South Park Characters

Based on the clue, name the character from the TV show "South Park"
We are generally looking for first names
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Last updated: December 17, 2017
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First submittedOctober 7, 2013
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Main character #1
Main character #2
Main character #3
Frequently dies
"The fourth friend" at times
Supervillain alter-ego of the above
Professor Chaos
Sidekick to the above superhero
General Disarray
Girl who causes #1 to vomit
Best friend of the above
Killed his mother by leaving
the toilet seat up
The class troublemaker
Disabled kid who
says his own name a lot
Disabled kid / stand-up comedian
Rich African-American kid
Hyperactive, coffee-drinking kid
Mother of #1
Father of #1
Older sister of #1
Father of #2
Mother of #2
Adopted, Canadian younger
brother of #2
Third grade teacher who
has had multiple sex changes
Mr. Garrison
Puppet of the above
Mr. Hat
The guidance counselor, mmm-kay
Mr. Mackey
Flamboyant character who is "Super"
Big Gay Al
Farting Canadian comedy duo
Drug-addicted towel
Incompetent police officer
Officer Barbrady
Soul-singing cafeteria worker
Uncle of #1, and gun enthusiast
Best friend of above, who is
missing a larynx
Level 55
Nov 4, 2014
This quiz is biased in favor of people who are familiar with the show.
Level 76
Apr 6, 2018
Agreed. Very south-park-centric.
Level 62
Apr 6, 2018
Isn't that the point?
Level 33
Mar 16, 2019
Level 41
Nov 8, 2019
This South Park characters quiz would be much more fair if it involved characters from The Simpsons.
Level 20
Nov 1, 2022
please be aware i think of this comment every day and laugh to myself thank you for the entertainment over the past few years

it shocks me, to my very core, that someone would complain about a south park quiz being too full of south park. you truly are one in a million.

Level 55
Dec 31, 2017
Dude, you should've included Mr Hankey, Mr Kim, or PC Principal. Scott Malkinson, Mayor McDaniels, Mr Slave, Henrietta, Skeeter, Officer Yates. Some great characters are missing from this
Level 62
Aug 9, 2019
Scott Tenorman!
Level 83
Sep 1, 2020
Could extend quiz to include more characters . the first to about sixth seasons were the best.Never liked the towelie character but Cartman is King.
Level 61
May 27, 2022
especially PC!!
Level 82
Apr 6, 2018
Hey you finally fixed the clue about the parents. Only took about 5 years. :)

In honor of one of my oldest favorite shows, here's a quiz I made on my newest favorite show:

Westworld Season 1 Quiz

Spoilers abound in that one, if you haven't seen it binge watch the first season, come take my quiz, and then you'll be ready for season 2 starting April 22nd.

Level 66
Apr 6, 2018
I never thought i would hear a person described as "frequently dies"
Level 90
Apr 6, 2018
I guess that would only apply to the first couple of seasons. Nowadays, he only dies occasionally.
Level 82
Apr 6, 2018
That description could be applied to a bunch of characters on the quiz I linked to above.
Level 67
Apr 8, 2018
I know that Cartman once called Craig "the biggest troublemaker in class," but Cartman himself is definitely the biggest troublemaker. Craig isn't really any more of a troublemaker than any of the other kids. I only got him because, after Token and Clyde were taken, he was a likely name to be included in the quiz. There is definitely a better clue for Craig. Maybe referencing his penchant for flipping people off or how he cynically calls out the main characters for their behavior.
Level 82
Apr 11, 2018
I was once tempted to make a comprehensive South Park characters quiz similar to the one on the site about the Simpsons. Would anyone be interested in something like that?
Level 82
Feb 12, 2020
a single like on this comment after 2 years so I'll take that as a "no."
Level 83
Sep 1, 2020
Yes . The Simpsons one is one you can keep going back to again . my best was 149 but every time I do it I seen to forget a main character eg snake , moleman even moe once so I think a similar quiz for South Park and Family Guy would be cool
Level 82
Sep 20, 2021
Probably. But it would also take a huge amount of work to put together and if interest is this low it doesn't seem worth it.
Level 83
Apr 12, 2018
Timmay should be an acceptable spelling.
Level 89
Dec 9, 2018
You're livin' a lie.
Level 89
Dec 9, 2018
I love how the algorithm is giving me an advertisement for Mormons on a Trey Parker and Matt Stone quiz.
Level 89
Dec 9, 2018
Did Shelly die just once?
Level 82
Nov 7, 2022
When did Shelly ever die?
Level 44
Mar 29, 2023
Shelley died in the hypothetical future in the Post Covid special. She was killed in a fire at Tegridy Farms that also killed Sharon.
Level 85
May 16, 2019
You don't accept Lorde for Randy? :(
Level 75
Aug 30, 2020
Mr Twig for Mr Hat?
Level 74
Nov 1, 2020
This quiz is not PC, it's missing PC Principal!
Level 61
May 27, 2022
pls accept the correct name "Tolkien" :)
Level 89
Jun 25, 2022
I was going to comment on this as well. The original name was Token, but was later changed to Tolkien. The latter should be accepted, at least, and probably displayed as the correct answer.
Level 43
Dec 12, 2022
I missed General Disarray.

This entire test is nearly learnable from just Season 1.

Level 32
Apr 3, 2023
Level 32
Apr 5, 2023
Please fix, Tolkien's name. Its not Token anymore. Thank you
Level 52
Sep 10, 2023
It’s Tolkien, not token