Songs with Animals in the Title #1

The missing words in these song titles are all animals. See if you can guess them.
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Last updated: August 28, 2018
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First submittedJuly 31, 2010
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Musical Act
Steve Miller Band
Fly Like An Eagle
Baha Men
Who Let The Dogs Out
Beastie Boys
Brass Monkey
Mary Had A Little Lamb
How Much Is That Doggie
In The Window?
Eye Of The Tiger
The Trashmen
Surfin' Bird
Culture Club
Karma Chameleon
Ted Nugent
Cat Scratch Fever
Bob Marley
Buffalo Soldier
Musical Act
The Beatles
I Am The Walrus
When Doves Cry
Duran Duran
Hungry Like The Wolf
A Horse With No Name
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer
The Tokens
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Elton John
Crocodile Rock
Black Sabbath
War Pigs
Three Blind Mice
The Beatles
Rocky Raccoon
Level 46
Apr 16, 2013
>.< I did pig instead of pigs.


Level 82
Jul 13, 2014
Yeah, that's a problem. It should take singular, especially when you're talking about words out of Ozzie's mouth.
Level ∞
Sep 25, 2015
Good point @Packerswin14. Pig singular will work now.
Level 70
Nov 29, 2015
I had the same problem in reverse with "wolf." I swore the title was "Hungry Like the Wolves."
Level 35
Jun 4, 2016
The quiz says 'TITLE'

The title is 'PIGS'

just sayin'

Level 76
Apr 25, 2013
never heard of Surfin' it by pure luck. I'm surprised that War Pigs is so low. I'm guessing more people have heard the song, but just didn't know the name of it.
Level 62
Apr 25, 2013
ha ba ba ba bird bird bird. bird is the word!
Level 39
Apr 25, 2013
You must not watch Family Guy! (Only reason I know that song hahah)
Level 59
Nov 3, 2016
Everybody knows that the bird is the word...bird bird bird...bird is the word! (Featured as Peter Griffin's favorite song.)
Level 53
Nov 19, 2022
I can hear the whole song in my head

Ozzie is underrated as a singer and a human.

Level 21
Jul 22, 2013
How come so little got rocky raccoon?
Level 66
Jul 3, 2015
Uninformed young whippersnappers.
Level 44
Nov 29, 2015
I'm not a fan of the Beatles. the only reason I knew it was because I remembered it from a comment thread on facebook from last week.
Level 57
Nov 29, 2015
Rocky Raccoon is my two-year-old's favorite song :D
Level 32
Aug 1, 2018
Because I prefer Journey, Foreigner, etc. :P
Level 1
Aug 16, 2013
How much is that doggie in the window

The one with the waggle tail


I'm not old or anything just into old stuff. (Antiques) Only 12

Level 76
Nov 29, 2015
That one was even before my time, and I'm old enough to be your grandmother.
Level 40
Jul 3, 2022
Same! I've got a mysteriuos bottle...
Level 16
Dec 22, 2013
Forgot the h in chameleon :( I got 15 which is ok
Level 20
Jan 18, 2014
I also put pig and didn't accept it.
Level 45
Feb 19, 2014
Can you add Rockin' Robin to the list?
Level 36
Mar 3, 2014
Just did another quiz where a Bob Dylan song was at only 11% and this one a Beatles song at 29%. This is not right.
Level 20
Jan 7, 2015
20/20 first try. P.S: I listen to a lot of music lol :D
Level 77
Mar 3, 2015
Should have used Surfin' Cow instead.
Level 20
May 15, 2016
Had Eagle Rock in my head, so I couldn't get Crocodile Rock.
Level 81
Jun 27, 2018
DJ BoBo - Chihuahua is missing :P
Level 84
Jan 8, 2019
March of the Pigs



Level 32
Jun 30, 2019
All I could think was fraggle rock...
Level 59
Jul 17, 2019
Missed 3.
Level 59
Jul 17, 2019
Rocky Raccoon is such an underrated song. Inspired the creation of Rocket Raccoon in Marvel.
Level 75
Sep 2, 2021
It's terrible, even for McCartney.
Level 20
Dec 4, 2019
How bout the itsy bitsy spider
Level 55
Jan 2, 2023
a ba ba bird bird bird, ba birds the word