51
Jul 2, 2020
Easy, got them all. You could have easily replaced some of the really rotten ones (NORBIT!?) with better movies such as "The Naked Kiss," "The Naked Island," "Nights of Cabiria," "No Home Movie," or "Nebraska."
Level 66
Dec 14, 2023
Norbit is Brian Wilson's favourite film (apparently). Nebraska is one of mine.
Level 19
Sep 15, 2020
North by Northwest is so good, I recommend it if you haven't seen it.