Quiz on the Year 1998

Can you answer these questions about things that happened in the year 1998?
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Last updated: December 23, 2019
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First submittedDecember 27, 2017
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What country won the FIFA World Cup, defeating Brazil 3-0?
Who did Bill Clinton deny having sexual relations with?
Monica Lewinsky
What city's Petronas Towers became the tallest buildings in the world?
Kuala Lumpur
Who was elected President of Venezuela?
Hugo Chávez
What tech company became the largest corporation in the world by market value?
What country tested nuclear weapons for the first time?
What event was hosted in Nagano, Japan?
The Winter Olympics
Who sang "...Baby One More Time"?
Britney Spears
What word in the title of the first "Harry Potter" book was changed
for its American release?
(changed to Sorcerer's)
On what religious holiday was a peace accord signed in Northern Ireland?
Good Friday
What company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin?
What WWII movie starred Tom Hanks and Matt Damon?
Saving Private Ryan
What Major League player hit 70 home runs, breaking Roger Maris's
single season record?
Mark McGwire
Who did Victoria Adams become engaged to?
David Beckham
What "Candle in the Wind" singer was knighted by Queen Elizabeth?
Elton John
What model of computer was released by Apple?
What TV show about "nothing" aired its final episode?
What country got its first new leader in 31 years, following the resignation of Suharto?
Level 62
Dec 27, 2017
Doesn't accept "philosopher" as an answer.
Level 74
Dec 27, 2017
Interesting to know what the 7% who got it right typed, as it doesn't accept philosophers or sorcerors
Level ∞
Dec 27, 2017
Fixed, sorry about that.
Level 66
Feb 6, 2018
I just figured out that all the answers are listed in the source code for the page, so if you want to cheat, its pretty easy.
Level 69
Dec 27, 2017
I couldn't figure out how to spell McGwire. I tried McGuire first.
Level 63
Dec 29, 2017
Me too.
Level 59
Dec 28, 2017
Time races by. Seems like some of these were like yesterday.....
Level 71
Dec 29, 2017
Show about nothing? Got the other 17 straight off, not a bloody clue about that though
Level 85
Jan 20, 2018
Nice quiz, except for that baseball player that no one knows about.
Level 67
Feb 6, 2018
In the US, that was a huge story. The whole country was rapt by the chase to catch that record. The home run record is generally seen as the most impressive single-player achievement in American sports. But I imagine people in countries where baseball is not popular would not have heard a word about. Besides, it later came out that McGwire was using illegal steroids to break the record, and his record was broken just a few years later by another guy...who was also using illegal steroids.
Level 74
Feb 6, 2018
Yup - it was widely recognized that the home run race in '98 did much to resuscitate baseball after the '94 debacle. "Chicks dig the long ball" was MLB's slogan and the brass turned a very willful blind eye to what was going on (MLB owners and broadcasters very much dug the long ball too). I think something like 11 of the 17 highest single-season home run totals came between '98 and '01. Feel free to correct me. And in the aftermath, the narrative quickly became that it was all the players' fault, while the owners begged for - and generally got - hundreds of millions in public subsidies for new stadiums (which the team owners would own) to go with their new, and massively increased, tv deals.
Level 78
Feb 6, 2018
And in the rest of the world, the story had absolutely no relevance. You could as well ask for some Indian cricket player or a Japanese sumo match. I'm sure that you'd find stories that were huge there in 2014. But those kind of local stories should be omitted from tests like this one. They are worse for it.
Level 74
Feb 6, 2018
That race to the record by McGwire and Sosa was often featured in the sports news in New Zealand.
Level 74
Feb 6, 2018
I certainly remember coverage in the UK. Maybe not huge, but still enough for a baseball denier like me to remember. I'm limited to McGwire, Sosa, Bonds, Ruth, DiMaggio & Gehrig, and a few others I've picked up whilst doing these quizzes.
Level 49
Feb 6, 2018
Agreed. There is always a US sports question that no one outside of one single country knows the answer to. Never heard of Mr/Mrs McGwire.
Level 83
Feb 6, 2018
When you say "no one knows"... you're (like Trump) really saying that YOU don't know, correct?
Level 70
Feb 7, 2018
You say there is always a question about it? Might be worth learning a little about them then.

They often come up in pub quizzes in the UK so can be a good source of points as well as enjoying some good sports (especially baseball)

Level 59
Feb 13, 2018
I'm British and we don't get much baseball coverage here, and yet McGwire's record was reported on over here.
Level 83
Feb 6, 2018
Don't give a crap about baseball, Harry Potter, or most television sitcoms. Still an easy 100%
Level 86
Feb 6, 2018
As a European, I only missed the baseball question
Level 25
Feb 8, 2018
Mac should be accepted as well.
Level 83
Apr 15, 2018
US sports is one area where my general knowledge is almost entirely lacking, at least for those sports that are primarily played in the US. Give me a question about Serena Williams, Michael Phelps or Tim Howard and I'll be fine.
Level 68
Aug 19, 2022
Okay, so there’s a quiz about 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001 and now 2002. But where’s 1999?