Oceania Geography Quiz

Answer these random geography questions about the region of Oceania.
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Last updated: March 12, 2016
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What are the two biggest cities in Australia?
What country, despite having only 7 million residents, has over
800 indigenous languages?
Papua New Guinea
What is the largest city on New Zealand's South Island?
What country includes the island of Guadalcanal?
Solomon Islands
What is New Zealand's tallest mountain?
Aoraki / Mount Cook
What are the two largest birds native to Australia?
Southern Cassowary
What fiord, located near Queenstown, is one of New Zealand's most
well-known tourist destinations?
Milford Sound
What strait separates Australia and Papua New Guinea?
Torres Strait
What is Ayer's Rock also known as?
What ethnic group is indigenous to New Zealand?
What is the most populous island in French Polynesia?
What is the world's longest coral reef system?
Great Barrier Reef
That reef is located off the coast of which Australian state?
What is the Australian term for a cattle ranch?
Cattle Station
What is the northernmost point on the Australian mainland?
Cape York
What part of Australia was once a self-governing colony named Van Diemen's Land?
What tiny island nation was once among the world's richest countries,
thanks to phosphate mining?
Pago Pago is the capital of what U.S. territory?
American Samoa
What is the capital of Western Australia?
Level 54
Mar 30, 2016
Cassowary. Duh. I have video of one with chicks.
Level 75
Oct 29, 2021
Cyprus is in Europe.
Level 69
Sep 3, 2022
I think you're lost, dude
Level 74
May 2, 2016
The Maori are in no way indigenous. Maybe change it to "first settlers"
Level 82
Jun 25, 2016
If that's the definition we're going to adopt for indigenous then the only place with indigenous people on Earth is Ethiopia.
Level 74
Mar 22, 2017
You do realize we're talking about just a few hundred years between the Polynesian arrival, and the European arrival, right? I'm not arguing thousands of years. You have to draw the line somewhere and I don't see how anyone would think a couple hundred years is enough to be considered indigenous.
Level 93
Jan 25, 2019
The definition (Webster) says 'not only native but which, as far as can be determined, has never been introduced or brought from elsewhere.' Seems quite strict and you could trace back 500 years to the region they came from but essentially that entire community exists there alone. FWIW Wikipedia says indigenous are those 'who are the original settlers of a given region' which definitely fits here.
Level 71
Apr 21, 2021
Also, 500 years is still a pretty significant amount of time accounting for many generations. From what I know, the Maori were pretty well established on New Zealand at the time when they first contacted the Europeans. That seems ample proof of indigeneity to me.
Level 87
Jun 25, 2016
12/21, ouch. I am not from anywhere near these countries and completely guessed to get some so I suppose I did decent. Time to learn more about Oceania!
Level 36
Jun 25, 2016
Tasmania and Tazmania should be alternate spellings...
Level 70
Jun 25, 2016
Other than the cartoon, I've never heard of tazmania. Besides, it is named after abel tasman, not tazman
Level 29
Jun 25, 2016
Um......NO!!! Just NO!!!!
Level 56
Jun 27, 2016
Also, please accept Kuweensland, Chrastchach, and Ulurululururu.
Level 89
Aug 5, 2018
Chrastchach is a denomination in the Southeastern U.S.
Level 73
Oct 12, 2018
Ulurululururu would work
Level 22
Jun 25, 2016
fjord, not fiord.
Level 85
Jun 25, 2016
The proper New Zealand English spelling is actually fiord. The region of the country it is located in is called Fiordland.
Level 78
Jun 25, 2016
This should be renamed the ANZAC quiz - only five questions about entities in the rest of Oceania.
Level 67
Jun 26, 2016
That seems like an odd alternative, since ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.
Level 79
Aug 20, 2019
Six actually.
Level 74
Nov 30, 2021
Which seems like a pretty reasonable distribution to me, based on population and land area.
Level 22
Jun 26, 2016
Pretty sure it's spelt "fjord" not "fiord"
Level 85
Jun 27, 2016
Both spellings are accepted - although traditionally the 'fjord' spelling was used, as that is how it's spelled in Norwegian. Whether it's more appropriate to keep the original spelling of foreign "loan words" or to transliterate them into the language in which they're being used, is a debate for some other forum.
Level 56
Apr 18, 2020
In New Zealand, only "fiord" is used.
Level 77
Jul 24, 2018
Good quiz. Mostly pretty straight forward geography, so even though I was born and bred directly opposite to New Zealand, I could get them all though I had to guess the cattle farm question.
Level 52
May 11, 2019
Too Australia/New Zealand-centric.
Level 67
Feb 13, 2020
Quiz about Oceania? I thought I would fail big time and get one or 2 right. But these are very basic questions. I missed the cape, sound and strait.
Level 63
Apr 2, 2020
Got this 100%! Took me three tries to remember the cattle station, though.
Level 65
Mar 17, 2021
The names for cattle ranches and native birds to Australia are definitely related to geography...general knowledge would be a better title.
Level 75
Oct 29, 2021
Trying to guess the "Guadalcanal" country pretty much got me all the non-Australia and non-New Zealand answers.
Level 66
Jun 4, 2022
There are 14 countries in Oceania, only 5 of which were mentioned in this quiz. Disappointed.
Level 47
Nov 27, 2022
There is not only 7,000,000 people that live in Papua New Guinea. There is 2,000,000 more (technically 1,935,000 more) as of 2020 (and there is bound to be more than 9,000,000 now as of November 2022.)
Level 60
Feb 15, 2023
18/21, couldn't think of "Milford Sound" even though it's well known.
Level 74
Jul 27, 2023
Oceania geography quiz??? 2/3 of the questions are about Australia. Out of 14 countries in Oceania only 5 are mentioned. And just one dependant territory...
Level 60
Mar 27, 2024
This quiz should use yellow box, since it is very easy to accidentally guess another answer; 4 countries work as answers, which is not a lot in a continent with only 13 countries.