Six Degrees of Separation - People in History #2

Can you guess each person in history who is connected to the previous answer?
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Last updated: April 15, 2024
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The President of the U.S. at the start of WWII was...
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Who, in 1939, received a letter signed by this physicist about the
potential for nuclear weapons...
Albert Einstein
Whose theory of relativity added some exceptions to the
"Three Laws of Motion" formulated by...
Isaac Newton
Whose work was funded by this comet namesake...
Edmond Halley
Whose comet marked the birth (1835) and death (1910) of this
famous American author...
Mark Twain
Who wrote a book about a "Connecticut Yankee" at the court of this
legendary Brittanic king...
King Arthur
The singer who recorded "Rocket Man" is...
Elton John
Who dedicated his song "Candle in the Wind" to this actress...
Marilyn Monroe
Who was painted by this pop artist...
Andy Warhol
Who, shortly before his death, made 100 variations of this artist's
"The Last Supper"...
Leonardo da Vinci
Who was supported by this King of France, the first of his name...
Francis I
Who wrestled, and beat, this English king
Henry VIII
The dictator of Cuba from 1959–2011 was...
Fidel Castro
Who was friends with this beret-wearing revolutionary...
Che Guevara
Who was executed in the country named for...
Simón Bolivar
Who is considered the Latin American version of this U.S. leader...
George Washington
Who appears on Mount Rushmore next to...
Thomas Jefferson
Who helped this French nobleman write "The Declaration of
the Rights of Man"
Marquis de Lafayette
The first leader of the Mongol Empire was...
Genghis Khan
Who was the grandfather of this Chinese ruler...
Kublai Khan
Whose court was visited by this Italian explorer...
Marco Polo
Whose voyages inspired this fellow Italian...
Christopher Columbus
Whose voyages were sponsored by Castile, led by queen...
Isabella I
Who, in 1475, married...
Ferdinand II
Level 78
Apr 20, 2024
These quizzes are always fun!
Level 79
Apr 21, 2024
Love the picture of James Burke. That takes me back...
Level 85
Apr 21, 2024
Thanks for the shout-out pic of James Burke!

Those who aren't familiar should look up his series from the late 1970s, "Connections."

Level 90
Apr 21, 2024
Happy to see the James Burke love in the comments!
Level 80
Apr 22, 2024
Loved James Burke's Connections as a kid.
Level 77
Apr 22, 2024
"I helped Lafayette draft a declaration then i said i gotta go...I got to be in the work at home begins."

Thanks Hamilton :-)

Level 77
Apr 22, 2024
Please accept Francois for the French king. That was his name (Francois premier)
Level 50
May 16, 2024
Definitely. You can't say Francois is wrong unless you specify the English spelling. Gotta say though, a degree of separation is for people who have a relationship. You can't have a relationship with a comet.
Level 73
May 16, 2024
But the comet's namesake was a person.
Level 86
May 16, 2024
Level 75
May 17, 2024
I agree, I missed this one because I tried Francois instead of Francis.
Level 72
May 16, 2024
Could you go easy on us and accept misspellings of Halley like "Haley" and "Hailie"
Level 60
May 16, 2024
Great quiz idea, well made!
Level 58
May 16, 2024
Could you make Arthur an accepted spelling?
Level 48
May 16, 2024
I would caution the use of subjective terms like 'dictator' re: Castro. Not stating any personal opinion, it can just be fodder for ugly debate.
Level 65
May 17, 2024
Great quiz! Maybe you could accept Francois I, as well as Francis I.
Level 55
May 25, 2024
Have to salute the captain, James Burke o/