People with W Initials

From WA to WZ, name the famous person with each set of initials.
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Last updated: October 9, 2020
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First submittedFebruary 15, 2012
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Critically acclaimed director who creepily married his
partner's adopted daughter
Woody Allen
Billionaire investor called "The Oracle of Omaha"
Warren Buffett
WWII Prime Minister
Winston Churchill
Mickey Mouse creator
Walt Disney
Had a shootout at the O.K. Corral
Wyatt Earp
"Anchorman" star
Will Ferrell
Hockey's "Great One"
Wayne Gretzky
Pop singer who tragically died in 2012
Whitney Houston
"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" author
Washington Irving
"Fugees" member and wannabe Haitian politician
Wyclef Jean
Russian abstract painter
Wassily Kandinsky
Former namesake of Denali
William McKinley
Red-headed stranger of country music who didn't pay his taxes
Willie Nelson
Founder of a U.S. state that bears his name
William Penn
"Beetlejuice" and "Stranger Things" star
Winona Ryder
"Hamlet" author
William Shakespeare
The fattest U.S. President
William Taft
Developed rockets for the Nazis and, later, the United States
Wernher Von Braun
U.S. President during WWI
Woodrow Wilson
Irish poet and 1923 Nobel Prize winner
William Butler Yeats
"Werewolves of London"
Warren Zevon
Level 58
Nov 9, 2014
I was surprised to see Warren Zevon on here. My dad is a huge fan of him, so I got the clue instantly.
Level 82
Jan 14, 2019
Not many people with those initials.
Level 70
Nov 9, 2014
Churchill, Shakespeare, Disney, Will Ferrell and Winona Ryder. Who are the rest of this people? I feel so ignorant
Level 41
Mar 14, 2015
It is very unfortunate to give Werner von Braun's initials as WV. The surname is "von Braun", "Braun" being the important, characteristic part. "Von" is just an indication that his family was of noble/knightly origin.
Level 74
Nov 16, 2017
I also wondered about that. It's like making the "Sir" part of the initials.
Level 44
Oct 29, 2018
Agreed, as someone with "van" as part of my name, that's absolutely not how the initial should be.

WB would be better, WvB best.

Level 70
Nov 24, 2019
Yes this feels quite weird. I have never seen a name that has van or von as part of their name listed under v. Definitely not written like this in initals. Like said above it would be WvB.
Level 78
Dec 15, 2023
"very unfortunate"? In the great scheme of things, it is nothing. If this tragic blunder caused you to miss the answer, I feel for you - truly I do.
Level 18
Jun 25, 2017
Hey guys, great quiz by the way, please could you check out some of my quizzes as i am new and need people to play my quizzes, many thanks
Level 69
Nov 12, 2017
Soon-Yi is not Mia Farrow's step-daughter, but her daughter-daughter (adopted). It'd be accurate to say that she was *Woody's* step-daughter but for the fact that he and Mia never legally tied the knot.
Level ∞
Nov 13, 2017
Fixed the clue
Level 85
Nov 17, 2017
I'm sorry, but I guess I have a different definition of "tragic". Drowning in a bathtub after suffering a heart attack with cocaine, diphenhydramine, alprazolam, cyclobenzaprine and marijuana in your system, after YEARS of drug abuse, is not "tragic". It's inevitable.

A mother getting shot to death while laying her body over her children in an effort to protect them is "tragic". A toddler dying as the result of an inoperable brain tumor is "tragic". Someone who willfully throws their life away? Not so much.

Level 77
Feb 7, 2018
There are many kinds of tragedies. There are tragedies that happen to people, and tragedies that people bring upon themselves. Hell, the classical definition of "tragedy" is explicitly about a person's own tragic flaws leading to their downfall. It's The Tragedy of Macbeth, not The Tragedy of Duncan.
Level 75
Oct 29, 2018
I understand what you're saying, but I think it's tragic when anyone becomes addicted to drugs, regardless of the reason or outcome. The definition of tragic is causing extreme distress or sorrow, and I'm sure those who loved her thought her death was tragic.
Level 82
Oct 29, 2018
Free will is an illusion.
Level 78
Oct 29, 2018
Damn good one, then.
Level 70
Oct 29, 2018
Yes, but it's a good enough illusion that assuming it exists makes very little difference to anything. I would agree that drug abuse is tragic though.
Level 82
Jan 14, 2019
good one until you understand the physics and chemistry behind how our brains works and figure out that there is nothing at all mystical or mysterious about it.
Level 82
Jun 13, 2019
also, TM, whether or not one believes in free will can actually make a pretty huge difference in a lot of different ways. I know you're a smart guy so maybe you haven't taken time to ponder all of the implications. But everything from relationships, to how you interact with other people on a daily basis, to how you process trauma or feelings of guilt, to how we enact laws related to the criminal justice system can all be drastically different based on this belief.
Level 60
Jun 28, 2024
what makes you say that?
Level 68
Oct 30, 2018
Thank you Tom Lehrer for the Von Braun answer: "once the rockets are up, who care where they come down! It's not my department, says Werner Von Braun"
Level 59
Oct 31, 2018
I think, after so many years, Wynona Ryder has redeemed herself, especially with "Stranger Things." Maybe the clue could, itself, be updated?
Level ∞
Oct 9, 2020
Good point. Updated.
Level 67
Dec 2, 2018
Might be an idea to make WG's hint (ice-)hockey instead of hockey. For most quiz-participators outside of US and such hockey is the type you play on gras, not ice. Here (netherlands) it is played as well, but we litteraly call it icehockey.
Level 71
Nov 9, 2021
Oh, neat! And who is the very famous field hockey player notably nicknamed "The Great One" with the initials WG?
Level 64
Oct 10, 2020
Oops. I read '"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" actor.'
Level 87
Mar 2, 2021
Semantics, I know, but the state founded by WP doesn't bear his name. They share a name, but that's due to both bearing the name of WP's father.
Level 68
Apr 16, 2021
Really good series of quizzes with a great variety of topics...but an awful lot of film/TV/popmusic.

Thanks, though.

Level 47
Nov 9, 2021
Fattest US president needs to be changed :)

Need something else for WT.

It's Trump

Level 82
Nov 9, 2021
Trump is obese, and many other things, but he's not nearly as fat as Taft was during his presidency.
Level 67
Nov 9, 2021
indeed. Taft was the only president to get stuck in a bathtub!
Level 29
Nov 9, 2021
oh i live right next to sleepy hallow
Level 27
Nov 9, 2021
I love Warren Zevon.
Level 74
Feb 1, 2023
Well, I scored 20/21. I was done in by the Russian painter. Thanks for the quiz!
Level 46
Apr 8, 2024
awooooo warewolves of london.

its a crime that so few people got him zevon.

Level 52
May 10, 2024
only 98% knew disney...
Level 41
Jul 1, 2024
This is a semantic question (and somewhat subjective), Hamlet was written as a play and intended to be performed not read. So couldn't it be argued that Shakespeare is not Hamlets author, but it's creator, director or playwrite.

(An author specifically describes the writer of a published work)

P.S. I know that you could argue Shakespeares works are later published, but since this was never his incentive he was payed by the preformances and not selling his work as text.