NFL Football by Year, 2000–present

We give you one question about NFL football for every year from 2000 until the present. Can you answer them all?
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Last updated: December 13, 2021
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This tight end comes out of retirement to help the Bucs win the Super Bowl
Rob Gronkowski
The Raiders relocate to Las Vegas from this city
This quarterback wins an unprecedented 6th Super Bowl
Tom Brady
This Ram's player is Defensive Player of the Year for the second year in a row
Aaron Donald
This team loses all sixteen of its games, only the second team to ever do so
Cleveland Browns
This quarterback causes a kerfluffle by refusing to stand for the national anthem
Colin Kaepernick
The Seahawks lose the Super Bowl after NOT handing the ball off
to this star runnning back
Marshawn Lynch
This outspoken cornerback helps lead the Seahawks to a 43-8 Super Bowl victory
Richard Sherman
This QB throws for 5,477 yards, 55 touchdowns, and wins his 5th MVP award
Peyton Manning
This NFL defensive end has one of the most dominant seasons ever,
with 20.5 sacks and 16 passes deflected
J.J. Watt
This QB retires for the third and final time
Brett Favre
For the first time since 1978, the Pro Bowl is NOT played in this state
This quarterback's name becomes a verb meaning "to drop to one knee with one's
head on one's fist, in a sign of religious devotion"
Tim Tebow
This formation, with a running back receiving the snap,
becomes briefly popular in the NFL
This team finishes the regular season 16-0
New England Patriots
This NFL player rushes for 28 touchdowns, catches 3, and throws 2
LaDainian Tomlinson
These brothers are both NFL All-Pro players
Tiki and Ronde
This former NFL player dies from friendly fire in Afghanistan
Pat Tillman
This USC quarterback is selected with the first pick in the NFL draft
Carson Palmer
This running back breaks Walter Payton's record for career rushing yards
Emmitt Smith
This Giant sets the record for most sacks in a season (22.5)
Michael Strahan
The St. Louis Rams earn this nickname
The Greatest Show
on Turf
Level 73
Dec 21, 2019
You said "refusing to kneel for the national anthem"
Level ∞
Dec 21, 2019
D'oh, fixed.
Level 85
Dec 21, 2019
Funny mistake, though.
Level 78
Dec 22, 2019
7:00 minutes for these 20 questions is probably 3:00 minutes too many.
Level ∞
Dec 22, 2019
Good call. Lowered the time.
Level 65
Feb 2, 2020
Browns were the 3rd team to go 0-16. The others were the 08’ Lions and the 76’ Buccaneers
Level ∞
Feb 2, 2020
Buccaneers went 0-14.
Level 51
Feb 3, 2020
Kyle shanahan you idiot
Level 67
Feb 3, 2020
It's easy to blame the coach, but the Niners' players fell apart out there. Shanahan probably should have tried running the ball a few more times when they needed first downs, but it's not like he made some crazy boneheaded calls. He prepared his team and he made a ton of great calls on offense. The Niners' defense just got worn down at the end, and the Chiefs' offense exploited that. Jimmy Garoppolo is not good enough to get into a shootout with Patrick Maholmes no matter who is coaching.
Level 44
Feb 3, 2020
While the seahawks super bowl win was technically played in 2014, it was part of the 2013 season, and they are usually referred to as the 2013 champions (they actually beat Manning in the Super Bowl the same year he had all those crazy stats listed for 2013). Same thing with the next year
Level 59
Feb 3, 2020
Is it possible to make LT an acceptable answer for ladanian tomlinson?
Level 67
Feb 3, 2020
Many people think of "LT" as Lawrence Taylor, who was well-known by that nickname long before Tomlinson was, so I don't think it should count.
Level 25
May 11, 2020
LT is more commonly used for Lawrence Taylor, and it belongs to Lawrence Taylor.
Level 63
Feb 5, 2020
Why is Tebowing the 2009 question? Tim Tebow was still in college that year, and he didn't start an NFL game until December 2010; it would be a much better fit for 2011.
Level 48
Feb 7, 2020
Agreed. "Tebowing" began in 2011 during Tebow-Mania
Level 25
May 11, 2020
It's sad that they didn't record sacks back when Marchetti had his 43 sacks in 12 games season.
Level 53
Aug 16, 2020
Level 85
Dec 19, 2020
The word "running", as in "running back", has only 3 "n"s in it, not 4. Thank you.
Level 83
Dec 20, 2020
The Seahawks lose the Super Bowl after NOT handing the ball off to this star runnning back.


