South American Physical Geography

Guess these answers that pertain to the physical geography of South America.
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Last updated: December 5, 2019
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First submittedJanuary 19, 2015
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Longest mountain range
Longest rivers
Highest waterfall
Angel Falls
Biggest waterfall by flow rate
Iguazú Falls
Driest desert
Highest mountain
Archipelago 560 miles west
of Ecuador
Archipelago 300 miles east of
southern Argentina
Falkland Islands
Rio de Janeiro peak
that resembles a gumdrop
Archipelago at the southern tip
of the continent
Tierra del Fuego
Southernmost point of the above
Cape Horn
Strait connecting the Atlantic and Pacific
Strait of Magellan
Sea north of Venezuela and Colombia
Caribbean Sea
Major beaches of Rio de Janeiro
Fertile grassland area of Uruguay,
Argentina, and southern Brazil
The Pampas
Region comprised of southern
Argentina and Chile
Term for a mesa of Venezuela
Large lagoon of Venezuela
Lake Maracaibo
Level 76
Jan 21, 2015
This physical geography series is great, thanks! One toughie in each of them (I blame the Venezuelan mesa here) has been enough to keep me off 100% :( One small detail here - the Galapagos clue might better read ".. west of mainland Ecuador", because the islands are part of Ecuador as well.
Level 87
Apr 12, 2015
You should accept Iguassu, the Spanish word for Iguazu (Brazilian Portuguese).
Level 25
Jun 22, 2015
Iguazu is the Spanish word?

Because Iguaçu is the Brazilian Portuguese word, and how I know it - it should be accepted

Level 75
Mar 18, 2016
Also Yguazu, the original Guaraní name.
Level 56
Jun 22, 2015
Could you accept Pampa for The Pampas?
Level 79
Jun 22, 2015
Nice bit of diplomacy recognizing the Falklands as such (rightfully so), but accepting "Malvinas" as an entry.
Level 37
Jun 22, 2015
This quiz is too America-centric ;)
Level 49
Feb 20, 2016
Ugh, those self-centered Americans!
Level 56
Jul 24, 2015
Accepting the Spanish/Argentine name Iguazú but not the Portuguese/Brazilian name Iguaçu is biased, in my opinion at least. The waterfall is on the Argentine-Brazilian border so both names should be accepted.
Level 56
Dec 27, 2015
I like that Malvinas is an acceptable answer!
Level 82
Aug 3, 2016
Not out of any political beliefs, but mainly due to having spent an extended period of time in Argentina I always go to write Malvinas first, so yes good to see it accepted.
Level 77
Jul 30, 2018
beccimoo, your comment sets me wondering why, and how many different languages should be acceptable for each answer. If you think that any country (or rather, linguistic group) that has ever held a territory should supply an acceptable answer, that could pose a problem for many jetpunk quiz-setters. For example, in this case, the quiz master should also accept "Maloïnes" (I think that's the correct spelling) since the French were there first.
Level 84
Feb 25, 2017
I stunk like feet on this one. Only got 11. :-(
Level 53
Jun 28, 2017
Sad that "Pão de Açúcar" wasn't accepted... Never even taught putting the translated name...
Level 84
Jul 11, 2018
Yeah, I tried Pao de Acucar first, deffo should be accepted.
Level 67
Mar 28, 2020
I was stuck at Tierra del _____, so I entered the only Spanish word that sounded right, which was Fuego, and I was correct, although I don't think I have ever heard of Tierra del Fuego before.
Level 67
Mar 28, 2020
Accept Ipanama for Ipanema?
Level 45
Jun 6, 2020
Please accept Salto de Angel for Angel Falls, that's what it's called in its own country.
Level 72
Dec 11, 2022
Close. It's Salto Ángel.
Level 49
Apr 19, 2021
Pls accept Magallanes for Magellan. Thats the spelling in spanish
Level 74
Jul 9, 2023
Isn't the Pará the biggest by flow rate?
Level 67
Sep 17, 2023
Any chance of accepting just "Pampas"? I feel I got the important part right 😂
Level 79
Feb 5, 2024
This quiz definitely needs to accept the words of the local languages as well...