O Vocabulary Words Quiz #2

Guess these vocabulary words that start with the letter O.
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Last updated: February 8, 2019
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Island of fertility in a desert
Opposite of transparent
Angle greater than 90 degrees
Solemn vow
Large, clumsy person
Plantation supervisor
The study of birds
Spoken, rather than written
Type of gemstone that
reflects many colors
Contradiction in terms –
"Jumbo Shrimp", for example
Young owl
Rock that is rich in useful metal
Person aged 80-89
Russian term for region
Person who can foresee the future
Organ that produces egg cells
Cut of meat taken from the tail of a cow
Person who sees thing in a positive light
Rule by a small group of wealthy individuals
Doctor who specializes in childbirth
Describes a word that sounds like
what it represents
Drug made from the poppy plant
Level 60
Jan 29, 2013
Missed a couple I didn't know and a couple I couldn't remember- and just couldn't spell onomatopeia!! Kicking myself.
Level 38
Feb 28, 2017
Yeah you know Onomatopoeia is ridiculously hard to spell. Maybe a bit of leniency with the spelling?

Damn i was so close though.

Level 65
Aug 19, 2019
onomatopea is accepted
Level 65
Oct 18, 2022
Onomatopoeic is a description of a word, but eh.
Level 70
Jan 29, 2013
just 9/22, but at least i knew oblast
Level 75
Oct 7, 2015
Oh, blast! That's the only one I missed.
Level 73
May 5, 2013
I'm obtuse. All I could remember was oblique angle. sigh.
Level 68
Nov 30, 2013
Here's a good oxymoron: Non-addicting Jetpunk quizzes.
Level 14
May 16, 2015
Who else put ' old ' for a person aged 80-89? Lol me
Level 84
Mar 21, 2017
Level 59
Jun 30, 2019
me too
Level 66
Nov 19, 2021
Level 71
Oct 1, 2015
Why use 'Oblast' in an English language vocabulary quiz, I'm sure the Russian language quiz doesn't use 'Shire' as one of their S words.
Level 83
Jan 17, 2019
It's a loan word. English-speakers use it to describe regions of Russian-speaking countries. Do you refer to the Stavropol Shire? The State of Archangelsk? No..
Level 79
Jun 30, 2019
I thought about okrug too, would that work?
Level 51
Oct 1, 2015
owlet was a pure guess...

i read "egg shells" instead of cells...

Level 46
Oct 1, 2015
I tried "omnivoyant" instead of oracle. Would that be acceptable? Also, I couldn't spell ornithology to save my life. I kept writing "orinthology". D'oh.
Level 79
Jun 30, 2019
I kept typing orinthology as well but I think that's the study of OJ Simpson
Level 79
Jun 30, 2019
Orated should also work, as well as oral.
Level 50
Jul 1, 2019
Was thrown off for awhile by the "plantation supervisor" clue. Was trying to think of a term specific to a plantation, but the answer really is not specific to a plantation at all. I think "supervisor" by itself might be a better clue...or "someone who supervises".
Level 92
Nov 16, 2022
i tried overlord.
Level 65
Aug 19, 2019
anybody else read; Doctor Who.....?
Level 76
Dec 29, 2019
Actually an Octogenarian is anyone aged 80-90, not merely 80-89. (Otherwise you would exclude somebody aged 89.5, who is still an octogenarian.) Age, after all, is a continuous variable. I find that this this schoolboy error is becoming ever more common in the digital age.
Level 69
Jun 19, 2021
Except that when giving age, a person who is years old is said to be 89, until they turn 90.

The schoolboy error here is acting all superior while making your own schoolboy error.

Level 73
Nov 19, 2020
Thing is supposed to be plural in the optimist question.