NFL Football Multiple Choice

Can you answers these multiple choice questions about NFL football?
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Last updated: February 6, 2019
First submittedFebruary 2, 2019
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1. How many different NFL teams has Los Angeles had in its history?
The Rams, Chargers, and Raiders have all called Los Angeles home
2. In their career, who has caught the most touchdown passes from Tom Brady?
Rob Gronkowski
Wes Welker
Randy Moss
Antonio Brown
3. Which of these is not a real penalty?
Neutral zone infraction
Horse collar tackle
Unnecessary roughness
Pulling the guard
4. What position did Troy Polamalu play?
Strong safety
Tight end
Running back
5. Where did Joe Montana play after he left the 49ers?
Los Angeles Rams
Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs
Canadian Football League
6. How did David Tyree catch the ball in the closing minutes of the Giants victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII?
Pinning it against his helmet
With one hand
Behind his back
He didn't - the ball hit the turf
7. Which one of these receivers NEVER played for the Vikings?
Randy Moss
Chris Carter
Steve Largent
Adam Theilen
8. What is the average success rate of two-point conversions? (From 2001–2016)
9. How many time outs does each team get per half?
10. What is play action?
A run fake followed by a pass attempt
Calling a play at the line without huddling
A formation with four or more receivers
Pretending to snap the ball in order to draw defenders offsides
11. What number does J.J. Watt wear?
12. Who was drafted from Auburn University with the #1 pick in the 1986 draft?
Vinny Testaverde
Bo Jackson
Peyton Manning
Lawrence Taylor
13. What was the average weight of the offensive lineman that participated in the 2017 NFL combine?
241 lbs
276 lbs
313 lbs
387 lbs
14. What team won the first Super Bowl?
Buffalo Bills
Dallas Cowboys
Green Bay Packers
New York Jets
15. What is "Cover Two"?
Double-teaming the other team's best receiver
The defensive team's "Plan B"
A defender who is so good they can cover two offensive players
A zone defense with two safeties
Level 81
Feb 3, 2019
313 is also Donald Duck's license plate number. I got one right, NFL is just totally uninteresting to me.
Level 63
Feb 4, 2019
Yeah like me and soccer.
Level 85
Sep 7, 2019
Yeah I almost didn't take this one because I don't know much about sports and knew I would do poorly, but I thought maybe the multiple choice format would help. I only got 2 out of 15 right, sadly, and those were basically guesses.
Level 50
Feb 4, 2019
i know nothing about american football and guessed 3 right
Level 60
Feb 6, 2019
Somehow I got nine correct - every single one of them a random guess! I know nothing about American Football!
Level 75
Feb 6, 2019
The only ones I missed were the two bad questions. Average weight and average success of 2 point conversions. Not good questions. They are just guesses.
Level 70
Feb 8, 2019
Well at least with OL, they tend to be >300 lbs. Tackles tend to be on the lower side of the spectrum, but even then, it might be 303-305 lbs. All of that because, being on the outside, they have to be deal with outside pass rushers who are faster than the bigger defensive tackles (who can easily get in the 320's) that interior linemen are responsible for.

Guards are probably the biggest, but still probably under 320. Guards are supposed to be shorter, so they are stockier than Tackles. And with Centers, they have to operate between the two guards, so they are the shortest, and smallest (essentially like working in a phone booth).

So 313lbs isn't too hard to assume, but the 2-point conversion % is definitely a lot harder to guess.

Level 73
May 19, 2019
You need to know the likelihood of success on both 1- and 2-point conversions to be able to decide what to do. (OK, I'm not a head coach in the NFL, so for me, I just need to know what to hope my team's coach does.) I certainly didn't know that it was 48%, but I was sure it was above 34% (one-third and one-half is a pretty huge difference). As for linemen, 313 was the only believable answer. When is the last time there was an offensive lineman as small as 276? (You get some defensive ends in a 4-3 as small as that, but never anyone that size on the offensive side of the ball.) And is there a single lineman as big as 387?
Level 84
May 26, 2019
Interesting coincidence that questions you miss are bad, while questions you get correct are good.
Level ∞
Jul 22, 2019
I can understand why people get the two point conversion question wrong. Many coaches struggle with the math as well, leading to spectacularly bad late game decisions.
Level 67
Sep 7, 2019
Those are not bad questions. If you watch football regularly, you'll hear announcers quote the 48% success rate on two-point conversions all the time. They always bring it up when discussing whether it's a good idea to go for 2. I could have quoted that number without the multiple choice. Many football fans also know that the average NFL lineman is definitely over 300 pounds, but that even the biggest linemen come in around 350 or 360 pounds. 387 is way too high. Guards are usually 330-340, and tackles tends to be lighter because they need to be quicker, so 313 is a reasonable guess. The others aren't even close. I'm not the biggest football in the world, but I thought both of those were easy. Not every question should be the same difficulty level anyway.
Level 44
Sep 10, 2019
It´s Adam Thielen not ThEIlen!
Level 58
Dec 1, 2020
and cris carter, not chris
Level 66
Oct 1, 2019
Maybe this was the source for the Brady question: Players With TD Receptions From Tom Brady
Level 74
Jan 20, 2020
*Adam Thielen
Level 53
Jul 11, 2020
Noticed that too, please change spelling of Thielen
Level 34
Dec 26, 2020
14/15! never would have guessed 48 percent
Level 48
Feb 17, 2021
In 1926, there was a francise called the Los Angeles Buccaneers. Therefore, it would be four: Rams, Chargers, Raiders, and Buccaneers.
Level 67
Dec 26, 2021
Cris Carter's name is spelt wrong