Double N Vocabulary Words

Based on the definitions, guess these words that contain NN.
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Last updated: September 10, 2013
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Hotel for dogs
1,000 years
Cream-filled Italian dessert
To cut vegetables into long, thin strips
British for the hood of a car
Flower that lives for more than two years
The vast, African grassland
14 line poem in iambic pentameter
Small fish
Female donkey
To make a marriage invalid
Person who makes leather
Large artillery piece
Chemical found in red wine
Dummy used for modeling clothes
Sense of boredom and world-weariness
Noise that a horse makes
An animal that eats its own species
To add territory to a country
Herb with an anise-like flavor
Female joke-teller
Level 77
Sep 8, 2013
Should be dessert not desert.
Level ∞
Sep 10, 2013
Level 71
Jun 4, 2014
Um, a kennel is where dogs are bread. :S
Level 51
May 3, 2015
A kennel can also be where a dog is kept, whether by the owners or as a hotel.
Level 82
Jan 1, 2022
Very surreal. Is there anywhere where dogs are croissants?
Level 74
Dec 22, 2014
Panna Cotta for Italian dessert also?
Level 86
Jun 22, 2018
I guess it's technically "cream-filled," since the whole thing is basically just cream, but it doesn't fit the clue as well as cannoli.
Level 81
Feb 4, 2020
I'd agree on panna cotta. It literally means cooked cream.... You can't get a dessert that's fuller of cream than that!
Level 41
Mar 12, 2015
I had trouble with one of them because i though it said an animal that eats its own feces, I had to read it three times before I got it right.
Level 51
May 3, 2015
I thought the same thing at first!
Level 56
Jun 15, 2016
That would only be an acceptable clue if "Donald" were spelled with two Ns.
Level 40
Jun 13, 2016
Anise, while stated in the clue, is also an herb, just like fennel. Aniseed to be technical. So perhaps you might want to say licorice flavor with yellow flowers. Also a perennial is a PLANT that lives for more than two years, it doesn't have to necessarily be a flower.
Level 75
Mar 13, 2017
Anise only has one n.
Level 54
Jun 21, 2016
Can you add some alternative spellings for "whinny"? I mean it's an onomatopoeia anyway so as long as it sounds out correctly then it should be accepted. Winnie, Winny, or winnee even perhaps?
Level 75
May 16, 2018
Did anyone else think of nneigh?
Level 23
Jun 28, 2016
Millennia should also be accepted for millennium.
Level 64
Feb 19, 2018
Millennia is plural - and it asks for just one thousand years, not many multiples of it, so it is incorrect.
Level 83
May 2, 2024
Be reasonable. The question about the dessert seems to be asking for a singular answer, but only the plural is accepted. This situation is just the same in reverse.
Level 75
May 16, 2018
If you cross a male horse with a jenny you get a hinny. Just being trivial.
Level 82
May 16, 2018
What if you cross a hinny with a liger?
Level 86
Jun 22, 2018
The universe explodes.
Level 86
Jan 7, 2022
I dunno but I wouldn't want to feed it.
Level 81
Feb 4, 2020
How about blenny for small fish? They're pretty small...
Level 94
Dec 10, 2020
To be precise cannoli are not filled with cream at all.

The original sicilian cannoli recipe wants them to be filled with a mixture of sheep's ricotta (don't know if "cottage cheese" is a correct translation of "ricotta") and sugar (+chocolate drops if you like them). Honestly, this is better than any cream filling you might think of.

Level 69
May 17, 2021
I agree with the comment above. Cannoli should be filled with ricotta and mascarpone plus sugar and other (usually sweet) ingredients - the filling is therefore 'creamy' but is not cream. On the other hand, panna cotta is actually made of cream and also contains double n.
Level 83
Jul 8, 2021
There is a small fish called a blenny.