People with C Initials

From CA to CZ, name the famous person with each set of initials.
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Last updated: October 6, 2020
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"Genie in a Bottle" singer
Christina Aguilera
Starred as Batman
Christian Bale
Silent film star
Charlie Chaplin
"A Tale of Two Cities"
Charles Dickens
"Dirty Harry" actor
Clint Eastwood
She was Princess Leia
Carrie Fisher
Latin American revolutionary
Che Guevara
Native American warrior
who is sculpted into a
South Dakota mountainside
Crazy Horse
20th century American
modernist composer
Charles Ives
Possibly history's 2nd
most-famous psychiatrist
Carl Jung
Designer jeans namesake
Calvin Klein
Flew non-stop from New York
to Paris in 1927
Charles Lindbergh
Lead singer of Coldplay
Chris Martin
His tears cure cancer, too
bad he has never cried
Chuck Norris
English actor who starred in
"Children of Men"
Clive Owen
Beboping saxophonist known
as "Bird"
Charlie Parker
Manager of national football
teams from Portugal,
Iran, and Colombia
Carlos Queiroz
Paralysis victim who starred
as Superman
Christopher Reeve
Author of "Cosmos"
Carl Sagan
Beautiful South African actress
who got ugly for "Monster"
Charlize Theron
Country singer who won
"American Idol" in 2005
Carrie Underwood
19th century shipping and
railroad tycoon
Cornelius Vanderbilt
Actor from "The Deer Hunter"
who wants more cowbell
Christopher Walken
Brazilian psychic medium
Chico Xavier
Broke the sound barrier
Chuck Yeager
Wife of Michael Douglas
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Level 86
May 6, 2014
What is Ernesto Guevara doing in a "C" initials quiz :p.
Level 32
Apr 24, 2017
You missed out Christopher Columbus
Level 71
Jun 10, 2019
yes, I knéw there was one person starting with a c missing... That's the one, now we got em all :)
Level 75
Jun 21, 2017
Another Chuck Norris interesting fact - each of his balls is bigger than the other one
Level 65
Jun 10, 2019
He has more balls than you. Yes 3 of them!
Level 52
Mar 30, 2021
Also, he can make a Happy Meal cry.
Level 66
Mar 31, 2021
His mom didn't give birth to him; he just took it from her.
Level 73
Jan 28, 2018
I only got the historical ones plus Calvin Klein and Chuck Norris: Chaplin, Dickens, Che Guevara, Jung, Carl Lewis, Charlie Parker, Vanderbilt, and Yeager. I guess I'm just not hip enough for these. Maybe some day...
Level 73
Mar 30, 2021
Hmm looks like this quiz has changed some, and I've learned some. 18/26 this time.
Level 89
Apr 1, 2021
The older you get generally the hipper you are.
Level 71
Jul 10, 2018
Isn't Charlie Parker nicknamed just "Bird" (as opposed to "The Bird")? I'm surprised no jazz enthusiasts have swarmed this comment section yet...
Level ∞
Oct 6, 2020
Level 85
Oct 6, 2020
I can't believe you have to include Mr. Horse's first name to get it right.
Level 81
Oct 16, 2020
I agree. Crazy isn't it.
Level 82
Oct 7, 2020
Clive Warren :(
Level 73
Oct 9, 2020
This was hard for me. I would have gotten CZ if I knew her name is spelled Zeta and not Zitha or Zita. But now I know. :)
Level 79
Oct 18, 2020
What's with this site's obsession with Lindbergh? Almost any excuse to put him in is taken. Coulda had Carl Linnaeus, Carl Lewis, C S Lewis...Even, heavens, a woman - Christine Lagarde. Lindbergh wasn't even the first to fly the Atlantic non-stop.
Level 82
Mar 30, 2021
it's hard to tell if you're joking or not. Charles Lindbergh was probably the most famous person in the world during his lifetime.
Level 78
Dec 15, 2023
And an anti-Semite and Nazi sympathiser. (My prediction: 11)
Level 89
Apr 1, 2021
My father frequently recalled Lucky Lindy as an all consuming national hero when he was a 5-year old in 1927. You're the first one I've ever known to mention Whoever Lagarde.
Level 74
Nov 19, 2022
Christine Lagarde? I looked her up and she is not famous on a level that would be worthy to add her to the list. It was already a tough quiz with some of these people without adding one more person famous on a very small scale.
Level 62
Mar 30, 2021
There seems to be an excessive number of actors in this quiz in my opinion. Weird to see basically no political figures.
Level 50
Mar 30, 2021
Could use more women, too. There are definitely more than five women on the planet with C names.
Level 82
Mar 30, 2021
yeah but if we just open up the phone book and start listing people with feminine-sounding names that would make for an exceptionally difficult quiz.
Level 86
May 25, 2022
Acting is an honorable profession while politics is not.
Level 69
Mar 30, 2021
Claudette Colbert was also a silent movie star, I think. She came to my mind first
Level 78
Mar 30, 2021
The only silent film Claudette Colbert starred in was an unremarkable flop and is considered lost.
Level 82
Mar 30, 2021
only for you.
Level 77
Aug 17, 2021
Nope, like camus said, she only did a single silent movie. Paramount signed a contract with her in 1928 specifically because they were looking for stage actors who could deliver dialogue in the talkies, and that's what started the majority of her film career and the entirety of her film fame.
Level 74
Jan 31, 2023
For CI, I was expecting Chris Issak. He had a big hit song with "Wicked Game" in 1990. Good quiz, thanks!