N Answers Quiz #2

Can you guess these random things that start with the letter N?
All answers are a single word
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Last updated: December 21, 2021
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First submittedApril 29, 2015
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World's longest river
Spanish for Christmas
French for Christmas
16th century Frenchman who
made famous prophecies
Mandela's first name
Archenemy; rival
Where Aslan the lion lives
Busiest international airport in Japan
Country that borders South Africa
Major city on the French Riviera
Tchaikovsky ballet popular
around Christmas
Last name of 40% of Vietnamese
City upon the Tyne
Where William the Conqueror came from
Scotland's largest loch (by volume)
Greek goddess of victory or athletic
apparel company
Province which joined Canada in 1949
He was inspired by watching
an apple fall
Capital of Kenya
The back of the neck
Sneaky warrior in feudal Japan
Brand of hazelnut chocolate spread
Level 63
Feb 24, 2016
According to all the data I found , Loch Morar (310 m.) is the deepest loch in Scotland and not Loch Ness (230 m.)
Level 23
Feb 26, 2016
volume, not depth
Level 60
Feb 24, 2016
As a Scot myself, they're all right.
Level 78
Feb 24, 2016
Nestle also sells a hazelnut chocolate spread (although probably it's not as known or delcious as Nutella). Still, I would add "Italian" to the description.
Level 65
Aug 7, 2019
? there are millions of brands (well thousands..) selling hazelnut spread, and yes some of them are just as good as nutella, but nutella is the most famous one especially in america (here I think it would be duo penotti)> In my store alone there are 40 brands, and is isnt some kind of megastore, just a humble supermarket/grocery store in a village, not even a town. Each store has their own assortment of hazelnut spreads, too much to chose from but I think generally they all have nutella and duo penotti (now, cant remember if nutella was available everywhere when I was younger, maybe just in the bigger more expensive stores but it was known here because I remember the commercials)
Level 65
Aug 7, 2019
My point was with the uncountable number of brands that sell hazelnut spread, there are bound to be loads of them starting with. "N" there arent just 2 brands ;)
Level 72
Feb 24, 2016
At first I read "Greek goddess of athletic apparel". Thought "Hm, maybe that's how St. Hubbins, patron saint of quality footwear, was derived".
Level 62
Oct 5, 2017
Canada has a lot of "N"s; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Northern Territories, Nunavut and Newfoundland.
Level 66
Dec 21, 2021
Yea, I didn't pay much attention to the year or the distinction between province/territory, assumed it would be a more recent addition, and tried to spell Nunavut about 15 different ways before realizing and correcting the err of my ways.
Level 85
Dec 21, 2021
How much of that do I know about? NUNAVUT.
Level 88
Dec 21, 2021
Nanaimo business.
Level 26
May 22, 2018
Since when is the Nile the longest river in the World?
Level 34
Jan 22, 2020
Depending on who you ask, either the Nile or the Amazon is the longest river in the world: there is no concensus. But this is an 'n' quiz so...
Level 36
Jan 25, 2023
It has to do with where the rivers start. Also, the Amazon is the largest by volume of water. It has more water in it than the Nile.
Level 54
Mar 13, 2021
For the benefit of a foreigner, what does 'presidential spoiler' mean?
Level 70
Aug 5, 2022
In the U.S.'s two-party system, in theory the election boils down to two candidates in opposition, meaning that the one who's least objectionable to most people will win, because there is (essentially) no other choice than their opponent.

A popular third-party or independent opponent (classic examples include Ralph Nader and H. Ross Perot) may split the vote for one of the candidates more than the other, resulting in a loss for what would otherwise have been the winner, thus "spoiling" the result.

I think this question doesn't appear on the quiz anymore (I'm guessing it was about Nader) and of course whether the stability of the two-party system is good or bad or how much of it is de jure and de facto is subject to vigorous debate. But that's my understanding.

Level 84
Dec 21, 2021
Yea! No Pokemon on this one.... :-)
Level 84
Dec 21, 2021
Level 77
Dec 23, 2021
Maybe add "international" to the question. Haneda is considerably busier than the answer, mainly due to handling about 90% of domestic flights. (according to Google anyway)
Level ∞
Dec 23, 2021
Fixed, thanks.
Level 70
Aug 5, 2022
Well, it's still not quite right, Haneda is certainly an international airport and certainly busier than Narita. Maybe a better phrasing would be "Busiest airport in Japan by international passenger traffic" or "Airport with most international arrivals", source. Or just make it "Major international airport near Tokyo" or something like that, and trust the user to suss out the 'N' answer.
Level 81
Dec 28, 2021
I've always heard the story that Newton was actually struck by the apple, not just a passive observer to its fall.
Level 70
Apr 1, 2022
That one is supposively a myth.
Level 68
May 25, 2022
I would argue a case for Nocilla for the chocolate and hazlenut spread

Level 84
Aug 5, 2022
Is that where Aslan lives? If so, where the hell did Reepicheep paddle off to at the end of Dawn Treader?
Level 89
Aug 5, 2022
I read Asian not AsLan. I spent a good minute trying to figure out if there was a country or famous region in Asia with lions beginning with an "N". Tried Negev and after that I was out of ideas.
Level 37
Aug 5, 2022
The Nile is disputed for the position of longest river in the world. The Amazon could be longer
Level 33
Aug 6, 2022
Finally a quiz I can do well on because there's no American questions lol
Level 56
Feb 14, 2023
almost every set of two quizzes has duplicate questions between the two. in this one it's the longest river question
Level 83
Jul 14, 2023
The longest river question is a duplicate from N Answers Quiz #1. The wording is a little different, but the answer is the same.