NFL Football by Year, 1967–1999

We give you one question about NFL football for every year from 1967 until 1999. Can you answer them all?
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Last updated: December 23, 2019
First submittedNovember 13, 2012
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This elusive running back suddenly retires
Barry Sanders
After losing three times before, this quarterback finally wins the Super Bowl
John Elway
The Houston Oilers move to this state
The Cleveland Browns move to this city
This former player is tried for murder, but acquitted
O.J. Simpson
This team loses its 4th consecutive Super Bowl
Buffalo Bills
This player, known as "The Bus", rushes for 1,429 yards in his rookie season
Jerome Bettis
This player attempts to play an NFL and Major League game on the same day
Deion Sanders
This coach earns his first head coaching job with the Browns, but would
be fired after five seasons with a 36-44 record
Bill Belichick
This team scores a record 55 points in the Super Bowl
San Francisco 49ers
This Packers receiver, brother of Shannon, breaks his own record by catching
112 passes in a single season
Sterling Sharpe
Ickey Woods becomes famous for this touchdown dance
The Ickey Shuffle
In just 12 games, this receiver catches 22 touchdowns
Jerry Rice
This coach leads the Chicago Bears to victory in Super Bowl XX
Mike Ditka
This linebacker ends Joe Theismann's career
Lawrence Taylor
This quarterback becomes the first to throw for over 5,000 yards in a season
Dan Marino
Mark Moseley is named MVP for the previous season, the last
time a person who played this position would win the award
This receiver makes "The Catch", sending the 49ers to the Super Bowl
Dwight Clark
This 49ers defensive back returns three interceptions for touchdowns
during his rookie season
Ronnie Lott
This quarterback wins his fourth and final Super Bowl
Terry Bradshaw
49ers coach Bill Walsh introduces this offensive system to the NFL
West Coast Offense
This Oilers rookie rushes for 1,450 yards
Earl Campbell
This coach, namesake to a famous video game series, wins the Super Bowl
John Madden
This expansion team begins a 26 game losing streak
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Saints play their first of many seasons in this stadium
Louisiana Superdome
This "mean" player is the NFL Defensive Player of the Year
Joe Greene
This quarterback leads the Dolphins to a Super Bowl win, capping
an undefeated season
Bob Griese
Franco Harris makes an improbable catch that becomes known as ...
The Immaculate
This team changes its name to the New England Patriots
Boston Patriots
This prime-time NFL program debuts
Monday Night Football
This outspoken quarterback guarantees a Super Bowl victory
Joe Namath
This quarterback leads the Packers to a second consecutive Super Bowl win
Bart Starr
This coach leads the Packers to a win in Super Bowl I
Vince Lombardi
Level 88
Jan 11, 2013
Very cool quiz. I got them all with 2:18 remaining, but had to think hard on many of them. I love the mix of pro and college, and I laughed out loud at your characterization of Reggie Bush as "semi-pro". Nice work!
Level 78
Jan 11, 2013
Great Quiz...nice work!
Level 63
Nov 23, 2013
i watch too much football
Level 87
Sep 3, 2014
100%, 4:11 left, surprised myself a bit actually. 1988 must have been a quiet year for QM to choose the Icky Shuffle. :-)
Level 87
Apr 17, 2018
Weird. 3 1/2 years later, got them all again (with a few new ones for recent years of course) but had the same exact time remaining: 4:11.
Level 33
Jan 1, 2017
Should accept Deflatriots or Tom Deflatry
Level 74
Jan 2, 2017
Let me guess: Jets fan?
Level 33
Jan 23, 2017
NOT AT ALL! I just hate them because they cheat
Level 50
Feb 3, 2017
I hate them because they cheat and they beat my Seahawks in the Super Bowl...
Level 75
Feb 9, 2017
I'd say Steelers but that's just a wild guess.
Level 33
Mar 22, 2017
How'd you guess?
Level 83
Apr 2, 2017
You hate the Patriots because they cheat? And you're a Steelers fan? I suggest you research the path Pittsburgh's offensive line blazed in the 1970s. Worst-kept secret in the NFL at the time.
Level 33
Apr 3, 2017
Let me reword my statement. I hate the Patriots, but not because they cheat. Yes, cheating is part of it, but I also hate them because they are an overrated team that gets way too much attention.
Level 87
Apr 17, 2018
So overrated that they've played in 8 SuperBowls and won 5 of them just in the last 17 years. Yeah, really sounds like they better get their act together! (I'm not a Pats fan, nor really am I an NFL fan anymore, but tune in for the playoffs.)
Level 53
Aug 16, 2020
Patriots are overrated now? How can they be overrated when every one hates them? Your precious Steelers are overrated. They accomplished the same things that the Pats did. If NE is overrated, so it PIT. The only reason the Steelers are so overrated is because they're not the Patriots.
Level 49
Jan 17, 2017
Got em all with 4:24 left, good quiz!
Level 67
Jan 25, 2018
Well, that was a zero.
Level 74
Dec 21, 2019
Could you accept Louisiana Dome for Louisiana Superdome maybe?
Level 74
Dec 23, 2019
Dwight Clark was a wide receiver, not a tight end. Great quiz otherwise!
Level ∞
Dec 23, 2019
Level 71
Sep 7, 2020
RIP :(
Level 73
Sep 7, 2020
Loved this - great variation, good difficulty. For some reason, I got Bradshaw and Griese last, which doesn't make any sense, since it's not like you don't still see Bradshaw every week - and in Griese's case, we used to, plus his son was an NFL quarterback too.
Level 59
Sep 7, 2020
My only comment would be that, since the Super Bowl comes the year after the season, that it could be more about season than year. The 1985 Chicago Bears won Super Bowl XX in January, 1986, but we associate them with 1985. Lawrence Taylor and the Giants are who we think of for 1986 as he became only the 2nd defensive player in NFL history (and last) to win MVP leading the Giants to victory in Super Bowl XXI in January, 1987.

The NFL and Academy Awards mess everything up by deciding the previous year’s best early in the following year.

Level 66
Sep 8, 2020
Sterling Sharpe had his record-breaking season in 1993, not 1989.
Level 62
Sep 8, 2020
Whoever made this is 100% a 49ers fan
Level 82
Sep 9, 2020
Why doesn't "Sterling" work for the Shannon Sharpe question?
Level 51
Sep 10, 2020
didn't work for me either
Level 47
Feb 10, 2022
You wouldn't accept Monday Night for Monday Night Football?