Simpsons Trivia Quiz #1

Answer these Simpsons trivia questions.
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Last updated: December 6, 2019
First submittedAugust 28, 2012
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What does Homer sell his
soul for?
A Donut
Who is a slack-jawed yokel?
Who tries to kill Bart?
Sideshow Bob
Who is the town drunk?
What comic book character says
"up and atom?"
Radioactive Man
Who is Mr. Burns assistant?
Who is Lisa's teacher?
Miss Hoover
Who is Marge's prom date?
Artie Ziff
What real-life person is
Drederick Tatum based on
Mike Tyson
What pop singer rescues Bart
from the well?
Who owns the convenience store?
What gets whacked on whacking day?
What is Patty and Selma's favorite show?
What breed of dog is Santa's Little Helper?
What does Homer say that means
the opposite of "D'oh!"
Where is Groundskeeper Willie from?
What is the redneck version of Duff beer?
What secret society does Homer join?
The Stonecutters
What real estate agent is #1
on the West Side?
Cookie Kwan
What instrument does Lisa play?
Level ∞
Aug 28, 2012
Level 59
Sep 18, 2012
100% again. :)
Level 28
Sep 18, 2012
What does Homer say that means

the opposite of "D'oh!" should also accept a variation of "mmmmm"

Level 29
Nov 28, 2012
I love how 'North Kilt Town' is an acceptable answer :)
Level 36
May 8, 2021
No Foolin'! I'm from North Kilt Town!
Level 58
Aug 8, 2013
Clearly by looking at pictures you can tell that Lisa plays a Baritone Saxophone, not the tenor. Also, it can be heard to be a baritone sax during almost all the opening scenes of her playing as she exists the band hall.
Level 55
May 22, 2014
You sound just like my husband.
Level 58
Apr 21, 2015
The Bari Sax is the only sax to have the signature "loop" at the top of the neck, just like the one Lisa plays, where the saxophone goes up above the top key, curves back down, and then curves back up again before straightening out before the mouth piece. (The Bass Sax also has a "loop" at the top of the neck but it is obviously not a bass sax). The tenor sax just has a slight "wave" to the neck.

A tenor has the mouthpiece almost in line with the top of the body of the sax. Lisa's has the mouthpiece much further down from the top of the body of the sax. Google some pictures people.

Level 58
Apr 21, 2015
Also, there's this:'s_saxophone

Level 73
May 31, 2015
According to Matt Groening "...she doesn't always play a baritone sax because the animators don't know what it looks like, so it changes shape and color from show to show."

Level 58
Oct 29, 2016
From Lisa's Wikipedia:

"Lisa plays the baritone saxophone, and some episodes use that as a plot device. According to Matt Groening, the baritone saxophone was chosen because he found the thought of an eight-year-old girl playing it amusing."

Why does the answer still say tenor saxophone Quizmaster?

Level ∞
Oct 30, 2016
Finally fixed!
Level 54
Jul 14, 2017
Wow i bet you're a hoot at parties!!
Level 13
Mar 7, 2014
Just Artie should be accepted. I tried that, and it didn't work.
Level 55
May 22, 2014
I like how all these questions are from the '90s when I actually watched the show.
Level 66
Apr 9, 2015
Killed it!
Level 77
May 31, 2015
I've never watched the Simpsons so my score of 2 is more than I expected. When I saw the last question I thought I had another one with Atom Ant from the Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel show. He always said, "Up and at 'em, Atom Ant!" The radioactive guy seems to have stolen the line from the Hanna-Barbera character.
Level 12
May 31, 2015
Thought Artie would've accepted, wasn't realizing it wanted his last name!
Level ∞
Jun 1, 2015
Artie will work now.
Level 21
Jun 12, 2015
100% I am so smart, I am so smart S,M,R,T..I mean S,M,A,R,T
Level 78
Oct 5, 2016
Up and at them!
Level 18
Nov 11, 2019
Up and lets go.
Level 18
Nov 11, 2019
It would not let me add Saxamaphone. 0/10
Level 69
Jun 3, 2021
*sigh* I was so sure it was either Kleetus or Cleetus.