Movies with Jobs in the Title

The missing words in these movie titles are occupations. Guess what they are.
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Last updated: December 27, 2019
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Sylvester Stallone
Judge Dredd
Adam Sandler
The Wedding Singer
Eddie Murphy
Beverly Hills Cop
Doctor Dolittle
The Nutty Professor
Robin Williams
Dead Poets Society
Mickey Rourke
The Wrestler
Will Ferrell
The Legend of Ron Burgundy
Whitney Houston
The Bodyguard
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Universal Soldier
Samuel L. Jackson
Coach Carter
Michael Douglas
The American President
John Travolta
The General's Daughter
Roger Moore
The Spy Who Loved Me
Pierce Brosnan
The Tailor of Panama
Renee Zellweger
Nurse Betty
Steve Guttenberg
Police Academy
Adrien Brody
The Pianist
Dancer in the Dark
Cameron Diaz
Bad Teacher
Level 82
Oct 20, 2013
What about "Jobs?"
Level 67
Oct 20, 2013
Or "All About Steve"?
Level 39
Oct 22, 2013
The clue for 'The Nutty Professor' is Eddie Murphy? Seriously? It's a good thing there aren't that many movies with 'Nutty' in the title or I would have felt compelled to post a comment about there being an entertainer named Jerry Lewis who was famous (and incredibly annoying and therefore memorable) once upon a time.... I didn't even realize 'The Nutty Professor' had a remake!
Level 25
Apr 28, 2019
stop putting punctuation in a comment... it's a freaking comment, dude
Level 83
Nov 6, 2023
The clue for The Nutty Professor is Eddie Murphy Seriously Its a good thing there arent that many movies with Nutty in the title or I would have felt compelled to post a comment about there being an entertainer named Jerry Lewis who was famous and incredibly annoying and therefore memorable once upon a time I didnt even realize The Nutty Professor had a remake
Level 25
Aug 7, 2014
what about The Negotiator for Samuel L Jackson. Much better movie too
Level 60
Nov 14, 2014
Coach Carter is without a doubt, one of the most underrated movies of all time.
Level 72
Mar 2, 2015
Since when was 'police' an occupation?
Level ∞
Mar 2, 2015
Watch "The Wire". They are always saying things like "I'm a murder police".
Level ∞
Mar 2, 2015
I Googled it just now and it actually shows up in the talk page of Wiktionary:

Level 70
Jul 3, 2019
If the crux of the justification comes from citing the discussion page of Wiktionary, it's a safe bet that it's on pretty thin ice and should probably be replaced with something that's on more solid footing. Maybe: "Bad Lieutenant" "The Great Mouse Detective" "Captain Phillips" "US Marshals"
Level 32
Aug 8, 2015
where is taxi driver?
Level 74
Jan 22, 2016
Good point!
Level 30
Jun 5, 2016
I wouldn't really say "Driver" is a job though....
Level 67
Jun 1, 2017
I thought of this too. The problem is, though, how do you write the clue, since the job is exactly the same as the movie title. And to Possums: How is 'driver' not a job? Taxi drivers, truck drivers, bus drivers, tram drivers, train drivers, couriers and delivery drivers: how are these not jobs? Our society would grind to a halt without people doing these jobs.
Level 36
Aug 17, 2017
excellent example and would have been an opportunity to include the great Robert De niro in this quiz as well.
Level 84
Jan 26, 2016
The hint for Adrien Brody is "The". Oh, well now it's obvious! Maybe pick titles with a hint for the job other than an article?
Level 44
Nov 5, 2020
Or you can just know more about movies...
Level 91
Jun 2, 2018
18/20 great quiz, thank you.
Level 37
May 30, 2019
Nice quiz!
Level 47
Jul 3, 2019
You should add mall cop
Level 46
Jan 19, 2020
I have a couple of titles:

The Boxer-Daniel Day Lewis IIRC. Then,


Also President isn't really a profession...politician is.

Level 84
Jan 7, 2021
If president isn't a profession then why are they getting paid so much??
Level 63
Jun 10, 2022
expected the mechanic to be here