This Day in History - September

Can you guess these things that happened in the month of September?
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Last updated: August 20, 2020
First submittedSeptember 9, 2012
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Sep 1
Germany invades this country, considered the beginning of WWII
Sep 2
Ho Chi Minh declares the independence of this country
Sep 3
This tiny country is founded on Monte Titano, making it the oldest
republic on Earth (at least according to legend)
San Marino
Sep 4
This television star is killed by a stingray
Steve Irwin
Sep 5
This city's "Great Fire" comes to end. The official death toll is only 6.
Sep 6
This President is shot by anarchist Leon Czolgosz
William McKinley
Sep 7
Desmond Tutu becomes Anglican archbishop in this country
South Africa
Sep 8
This politician is pardoned by Gerald Ford
Richard Nixon
Sep 9
This woman is crowned "Queen of Scots"
Mary Stuart
Sep 10
Abebe Bikila sets a new world record at this event - without shoes
Sep 11
Terrorists destroy the World Trade Center in this city
New York City
Sep 12
Jacqueline Bouvier marries this politician
John F. Kennedy
Sep 13
This rapper is killed in Las Vegas
Tupac Shakur
Sep 14
This actress, the Princess of Monaco, dies in a car accident
Grace Kelly
Sep 15
U.S. forces land at Inchon, considered a turning point of this war
Korean War
Sep 16
This Pilgrim ship begins its voyage to America
The Mayflower
Sep 17
This fighter ace records his first of 80 aerial victories
Manfred von
Sep 18
This "country" votes not to become independent
Sep 19
New Zealand becomes the first country to grant these
people the right to vote
Sep 20
Saladin beseiges this city, taking it about two weeks later
Sep 21
This J.R.R. Tolkien book is published
The Hobbit
Sep 22
Iraq invades this country, launching the deadliest war of the 1980s
Sep 23
Juan Perón returns to power in this country
Sep 24
Camp Nou, the largest stadium in Europe, opens in this city
Sep 25
Vasco Núñez de Balboa crosses this isthmus, becoming the first
European to see the Pacific coast of the Americas
Isthmus of Panama
Sep 26
This English sea captain finishes his circumnavigation of the globe
Francis Drake
Sep 27
This militant Islamist faction captures Kabul
Sep 28
Alexander Fleming discovers this miracle drug
Sep 29
At a conference in this city, European leaders agree to let Germany
annex part of Czechoslovakia
Sep 30
This young movie star dies in a car crash
James Dean
Level 69
Sep 9, 2012
Gah! More time! :o
Level 66
Mar 1, 2013
English sea captain as in stinking thief pirate you mean...
Level 62
Sep 1, 2015
Haha I'm pretty sure the two were often interchangeable back in the day
Level 71
Sep 2, 2015
Look up Vasco da Gama and the 'Pilgrim Ship Incident' if you think Drake was a baddy.
Level 87
Sep 2, 2018
Not one to complain nor sympathize with the U.S.- or Anglo-centric complainers, but Drake is a little less important in the early circumnavigators club. William Adams was a far more fascinating early Briton in the Far East.
Level 63
Feb 2, 2020
Conquerer, not thief. Mongolia has lots of things named after Genghis Khan
Level 61
Aug 21, 2020
A great hero to all humanity. The queen referred to him as "My Dear Pyrate."
Level 73
Sep 1, 2021
I'm not sure "all humanity" is correct - wasn't he pretty important in the establishing of the slave trade?
Level 76
Dec 21, 2020
He was a sea captain no doubt. 'Stinking' and 'thief' and 'pirate' are rather subjective.
Level 90
Apr 28, 2014
whew, thought of the taliban with 10 seconds left...
Level 72
Sep 2, 2021
This surprised me until I saw it wasn't written in 2021.
Level 44
Sep 1, 2015
Poor September
Level 64
Sep 3, 2015
Lots of war and death.....
Level 67
Sep 1, 2018
When you type in every city in Germany and Europe you can think of but miss Munich.
Level 45
Feb 16, 2019
right? i typed in like 20 cities but for some reason i always forget munich
Level 60
Sep 1, 2018
September 15, 1950, please correct the spelling of Incheon.
Level 87
Sep 2, 2018
That was long the correct spelling, i.e., the one that matches the way everyone's gonna pronounce it anyway. It was the spelling in 1950, still should be.
Level 65
Sep 1, 2018
I forgot The Mayflower....
Level 47
Sep 1, 2018
Ah, I missed it too. I didn't even see the question!
Level 28
Sep 1, 2018
where is the independence of chile?
Level 52
Sep 1, 2018
Level 51
May 3, 2020
27% people know Munich Conference? What a shame.
Level 87
Aug 21, 2020
59% now.
Level 83
Aug 20, 2020
It seems to me that New Zealand was no more of a country in 1893 than Wyoming was, and the latter had women's suffrage written into its constitution.
Level 81
Aug 20, 2020
You have a spelling mistake. The city in South Korea is Incheon with an "E," not Inchon.
Level ∞
Aug 20, 2020
The spelling is correct based on the time period:

Level 61
Aug 21, 2020
WTG, Quizmo!
Level 80
Aug 20, 2020
Battles usually keep the historical names of places.
Level 73
Aug 21, 2020
Nit-pick alert: 'independent' is spelt incorrectly for the Scotland question.
Level ∞
Aug 21, 2020
Level 36
Aug 22, 2020
What did you mean by "Country" it literally is a country, it's in a union of four countries, it's not debated, Scotland IS a country.
Level 73
Aug 27, 2020
kephalos5, as you've hijacked my comment to make this slightly aggressive remark, I'll reply. Whether or not you can call Scotland a country isn't nearly as clear cut as you make out. If your definition of 'country' is 'sovereign state' (a perfectly reasonable definition, benefiting from precision and clarity), then Scotland isn't a country. If you have a looser definition, then perhaps Scotland is a country. I happen to fall into the latter camp (i.e. I agree with you), and would happily defend this position, but I can't expect the Quizmaster to kowtow to my definition, and neither can you. It's semantics, hence it is almost inevitably debatable.
Level 81
Aug 21, 2020
Minor suggestion - "Baron von Richthofen" was in my mind and it does not accept. I checked afterward and Wikipedia includes that as one of his monikers.
Level ∞
Aug 21, 2020
Level 71
Aug 21, 2020
In September 1978, the band Earth, Wind & Fire record the song "September". "Do you remember...". LOL! Great quiz! ⭐
Level 69
Jul 18, 2021
the death of the young movie star in the last question was forecasted only days before by Alec Guinness in a premonition. he tried to warn the actor (no spoilers for the quiz) that if he drove his new car again something terrible would happen but the actor reasonably assumed guinness was out of his mind and paid no heed. dead a few days later.
Level 72
Sep 1, 2021
Dang I can't believe the Taliban captured Kabul in '96. Good thing that could never happen again.
Level 66
Sep 1, 2021
History is like poetry; it rhymes
Level 72
Sep 1, 2021
Lol 'This "country" votes not to become independent' feels a bit passive aggressive 😂 Zing
Level 69
Sep 1, 2021
The percentage correct numbers are sometimes interesting. Tupac at 81% versus Mayflower at 73% stood out to me. But mostly because I couldn't think of Tupac.
Level 75
Sep 2, 2021
Agreed, I often find those percentages surprising. A lot of the time, I think these differences can be explained by the varying countries Jetpunk users come from. I'd probably expect more Americans to know about the Mayflower than about Tupac, but it's possible that the Mayflower is not as well-known outside the United States.