Ah, but Seattle DID hand the ball off to Marshawn Lynch. They did it on 1st down. And he got stopped short of the goal line. All this nonsense about how not handing the ball to him again cost Seattle a sure victory is nuts.

In 2014, Lynch failed to score from the 1-yard line 80% of the time. New England was in the "jumbo" package on 2nd down, meaning they were keying specifically on stopping Lynch. There were 26 seconds left and Seattle had only 1 timeout. Calling a pass play on 2nd down was the correct decision by Pete Carroll, as that would afford them 3 attempts at winning the game (where New England had no idea whether Seattle would run or pass), instead of only 2.

Russell Wilson also had the 3rd-lowest interception rate in NFL history. Pete Carroll was aware of all of this. Empty-headed fanboys were not.

Level 83
Dec 20, 2020
Carroll's decision to throw on 2nd down and not hand the ball off again to Lynch was the correct call, despite Cris Collinsworth's emotional reaction after the play as the color commentator in the booth.

Yelling, "Yeah but....BEASTMODE!" doesn't change the odds that Seattle faced on 2nd down. Again, that's a fanboy reaction. There's a reason fanboys aren't NFL coaches.

There is ZERO guarantee that Lynch would've scored against the Patriots' jumbo package. In fact, the odds were against it. Carroll understood that. On 2nd down, handing the ball to Lynch would've been the wrong call. Carroll would probably have given Lynch a shot on 3rd down, however. And if Lynch didn't score, would've called Seattle's final timeout, and then the entire playbook would've been open for the final play.

Every offensive play ever run in NFL history had a chance of resulting in a turnover. Coaches try to mitigate the risk, and play the percentages to to give their team....

Level 83
Dec 20, 2020
...the best posible chance to succeed. That is exactly what Carroll did, and did correctly. Just because a play doesn't work doesn't mean it was not a good or correct call.

In the 2006 playoffs, trailing by 1 point with seconds remaining vs Seattle, the Cowboys decided to attempt a chip-shot FG to win the game. Tony Romo mishandled the snap and Dallas failed to convert the FG and wound up losing, 21-20. Was it the wrong call to attempt the FG? Of course not, because it was the odds-on play. Muuuuuch better odds than trying to score a TD or even to pick up a 1st down inside the 5-yard line. Romo simply made a physical mistake.

Same thing with Seattle vs New England in Super Bowl XLIX. Carroll played the odds. But CB Malcolm Butler had simply been coached-up to defend the exact play that Seattle called and made a Super Bowl-winning play.

Sometimes offensive players make mistakes executing the play. (see Jackie Smith's dropped TD pass for Dallas in SB XIII; or ...

Level 83
Dec 20, 2020
...or Scott Norwoods missed FG for Buffalo in SB XXV) Sometimes defensive players step up and do something amazing to stop the play. And sometimes those amazing efforts win games. And on occasion, those amazing efforts even win Super Bowls.

Pete Carroll's forgotten more about football than any "fan" will ever know. He correctly assessed the odds and made a play call that simply didn't work out. Seattle didn't pass up some sure-fire touchdown. Bill Belichick simply demonstrated that, once again, he's usually the smartest guy in the room, and coached-up a rookie CB to make the play of his life.

Level 60
Jul 2, 2022
pretty sure i typed in cleveland not cleveland browns and didn't get credit ---- hmmm