People with E Initials

From EA to EZ, name the famous person with each set of initials.
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Last updated: October 7, 2020
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"Green Mountain Boys"
leader during the
American Revolution
Ethan Allen
"Wuthering Heights"
Emily Brontë
English guitarist with the
nickname "Slowhand"
Eric Clapton
Reclusive 19th century
American poet
Emily Dickinson
Charlie Sheen's brother,
star of "Mighty Ducks"
Emilio Estevez
Italian physicist who
created the world's first
nuclear reactor
Enrico Fermi
Zsa Zsa's sister
Eva Gabor
Lost Generation author,
later known as "Papa"
Ernest Hemingway
Top-selling Latin singer
Enrique Iglesias
"Magic" basketball star
Earvin Johnson
Motorcycle daredevil
Evel Knievel
Top German strategist
during WWI
Erich Ludendorff
The voice of Donkey
from "Shrek"
Eddie Murphy
"Fight Club" actor
Ed Norton
P.M. of Israel, 2006–2009
Ehud Olmert
Graceland resident
Elvis Presley
First lady of the U.S.
for 12 years
Eleanor Roosevelt
Red-headed singer with
albums "+", "x" and "÷"
Ed Sheeran
Was married eight times,
twice to Richard Burton
Elizabeth Taylor
Lead singer of Pearl Jam
Eddie Vedder
Cotton gin inventor
Eli Whitney
Slave trader for whom
an Ivy League university
is named
Elihu Yale
Frenchman who wrote
"J'accuse" in defense
of Alfred Dreyfus
Emile Zola
Level 84
Jun 26, 2014
Would be nice to have "Hemmingway" accepted. Can't believe I didn't try it with just one M. :-/
Level ∞
Feb 9, 2016
Level 55
Aug 21, 2016
Must be a funny blindspot with me. The only ones I missed were both of the Evas.
Level 65
Oct 7, 2020
Aha! He was part of the Lost Generation, not the author of a book called "Lost Generation." I should pay more attention to quotation marks.
Level 65
Oct 7, 2020
"Enguish guitarist"?
Level 87
Oct 7, 2020
English + Anguish = Enguish
Level ∞
Oct 8, 2020
Fixed :)
Level 65
Apr 27, 2021
Sounds like the Quizmaster is going "woke" regarding the question about the university named after a slave trader - although we all know it's soooo trendy right now that little tidbit was quite unnecessary - hopefully this type of question doesn't become a trend on this site.
Level 70
Apr 27, 2021
That was just the man's occupation. It's in the first line of his Wikipedia bio. It's a relevant and accurate summation and no different than saying that Emily Dickinson was a poet or Enrico Fermi was a physicist or Rockefeller an oil tycoon. Obviously one *could* use other terms to describe all these people (letter-writer, teacher and father, perhaps) but the clear, concise and neutral one is "slave trader".
Level 62
Apr 27, 2021
Elihu Yale profited from the slave trade, and he used that money to invest in the university that would eventually be named after him. How is that "unnecessary" information?
Level 62
Apr 30, 2021
From a quick reading of the Wikipedia article (, people disagree how much Yale was involved in the slave trade, and the slave trade he was involved in probably isn't the one you're thinking of. His involvement was in the Madras slave trade, which is in India.

So, I don't think it's really a good idea to list his occupation as "slave trader." Here's the article Wikipedia links:

Level 79
May 1, 2021
Why does that offend you? It's the truth. You hope a site devoted to learning and quizzes stops having truthful, albeit uncomfortable, truths included in questions? Why? I think I know why...but hopefully you can actually answer.
Level 51
Apr 27, 2021
The voice of Donkey from "Shrek" - seriously, for all this man has done in his career you choose THAT?!
Level 81
May 24, 2021
Right? Instead of such classics as Pluto Nash or Norbit?
Level 76
Sep 25, 2022
Ed Sheeran? Isn't he that guy who was on Game of Thrones?