Nicolas Cage Movies Quiz

Name these movies that starred the incomparable Nicolas Cage.
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Last updated: December 4, 2019
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Plane full of convicts is hijacked
Con Air
FBI agent and terrorist swap faces
Ukrainian-American arms dealer can get you guns from any of the Rambo movies
Lord of War
After selling his soul, a motorcyclist is forced to be the devil's bounty hunter
Ghost Rider
Poor man's "Da Vinci Code" about a treasure map on the back of
the Declaration of Independence
National Treasure
Master car thief only needs one minute to steal a car
Gone in Sixty Seconds
Policeman investigates his daughter's disappearance on an island run
by beekeeping pagans
The Wicker Man
SEAL team must break INTO Alcatraz to defeat a rogue marine
The Rock
New Orleans cop is promoted to lieutenant but a Vicodin addiction
causes him to act erratically
The Bad Lieutenant:
Port of Call - New Orleans
Vegas man drinks himself to death while a prostitute falls in love with him
Leaving Las Vegas
Professor connects a list of numbers to a series of disasters past ... and future
Author needs to write a movie script about an orchid thief, but has writer's block
Ex-con and ex-cop live together in marital bliss. Unable to have children,
they steal a quintuplet
Raising Arizona
Meteorologist has a mid-life crisis
The Weather Man
Level 57
Aug 17, 2011
He's the white Samuel L. Jackson. He apparently has never read a script he didn't like lol
Level 91
Jul 9, 2013
And put them both together, you get shining examples of cinema like Amos & Andrew and Kiss of Death...
Level 82
Feb 2, 2013
3 great movies, 2 good ones, a handful of mediocre ones, and then piles and piles of awful ones. Not a very strong resume.
Level 27
Mar 22, 2013
That's not bad for Hollywood. You can't ever take away the great and good ones, and there are so many movies that it makes it sometimes all more easy that there are only a few worth watching.
Level 82
Oct 4, 2014
It's not good. and, c'mon, even by Hollywood standards, Cage is known for having an enormous amount of irredeemable crap on his resume.
Level 87
Sep 21, 2014
Valley Girl? Guarding Tess? Moonstruck? Kick Ass?
Level 74
Mar 23, 2023
Wild at Heart?
Level 63
Sep 22, 2014
Matchstick Men is a good movie too if you like twists
Level 37
Sep 23, 2014
Adaptation is the least guessed? I'd say it's his best performance. I guess JetPunk just really isn't the art house crowd.
Level 82
Feb 10, 2019
Definitely the highlight of his career.
Level 82
Oct 4, 2014
The "critics' consensus" for Left Behind at Rottentomatoes is probably the best I've ever seen: "Yea verily, like unto a plague of locusts, Left Behind hath begat a further scourge of devastation upon Nicolas Cage's once-proud filmography."
Level 30
Feb 28, 2019
He's good in every film I've seen him in. Except Ghost Rider, that film's boring.
Level 88
Apr 29, 2020
hmmm...It's been quite a while since I've seen it, but I remember liking ghost rider. You've got me wondering, now I'm gonna have to watch it again :)
Level 86
Mar 7, 2019
It's sad that the two least guessed movies are two of his best.
Level 91
Jan 26, 2022
"Poor man's 'Da Vinci Code'" is pretty funny, like calling a restaurant the poor man's Taco Bell.