U.S. Presidential Trivia #2

Can you name these Presidents based on a short clue?
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Last updated: January 20, 2021
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First president
George Washington
Longest term (12 years)
Franklin Roosevelt
Played football for the
University of Michigan
Gerald R. Ford
Was nicknamed "Bubba"
Bill Clinton
Only Hawaiian-born president
Barack Obama
Youngest (42 years)
Theodore Roosevelt
Marilyn Monroe sang
"happy birthday" to him
John F. Kennedy
WWII general
Dwight Eisenhower
Shortest term (31 days)
William Henry
Was a Hollywood actor
Ronald Reagan
Was once a peanut farmer
Jimmy Carter
Served as director of the CIA
George H.W. Bush
Lived at Monticello
Thomas Jefferson
Only Federalist president
John Adams
Shortest (5'4")
James Madison
Made Thanksgiving an official holiday
Abraham Lincoln
Last to wear a powdered wig
James Monroe
Earned highest % of popular vote
Lyndon Johnson
Discovered a proof to the
Pythagorean theorem
James Garfield
His middle name was
merely an initial
Harry S. Truman
The first "dark horse" candidate
James K. Polk
On the $500 bill
William McKinley
Only president with a MBA degree
George W. Bush
Namesake of a famous dam
Herbert Hoover
Native Dutch speaker
Martin Van Buren
Served on the Supreme Court
William Taft
Level 41
Aug 24, 2014
Am I right in thinking that the S in Ulysses S Grant doesn't stand for anything either?
Level 72
Aug 24, 2014
I think you're right. His first name at birth was Hiram and him middle name was Ulysses.
Level 90
Sep 24, 2014
@Erikthev, correct, but ambiguous.
Level 50
Feb 12, 2015
It stands for Simpson
Level 23
Oct 9, 2016
Ulysses middle name was Simpson
Level 51
Jan 5, 2018
It stands for Shaquan
Level 51
Jan 5, 2018
It stands up, does a twirl and sits back down.
Level 39
Jan 6, 2018
He legally changed his name to Ulysses Simpson grant
Level 56
Apr 8, 2021
I was pretty sure it was too, it should also be accepted as an answer
Level 68
Nov 30, 2021
Grant was born Hiram Ulysses but a clerk in the Army or in a Senator's office (when recommending him to West Point)--depending on which story you believe--inadvertently changed it to Ulysses Simpson, so the S stands for Simpson.
Level 43
Aug 24, 2014
it was concocted because of his nickname Unconditional Surrender "US".
Level 68
Nov 30, 2021
U.S. Grant changed his name before the Civil War--it was while he was at West Point.
Level 33
Aug 24, 2014
The "S" in Ulysses S. Grant stands for Simpson.
Level 28
Aug 24, 2014
"What does the S stand for in Ulys.'s name? in mine you know it does not stand for anything!" -- U.S. Grant to Julia Grant, March 31, 1853

"In answer to your letter of a few days ago asking what 'S' stands for in my name I can only state *nothing* [italicized]. It was a mistake made by Senator Morris of Ohio when application was first made for my appointment as Cadet to West Point. …I tried on entering West Point to correct this mistake but failing, after I received my Diploma and Commission, with the 'S' inserted, adopted it and have so signed my name ever since." -- U.S. Grant to Elihu Washburne, June 23, 1864

Level 37
Oct 3, 2016
Actually, I believe that the term is "derivative" citizenship. (Having derived citizenship from one's parent(s) being naturally born American citizens. In the case of Bush, I believe that it was his grandfather (George H. W. Bush's father) who has born in Mexico

and in the case of John McCain, the Panama Canal Zone was American territory at time wasn't it? - And now, to Barack Obama;

He was born in Hawaii in either 1961 or 1962. Hawaii became the

50th STATE in 1959, at least two years BEFORE HE WAS BORN.

Level 49
Sep 7, 2017
Hawaii became an organized incorporated territory on August 12, 1898, meaning that the Constitution applied there and anyone born on that land was a natural-born U.S citizen. So even if Obama had been born before August of 1959 (which he wasn't, he was born in 1961), then he still would have been a natural born citizen. Not to mention the fact that his mother was born in Kansas, and so being her son also made him a citizen at birth.

Level 70
Jan 5, 2018
Didn't George Washington win 100% of the popular vote?
Level 83
Jan 5, 2018
It's a little complicated. In the United States' first election only 6 of 10 states had anything like a popular vote and fewer than 2% of the population in those states participated. Washington is said to have won 100% of the popular vote in Virginia but just above 90% overall. I can see why this wouldn't count. But then, Jefferson won 73% of the popular vote in 1804 (to Johnson's 61.1%), Madison won 65% in 1808, Monroe got 68% in 1816... so I'm not sure where this stat comes from maybe it ought to say the biggest margin in a "modern" election?
Level 59
Jan 16, 2018
Actually, Monroe got an even higher percentage (80.6%) in 1820. The Federalists (the opposition party) were so weak that they didn't even appoint a candidate, so Monroe ran basically unopposed.
Level 88
Oct 28, 2019
Presumably an election where the people went and "voted" for President even though legally only 538 people in the United States are allowed to vote for President.
Level 88
Oct 28, 2019
Also interesting to note that Johnson won the biggest popular percentage margin and 4 years later announced he would not run because he knew he probably would be voted out. The '60s changed everything during his presidency.
Level 83
Nov 29, 2021
newname: are you implying that there was no popular vote by non-electoral-college members held in those earlier elections? That's not accurate. In 1800, for example, Thomas Jefferson got 45,467 votes to John Adams' 29,621, by the popular vote. Or 60.5% to 39.4%. The electoral college vote that year was considerably closer - Jefferson won 73 to 65, carrying every state except for New Jersey and the New England states.
Level 62
Jan 5, 2018
not enough time. needs at least another minute.
Level 4
May 8, 2018
I got 22 out of. 26
Level 58
Jan 27, 2020
Pretty sure Washington got the highest % of popular vote
Level 43
Mar 22, 2020
There was no popular vote until I believe 1828
Level 77
Jan 31, 2021
AAARRRGGHHHGHHH The only one I missed was Monticello.
Level 73
Nov 29, 2021
Maybe it was a different quiz, but I think I left comments here before discussing which candidate truly received the highest percentage of the popular vote (and I don't think it's Johnson).
Level 46
Nov 29, 2021
I MISSED TAFT BY A SECOND UGHHHHHHHH Can you please extend time by a minute?
Level 68
Nov 30, 2021
Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe had higher percentages of the popular vote. Washington ran unopposed and Monroe essentially did also. The correct answer should be Washington or the wording of the question needs to be changed.