People with M Initials

From MA to MZ, name the famous person with each set of initials.
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Last updated: October 8, 2020
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He floated like a butterfly,
but stung like a bee
Muhammad Ali
Actor who yelled "STELLA!!!!"
Marlon Brando
Notable twerker
Miley Cyrus
Ben Affleck's friend
Matt Damon
Founder of Christian Science
Mary Baker Eddy
He drove Miss Daisy then had
a Shawshank Redemption
Morgan Freeman
Indian independence leader
Mohandas Gandhi
Actor who used the force
Mark Hamill
Winner of five consecutive
Tours de France
Miguel Induráin
He was the "King of Pop"
Michael Jackson
He had a dream
Martin Luther King
Singer who would do anything
for love (but not that)
Meat Loaf
1950s blonde bombshell
Marilyn Monroe
Panamanian leader deposed
by the U.S. in 1989
Manuel Noriega
She came after Laura
and before Melania
Michelle Obama
Winner of 8 gold medals in 2008
Michael Phelps
"Sleepless in Seattle" actress
Meg Ryan
Birth control activist
Margaret Sanger
or Marie Stopes
Boxer and ear biter
Mike Tyson
Funky Bunch singer, underwear
model, and "Transformers" actor
Mark Wahlberg
1960s Nation of Islam spokesman
Malcolm X
"Logan's Run" actor named for
a city in England
Michael York
Founder of Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg
Level 78
May 7, 2014
Notable twerker xD
Level 43
Jul 3, 2016
Level 70
Oct 11, 2020
I'm well out of the loop, but is she still very much remembered as a twerker? As far as pop culture goes, this feels kinda dated.
Level 49
Aug 21, 2021
it is outated but its a good hint, i guessed it instantly lmao.

maybe a reference to hannah montana instead? idk

Level 22
Feb 26, 2016
wouldn't have chose streetcar to get a marlon brando quote from, but then again i guess 'I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse' is a bit too obvious... Either way, good quiz
Level 75
Apr 18, 2017
That one confused me at first. I was thinking of the character's name, and wondering how I could get an M out of Stanley Kowalski. Then I thought maybe it was the name of the playwright, but no M in Tennessee Williams, either. Finally it came to me it was referring to the actor from the film. Sometimes I can be so dense.
Level 72
Nov 11, 2017
WTF is "Christian Science"? Surely that's a contradiction in terms. Is it some Creationist, answers in the bible, gubbins?
Level 78
Nov 14, 2017
From the wikipedia page: "In particular, [Christian Science] adherents subscribe to a radical form of philosophical idealism, believing that reality is purely spiritual and the material world an illusion."

The core way in which I understand that tenet to apply is the belief that prayer and faith are more effective than medicine and that medicine makes prayer less effective. It's basically a religious placebo effect, wherein if you believe it works, it works (sometimes).

Level 89
Nov 24, 2019
Didn't work out for Jim Henson.
Level 84
Nov 20, 2017
While not written to be a science textbook, the Bible reflects scientifically accurate information that was not available to humans at the time it was written.

BTW, Creation is in the Bible. Creationism is not. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that the Earth is only 6,000 years old. "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." No time frame given there. The first creative day could've begun eleventy-jillion years after the creation of the earth. And each creative "day" could've lasted for thousands of thousands of years. The Bible does not say nor imply that each one was a mere 24 hours.

Level 37
Nov 29, 2017
The 24 hour is a modern invention in any event. Who knows how long a day was even in ancient greece, rome, troy, etc.
Level 74
Dec 29, 2017
You can count back the line of succession from Jesus to Adam and have a rough estimate of what the Bible says is the age of earth. It is way of it's actual age.

Also - what "scientifically accurate information" are there supposed in the Bible, that weren't known to humans at that time?

Level 82
May 6, 2018
Trying to say the Bible doesn't say a day is a day explicitly is one thing... but now you're saying it doesn't even imply it? How can you avoid implying that the words you say mean what they mean? That's an interesting trick.

Also, it's 100% false that there is any scientific knowledge in the Bible not available to people at the time. There are quite a few things written in the Bible, however, that are scientifically inaccurate.

Level 83
Oct 8, 2020
Maybe we don't know how a day was divided in ancient times, but it's quite clear that a day meant the same as now.
Level 68
Dec 20, 2020
@divantalya omg what? Ow yea I forgot in ancient times the earth spun super super fast that a day only lasted two hours. In fact the people had a hard time hanging on..

The length of a day is not invented, it is one earth rotation or in simpler terms, from sunrise to sunrise, one full cycle.

it is irelevant in how many parts they divided a day or what they called the parts.

next thing you know someone is gonna say there was no night in ancient times... that it is a recent invention to make it go dark at night...

Level 82
May 6, 2018
"Christian Science" has nothing to do with science. It is also not considered mainstream Christianity and has nothing to do with Creationism or other Evangelical pseudoscience that attempt to fool people into thinking that the Bible is scientifically accurate (it's not, but that's a different story). When I was still a believing Christian myself I was told that Christian Science was a dangerous cult.

Christian Science is it's own religious tradition, somewhat inspired by mainstream Christianity, with its own latter-day self-styled prophet making it very similar to Mormonism, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Moonies, Islam, and the Branch Davidians. It also bears similarities to many new-age religious movements in its ideas about metaphysics.

They really ought to come up with a better name for it. Eddyism, maybe. Because "Christian Science" is, as you can see, confusing to a lot of people.

Level 72
Nov 20, 2020
Cheers for the info guys. Still not a religion, or religious belief system I have encountered.
Level 75
Aug 20, 2021
I've seen buildings with signs that say, "Christian Science reading room". I always assumed they had literature about their group. Several famous people were raised in Christian Scientist homes, including Marilyn Monroe and Ellen Degeneres. I'm not sure of all their beliefs but I know they don't believe in vaccinations and one of their biggest tenets is healing through prayer.
Level 76
May 6, 2018
I like how you can get "X" by just typing "X"
Level 40
May 7, 2018
Put "Marlin Brando" and was so confused
Level 33
May 9, 2018
Michael Jordan?
Level 82
Nov 15, 2019
was not the king of pop
Level 58
Jun 10, 2018
Don't think Miley Cyrus deserves to be listed with such great folks.
Level 89
Oct 9, 2020
Ever see Noriega twerk?
Level 73
Dec 15, 2019
From the title I was expecting people like George M. Cohan and M. Night Shyamalan.
Level 85
Oct 8, 2020
Not what these "initial" quizzes are looking for, but it's a cool idea. Wonder if there are enough examples to make a decent quiz?
Level 76
Oct 8, 2020
You should've gone with Malala Yousafzai instead of Michael York.
Level 82
Oct 10, 2020
Thanks for the cycling question! :)
Level 79
Oct 15, 2020
No Marty McFly? Shame on you QM.
Level 67
Aug 17, 2021
Haha I was just watching Streetcar
Level 70
Aug 17, 2021
Got confused by the "after Laura and before Melania" clue because I figured it wanted one of Trump's many wives lol

Also, you can guess any name for Malcolm X because it gives you the answer if you just type "x"

Level 73
Aug 17, 2021 accept just "loaf" LOL
Level 73
Aug 22, 2021
"Logan's Run" actor named for

a city in England.... Michael isn't a city in England.

Level 72
Mar 31, 2022
Suggestion: Manuel L. Quezon (Philippine president) for MQ and Martin Van Buren for MV
Level 60
Jan 18, 2023
Oh my god, I'm an idiot...I saw "MS" and immediately thought of Michael Schumacher