SpongeBob SquarePants Trivia

Based on the hints, guess these facts about Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants.
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Last updated: August 29, 2015
First submittedAugust 30, 2013
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Fruit that is SpongeBob's house
SpongeBob's pet snail
SpongeBob's angry neighbor
Squidward Tentacles
SpongeBob's best friend
Patrick Star
Animal that SpongeBob catches in nets
Larry's profession
Where Sandy is from originally
City that the show takes place in
Bikini Bottom
SpongeBob's job
Fry Cook
Krusty Krab's signature dish
Krabby Patties
Plankton's restaurant
Chum Bucket
Mr. Krab's first name
Mermaid Man's sidekick
Barnacle Boy
Replacement for Glove World
Glove Universe
Tallest building in town
Sea Needle
Street that SpongeBob lives on
Well maybe it is stupid, but it's also dumb
Once, there was an ugly barnacle. He was
so ugly that everyone died. The end!
Moss always points to civilization
Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish
Level 16
Nov 7, 2013
I wrote radio tower and got sea needle they are the same building. Great Quiz though.
Level 35
Nov 19, 2013
No, they are two different buildings.
Level 26
Feb 12, 2016
Radio Tower is the radio tower.

The Sea Needle is like an observatory I believe.

Level 48
Jan 4, 2019
Got everything except Sea Needle.
Level 75
Nov 19, 2013
I believe it should read "Mr. Krabs' first name"
Level 43
Nov 6, 2014
Not only that, but it should say "Mr. Krabs's first name".
Level 28
Dec 19, 2016
The second "s" is optional.
Level 52
Nov 19, 2013
Remember when Spongebob was an awesome show? I miss those days.
Level 50
Nov 19, 2013
What do you mean "remember when?"
Level 66
Nov 19, 2013
He means that the quality of SpongeBob has declined significantly, which is objectively true.
Level 18
Dec 17, 2014
The quality of the show has NOT declined!
Level 66
Dec 19, 2016
It's gotten creepy.
Level 23
Mar 10, 2021
Spongebob now is corny. I will always miss those times
Level 39
Feb 8, 2014
I got 19/20 because i put "needle"! Darn!
Level 34
Jun 8, 2014
You should accept "patty frier" for Spongebob's Profession.
Level 33
Sep 4, 2014
Great quiz
Level 18
Dec 17, 2014
I have watched every episode, and I don't believe it ever says he lives on Conch Street. Where did you get that information?
Level 34
May 17, 2015
His driver's license.
Level 60
Mar 23, 2016
it is on his drivers license
Level 69
Jul 19, 2019
its on his license
Level 25
Dec 15, 2015
The quote should actually be "I may be stupid, but I'm also dumb."
Level 76
May 24, 2016
He wasn't referring to himself, he was referring to sea bears.
Level 29
Mar 19, 2017
100% with :30 left. Those quotes are great. For another quote, you should do:



Level 24
Oct 11, 2017
The only one I got wrong was the tallest building in town! I have been watching spongebob since i was about a year old. I used to call it "bobby"
Level 66
Apr 25, 2019
The tallest building should actually be the Krusty Towers, even though it doesn't last more than one episode.
Level 47
Nov 21, 2017
Lol I knew Spongebob's street, sort of but I didn't know the exact name so I said Couch Street.
Level 65
Sep 26, 2018
Larry also owns a gym so could "trainer" be accepted? even thought it was only mentioned once?
Level 45
Feb 4, 2021
I feel so proud of myself for getting every single one right. :)
Level 43
Mar 3, 2021
Could you please accept just "cook"
Level 54
Feb 23, 2022
I missed the lyric of the theme song, but got "Well maybe it is stupid, but it's also dumb"