Shared First Names #2

We give you the last names of 3 famous people. Guess the first name they share.
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Last updated: December 2, 2019
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First submittedMarch 10, 2013
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Last Names
First Name
Simon, Newman, Revere
Hunt, Keller, Mirren
Hathaway, Boleyn, Heche
Armstrong, Pasteur, L'Amour
Turing, Thicke, Rickman
Ford, Kissinger, Mancini
Stone, Osbourne, Tate
Graham, Mills, Locklear
Curie, Trudeau, Salinger
Marx, Rove, Malone
Darwin, Dickens, Manson
Joyce, Dean, Franco
McKinley, Faulkner, Wallace
Kennedy, Nugent, Bundy
Miller, Ashe, Rimbaud
Last Names
First Name
Bennett, Hawk, Curtis
Kesey, Jennings, Griffey
Sinatra, Ocean, Zappa
Hawking, Colbert, King
Bacon, Crick, Drake
Aaron, Williams, Azaria
Crawford, Rivers, Cusack
Louis, Namath, Pesci
Twain, Zuckerburg, Wahlberg
Joel, Crystal, Graham
Oldman, Coleman, Busey
Seinfeld, Garcia, Lewis
Connery, Penn, Lennon
Field, Struthers, Ride
Stone, Watson, Thompson
Level 91
May 21, 2013
100% with 3:16 left. :)
Level 58
Jan 23, 2017
I was close...100% with 3:09 left.
Level 77
May 21, 2013
Easy, but fun.
Level 27
May 21, 2013
The classics, a hundred percent Genesis&Serenity-free
Level 47
May 23, 2013
I kept on typing Kevin for the one that said bacon
Level 73
Oct 18, 2020
Me too. It's the only name I knew of that went with Bacon and I didn't know the others.
Level 51
Apr 28, 2014
didnt know ANY of the arthurs or kens.
Level 37
May 4, 2014
Arthur Ashe was essentially the Jackie Robinson of tennis. Ken Griffey (Sr. and Jr.) were both famous Cincinnati Reds baseball players. Those were the only ones of each I knew.
Level 48
Jun 3, 2014
Ken Griffey Jr was a famous Seattle Mariners player.
Level 89
Oct 27, 2014
@burntfrost - He began his career and gained fame playing for the Mariners but he also played for the Reds for 9 years, so it's fair to say that he was a famous Reds player as well.
Level 65
Jul 5, 2015
Ken Kesey wrote "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and Ken Jennings is the Jeopardy guy. Arthur Miller was a playwright and was married to Marylin Monroe.
Level 67
Nov 1, 2021
Ken Jennings is (one of) the best Jeopardy players. He won $2.5 Million over 74 episodes.
Level 91
Nov 1, 2014
To be accurate, The Griffeys' first name is George, Kenneth is their middle name, so you either need to add a statement about commonly used as first names or remove Griffey from the list.
Level 91
Dec 29, 2022
So, is this not going to be fixed?
Level 42
May 16, 2015
Nice quiz, I was pleased to get 20 with 1.22 to spare.
Level 56
Oct 17, 2015
Nice quiz. Maybe should be one of those where you have to answer questions in turn, (or some cheating folk might just randomly type names!!)
Level 69
Nov 13, 2016
This test is a weeeeeensy bit testosterone-heavy, dontcha think? There's gotta be more famous women who share first names.
Level ∞
Jan 26, 2017
Maybe you can suggest one (not too obscure).
Level 66
Mar 28, 2019
Emily Bronte, Dickinson, Blunt

Charlotte Bronte, Rampling, Gainsbourg

Rosa Parks, Luxemburg, Salazar

Mary Wollstonecraft, Magdalene, Shelley

Margaret Thatcher, Fuller, Atwood, Cho

Susan B.Anthony, Boyle, Sarandon

Catherine/Katherine Bell, Deneuve, De Medici, Hepburn, Heigl, Zeta-Jones, The Great^^

Kate Middleton, Mara, Moss, Beckinsale, Bosworth, Hudson, McKinnon...

Audrey Hepburn, Tautou, Munson

Jessica Alba, Biel, Simpson, Chastain

Jane Austen, Goodall, Fonda

Hillary Clinton, Swank, Duff

Jennifer Lopez, Aniston, Lawrence, Garner, Connely, Love Hewitt, Coolidge...

Just some suggestions I hope not too obscure^^

Level 78
Feb 4, 2021
Some great suggestions there - almost enough for a new quiz...
Level 78
Oct 15, 2021
Yeah, there's nothing stopping you from making a 3rd quiz, y'know. But I guess it's easier not to.
Level 55
Jan 29, 2017
Nice quiz! there's a typo in Mark ZuckerbErg's name.
Level 82
Jun 28, 2018
Zuckerberg is still misspelt
Level 71
Jan 15, 2020
Two cases people so famous I have never heard of any of the three:

Kesey, Jennings, Griffey:

Field, Struthers, Ride

Level 58
Apr 21, 2021
I only got Ken Griffey from The Simpsons, and Sally Struthers from South Park
Level 54
Jun 28, 2021
Sally Field is an academy award winning actress who gave the "You like me..." speech when she won for "Norma Rae", she was also the "Flying Nun" and played "Forrest Gump's" mama.
Level 82
Jan 16, 2022
Sally Ride was the first American woman to travel to space, and the one of the youngest astronaut to go to space. And per Wikipedia, she is also one of the first LGBT people to go to space!

Although admittedly she's probably better known in the USA than in other countries

Level 48
Oct 13, 2022
Thought more people would've gotten pierre.
Level 57
May 15, 2023
I tried marie first
Level 57
May 15, 2023
Is it sad that I tried gerald first for the ford one?
Level 43
Dec 31, 2023
for curie, salinger, trudeau i kept trying justin because it's so close to fitting 2/3 of them? justin trudeau, j.d salinger
Level 44
Mar 27, 2024
exactly omg