New York City A-Z

For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to New York City.
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Last updated: August 8, 2019
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First submittedOctober 20, 2015
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Nickname: The Big _____
Term for a convenience store
Place to see a hot dog eating contest
_____ Island
Style of the Chrysler Building: Art ____
Former tallest building: ______ State
Wedge-shaped skyscraper:
________ Building
Mayor's mansion
African-American neighborhood
Staten or Long, e.g.
An airport code
Brooklyn's county
Type of animal that guards the library
The M in MSG
Initials for New York's finest
"We are the 99%" movement of 2011
What Macy's sponsors on Thanksgiving
One of the boroughs
Place to ice skate: ___________ Center
NYC is the city that never ______
Boss who ran the city in the 1800s
George Washington statue locale:
____ Square
Gentrified Bohemian neighborhood:
Greenwich _______
Stock market's street
They are called "The Bronx Bombers"
9/11 attack site: Ground ____
Level 92
Oct 21, 2015
Does MSG cease to be Monosodium Glutemate when you enter New York? Oh... that MSG.
Level 77
Oct 22, 2015
Thanks. Didn't think of THAT as MSG ever.
Level 82
Feb 16, 2016
That tripped me up, too.
Level 61
Feb 16, 2016
Easy question for any Knicks fan.
Level 62
Feb 16, 2016
Yup, couldn't think of anything other than Monosodium Glutamate. Though why it was associated with New York was beyond me. Doh.
Level 40
Feb 23, 2016
totally agree. I've not ever heard of it referred to as MSG only the garden
Level 44
Feb 16, 2016
Ha! The first thing I typed was mono! And then I realized what it actually was.
Level 72
Feb 16, 2016
Good to know it wasn't just me :P
Level 86
May 30, 2018
When I first saw the clue, I thought, "Well, New York DOES have a lot of Chinese restaurants . . ."

Still didn't take "mono," though :(

Level 67
Aug 12, 2019
I would suggest changing it to be "______ Square Garden", just a suggestion.
Level 72
Feb 16, 2016
Thanks Law and Order and Seinfeld for helping me score a perfect score on a place I've never visited.
Level 71
Feb 16, 2016
I had no idea a convenience store was also called a bodega. In danish that is only a bar.
Level 75
Jul 10, 2017
In Spanish it's a wine cellar
Level 46
Dec 23, 2018
It's not, I have lived in NY for 39 years and have never once heard a convenience store referred to anything other than a convenience store.
Level 83
Aug 12, 2019
You must be confused. You clearly lived in a different city.
Level 67
Aug 12, 2019
That is truly bizarre. Everyone in New York City calls them bodegas.
Level 74
Feb 16, 2016
I kept trying Tammany Hall for boss in the 1800s.
Level 57
Apr 12, 2017
bodega ?

drug store ?

Level 70
Aug 12, 2019
It's a locally owned corner shop. Most only have a few aisles with grocery store staples like toilet paper, cereal, snacks, drinks, etc or maybe simple, OTC medicines like tylenol. You can also pick up cigarettes and beer if those are your vices Some sell coffee in the morning and some might have a little deli where you can have a sandwich made to order. Most bodegas fit in pretty well with the neighborhood they're in with fancier, nicer ones having more upmarket products in affluent neighborhoods and sketchy ones with more bargain brands in poorer ones. Everything is just a little bit more expensive than at a traditional grocery or drug store.
Level 37
Nov 2, 2017
"Botica" would be drug store in the Papiamentu language. Bodega is the nuyorican word for corner grocery.
Level 73
Nov 6, 2017
The so-called 'Occupy' movement is becoming an increasingly irrelevant memory. At least in terms of this quiz. I'd suggest an update for the 'O' item. Maybe 'Ozone Park' which is a semi-well known part of Queens (here in the NYC area anyway). Or maybe a uniquely NYC institution, the 'OTB' locations found here and there where you can play the ponies without having to make the trip to the track. They are as seedy and as classically gritty NYC as anything I've ever seen this side of a pizza parlor that sells only by the slice and has no place to sit down. Or the bodegas that sell you a can of soda and always, always, always put it in a bag with a straw.
Level 73
Nov 6, 2017
Oops, meant to tag the last comment as a suggestion to the Quizmaster.
Level 37
Dec 18, 2017
Sorry. This is a NYC quiz and there are no more OTB parlors in the City.
Level 73
Nov 24, 2018
I only ever walked by the OTB 'lounges' so I guess I missed it when they finally closed. Except I won't miss them.
Level 72
Mar 13, 2018
Maybe the designer of Central and Prospect Parks.
Level 44
Feb 24, 2018
Ive been to NYC once, and I didnt remember some of them, lol so I missed 4.. Ive never heard of the mayors mansion before, and I forgot what guarded the library.. the boss , man I should have known that and the center one for skating, I feel like an idiot for missing those too.. I typed Mono for the MSG one too haha
Level 79
Mar 1, 2018
Other Possible O answers: Obie (Award given to off Broadway plays), Outer Boroughs (Collective term for The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island).
Level 55
Aug 20, 2018
Ah! that MSG
Level 46
Aug 12, 2019
Great quiz-did real well. I should, since I lived there for 61 years.
Level 67
Aug 12, 2019
Might be time to change the Harlem clue to "historically black neighborhood." The neighborhood is changing (i.e., gentrifying) very quickly, and although the black community is still the largest demographic there, its imprint on the neighborhood itself (shops and restaurants, etc.) is very faded.
Level 37
Oct 4, 2019
^ Tell me about it. I recently went through Harlem after a ten year absence and experienced severe culture shock! Black faces were few and far between and Frederick Douglass Blvd. (8th Avenue) has been transformed into a bistro/restaurant mecca. I remember riding the subway and experiencing the mass exodus of whites by the 96th Street subway stop. Now, you can ride as far north as 168th Street (maybe farther, I have never gone farther) and still have whites as fellow riders. And beautiful Brownstones which were virtually abandoned to drug dealers and squatters in the '70s and '80s, are now being bought, renovated and sold for between $1,000,000 and $2.300,000. Wow!
Level 62
Nov 4, 2019
I second that. I’d be willing to bet that 95% of Harlem residents have never been to Africa. Even in the 70’s
Level 37
Mar 24, 2020
You are so right! To me, the term African-American is such a misnomer! Off hand the only genuine African-American who comes to mind is President Obama.
Level 59
Sep 16, 2020
I though New York’s finest was NYF...