Song Title Vocabulary

The answers are all one-word song titles. Name the word, based on its definition and the musical act that recorded the song.
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Last updated: October 24, 2019
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First submittedJune 13, 2013
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Musical Act
Luminous ring around an angel's head
Olivia Newton-John
Pertaining to the body
Bruno Mars
Small explosive device designed for throwing
Avril Lavigne
Not simple
Lady Gaga
People who photograph celebrities
Fleetwood Mac
Natural disaster caused by erosion
Michael Jackson
A suspenseful movie
Stevie Wonder
Belief that is not based on reason or science
Nicki Minaj
Space-faring vehicles
Gnarls Barkley
The prevailing fashion or style
Places where two roads intersect
Alanis Morissette
Having a contextual meaning opposite of the literal meaning
Isaac Hayes
What an elevator moves within
Black Sabbath
Showing severe and irrational distrust and suspicion
Carole King
Decorative cloth usually hung on a wall
Rodgers & Hammerstein
White, alpine flower
Long, silver, sharp-toothed fish
To move slowly and stealthily
Duran Duran
Level 77
Jul 14, 2013
Never knew what an Edelweiss I do. Cool.
Level 45
Jul 24, 2013
95% got Lady GaGa and only 39% got Black Sabbath? I don't wanna live on this planet anymore!
Level 34
Jul 24, 2013
The clue was a little tough - if it had been "The irrational belief that everyone is out to get you" I'm sure its score would be higher... similarly if the Lady Gaga clue were "Ron Galella,"
Level 12
Jan 14, 2015
Well, now it's at 33%.
Level 76
Jan 11, 2016
I've never even heard of the Lady Gaga song before, but I still got it right...
Level 78
Jan 14, 2016
Agreed. I'm a big Black Sabbath fan, so I obviously had no problem with that one... I've never heard of the Lady Gaga song, but I was able to guess it just based on the clue.
Level 22
Sep 8, 2017
Never listened to Black Sabbath or Gaga. Both crap music to me. But Gaga's right cause the clue was easy
Level 36
Oct 15, 2017
"look at me my music taste is so superior"
Level 67
Sep 28, 2019
yea and it has nothing to with the fact that one song is 50 years old and the other is 10 years old..
Level 89
Dec 14, 2019
You sound paranoid.
Level 74
Jul 24, 2013
Good descriptions. I only new about 2/3, but I was able to get all but one based on the clues.
Level 75
Jan 11, 2016
Same here. I'd only heard six of the songs, but got all but Morissette's song from the clues. How ironic.
Level 55
Nov 8, 2022
I don't know whether to be more disappointed or impressed haha
Level 66
Jul 24, 2013
Had same problem as briancioffi even though all my tries started with "e" -- never thought of his last two attempts!
Level 69
May 24, 2014
CarolE King. Great quizz ;)
Level ∞
Sep 7, 2015
Level 65
Jan 11, 2016
100% with 2:32 remaining. Fun quiz!
Level 21
Jan 14, 2016
Can you allow "Starship" also, other than just "Starships"
Level 82
Jan 7, 2019
That tripped me up, too, though I was just guessing randomly.
Level ∞
Oct 24, 2019
Level 54
Oct 15, 2017
I put paranoia instead of paranoid :/
Level 79
Dec 14, 2019
It says 'Showing severe and irrational distrust and suspicion', which means it's looking for an adjective, not a noun.
Level 75
Jul 11, 2018
A landslide is a form of erosion, not a result of erosion.
Level 82
Jan 7, 2019
Level 67
Dec 14, 2019
Yea, in elementary terms; stuff slides down because there is no grip anymore. (Due to erosion)
Level 79
Dec 14, 2019
Actually it could be both.
Level 89
Dec 14, 2019
It didn't accept papapaparazzi.
Level 94
Dec 17, 2020
regarding Stevie Wonder clue: he also sang "Faith" which IMHO fits with the definition (although being probably less "canon" for SW). Can you accept it as a solution?
Level 82
Jun 11, 2022
To be honest, I barely looked at the artists. The clues give you all the info you need.
Level 66
Nov 8, 2022
Shoutout to everyone else who guessed corporeal.