State Quiz - North Dakota

Can you guess these facts about the U.S. state of North Dakota?
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Last updated: September 10, 2020
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Capital city
Most populous city
U.S. states that border North Dakota
South Dakota
Canadian provinces that border North Dakota
National Park (hint: a President)
Theodore Roosevelt
River that forms North Dakota's eastern border
Red River
Term for an irregular landscape formed by extensive erosion
North Dakota is the United States's #2 producer of this, behind only Texas
Technology which caused the growth in production of the above
From 1987–2020, this economic figure never exceeded 5%
The Dakota people were a sub-tribe of this larger group (hint: ends with x)
Native-American woman who joined the Lewis and Clark expedition in North Dakota
The only state that has a higher percentage of male residents than North Dakota
State nickname
The Peace Garden State
North Dakota's most important crop by value
30.8% of North Dakotans trace their ancestry to this frigid country,
by far the most of any state
North Dakota hosts one of the largest of these Native American gatherings
(hint: starts with P)
Level 85
Jan 10, 2020
Great to see ND getting some love!
Level 84
Jan 10, 2020
Could "Bois de Sioux" work for the river?
Level 64
Jul 29, 2020
Yeah, the Red River is only 90% of the border. The other 10% is the Bois de Sioux.
Level 74
Jan 10, 2020
Really need to brush-up on my spelling of Sacageawa!
Level 75
Jan 10, 2020
Yes, you do.
Level 82
Jul 4, 2020
I remembered because I just watched Night at the Museum XD
Level 72
Sep 11, 2020
The spelling is on the dollar coin in your pocket. Or not.
Level 33
Jan 22, 2021
I couldn't spell Saskatchewan or Sacajawea for the life of me. Sasketchewan and Sacajewea were as close as I got
Level 64
Feb 28, 2021
Could you accept "Sakakawea?" It may not be the most authentic spelling, but it is the spelling of North Dakota's largest lake, which is named after the historical figure in question.
Level 64
Mar 2, 2021
Also "Sakakawea" is the spelling officially accepted by the Hidatsa people.
Level 51
Sep 18, 2020
Level 76
Sep 20, 2020
For some reason, I seem to know more about ND than any other state tried so far (which is most of them). Didn't see that one coming.
Level 73
Jan 26, 2021
Same, aced it.
Level 90
Mar 3, 2021
Yeah I did better than I thought I would.
Level 64
Mar 3, 2021
Can't get enough North Dakota trivia? I made a BIG North Dakota quiz
Level 67
Mar 3, 2021
Got everything except the State Nickname.
Level 45
Mar 3, 2021
North Dakotans use Sakakawea as the official spelling of sacagawea and even named a lake after her. please add
Level 58
Mar 4, 2021
Would it be possible to change it to "the Dakota people are ..." instead of "the Dakota people were ..."? They're absolutely still around and still living in ND.
Level 52
Apr 27, 2021
damn north dakota stealing out nickname
Level 67
May 11, 2021
In North Dakota, the commonly used spelling is Sakakawea! Please accept!!
Level 79
Sep 3, 2021
I think you have spelt sacagawea incorrectly

spelt sacawea

Level 59
Nov 12, 2022
No, no, it really isn’t
Level 82
Jan 25, 2022
Norway's not really that frigid from the perspective of North Dakota. Oslo's annual mean temp is 6.8 degrees C and Bismarck's is 6.2. Record low in Oslo is -26.0, whereas in Bismarck it's -43.0. The country of Norway has a record low of about -51 degrees C, almost identical to North Dakota's. Of course North Dakota also gets much hotter summers than Norway, due to one having a heavily ocean-moderated climate and one being extremely continental, but in general I'd say the experience of winter for most North Dakotans is much harsher than that for most Norwegians.
Level 54
Jan 22, 2024
God I love it here
Level 61
Jul 24, 2023
Although we should learn how to spell things properly, could you add another spelling suggestion for Saskatchewan? I kept getting stuck with "Sasketchawan." But thank you for teaching me how to spell it lol.
Level 69
Mar 13, 2024
No mention of German ancestry? :( :( :(

The capital is even called 'Bismarck'!