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Fill the blanks in the these famous quotes from "The Simpsons".
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Last updated: September 4, 2018
First submittedAugust 8, 2012
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Who Said It
Eat my shorts!
Smell ya later
Comic Book Guy
Worst... episode... ever
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers
Mr. Burns
Release the hounds
Thank you, come again
Groundskeeper Willie
Bonjourrrrrrrrr, yah cheese-eatin' surrender monkeys!
Duffman is thrusting in the direction of the problem
Radioactive Man
My eyes! The goggles do nothing!
Groundskeeper Willie
Lunchlady Doris, have ya got any grease? ... Then grease me up woman!
Everything's coming up Milhouse!
If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my room
Here's to alcohol, the cause of - and solution to - all life's problems
Me fail English? That's unpossible
Kent Brockman
I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords
Poster in Nelson's room
Nuke the whales
You don't win friends with salad
Don't have a cow, man
Level 59
Aug 30, 2012
100% in one minute lol.
Level 14
Mar 11, 2016
i forgot most of these, though i got nuke the whales... That one i actually remembered.
Level 86
Nov 27, 2018
Ya gotta nuke something!
Level 50
Jul 3, 2022
Yep, if you are a country with nukes, you gotta nuke atleast a place like the moon
Level 29
May 18, 2016
got all with 2:50 left. Probably could have finished quicker if I knew how to type :/
Level 66
Jul 5, 2016
Done in 1 minute!!!
Level 55
Nov 23, 2016
I think you should change "Radioactive Man" to "Rainier Wolfcastle," because he was out of character when he said that.
Level 44
Feb 10, 2017
Got all of them except for surrender monkeys, but on 2nd try I got 100%
Level 48
Oct 10, 2017
Super Nintendo Chalmers is one of the best lines ever. Ralph has so many. I don't see any Krusty either. A great quiz would be all the times Homer drooled and said, "mmmm ___________" one of my favorites is "Open faced club sand wedge" when he's on the golf course.
Level 48
Jan 15, 2018
The Comic Book Guy quote is used some much today, I can never remember the original
Level 67
Nov 27, 2018
It's from the episode where they add Poochy to the Itchy & Scratchy Show. He is commenting on Poochy's debut.
Level 77
Mar 22, 2018
Gotta nuke something
Level 27
Jul 17, 2018
Who said you don’t make friends with salad: Bart or Homer?
Level 73
Nov 27, 2018
Homer. Bart turned it into the song.
Level 67
Nov 27, 2018
Homer first, then Bart joined in for a conga line chant.
Level 57
Nov 28, 2018
I missed 5. That's unpossible!
Level 58
Nov 28, 2018
I wrote ''overlord'' :(
Level 49
Feb 24, 2020
I'm surprised so few people got "You don't win friends with salad"
Level 70
Feb 24, 2020
Accepting the grammatically correct version of Ralph's quote totally undermines the reason why it's a memorable quote. If only people would stop whining about having type-ins...
Level 40
Sep 16, 2020
Hi everybody!
Level 58
Feb 2, 2021
"If anyone wants me, I'll be in my room"

"What kind of catchphrase is that?"

Level 57
Mar 4, 2021
Me fail this quiz? That's unpossible!
Level 16
Feb 16, 2022
one of my friends just got in school suspension for calling our french based english teacher (ironic, i know) a cheese eating surrender monkey and i literally couldnot stop laughing.