States that Beat Florida

For each selected category, name any of the U.S. states that ranks higher than Florida.
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Last updated: November 16, 2022
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First submittedSeptember 29, 2019
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Largest population
California | Texas
Most international visitors
New York
Longest ocean coastline
Highest % of residents are immigrants
California | New York | New Jersey
Highest % of area is wetland
Louisiana | Delaware | Maryland | Maine
Most executions since 1976
Texas | Virginia | Oklahoma
Most average precipitation
Louisiana | Mississippi | Alabama | Tennessee
Highest % of residents are Hispanic
New Mexico | Texas | California | Arizona | Nevada
Highest % of residents are Jewish
New York | New Jersey | Massachusetts |
Maryland | Connecticut
Highest population density
New Jersey | Rhode Island | Massachusetts | Connecticut |
Maryland | Delaware | New York
Smallest difference in votes between
Biden and Trump in 2020
Georgia | Arizona | Wisconsin | Pennsylvania |
North Carolina | Nevada
Smallest % of population in largest city
Connecticut | New Jersey | South Carolina | West Virginia
Most tornadoes
Texas | Kansas | Oklahoma
Lowest average elevation
Hottest average temperature
Oldest median age of residents
Maine | Vermont | New Hampshire | West Virginia
Highest total African-American population
Last capital city alphabetically
Kansas | New Jersey
Highest % population growth 1960–2021
Nevada | Arizona
Level 86
Oct 4, 2019
This is the hardest of the "States the Beat" quizzes I've done so far.
Level 59
Jul 7, 2022
Easiest one for me so far lol
Level 66
Nov 17, 2019
The last alphabetical capital is nasty unless you're one who reads and ponders the quiz in advance. It's just time consuming to "compute" the answer. Has it ever been considered to not reveal the questions until "Start Quiz" is entered?
Level 72
Jan 11, 2020
Topeka came to my mind instantly. Not sure why, I'm not even American...
Level 70
Dec 3, 2022
Was nice to end on a devilish one! I missed that one but still got five stars so I'm happy...
Level 78
Dec 22, 2019
Very interesting quiz, I got 14/20 but I should’ve got the alphabet one as I thought Trenton like six seconds before it ended and typed New Jersey in but it was in the wrong box and then I ran out of time, oh well
Level 67
Dec 22, 2019
Florida will always be #1 in news stories too nuts to believe.
Level 77
Dec 28, 2019
Never enough time on these types of state quizzes. Even 30 seconds would help with the harder clues.
Level 46
Jan 3, 2021
More time please!
Level 31
Apr 7, 2021
we need more time please!!!
Level 68
Dec 3, 2022
As a non-American, I could have done a lot better with more thinking time. Of course I could work out many of the answers in advance, but I prefer to play the quiz in real time.

Why are so many quizzes on this site so mean with the times given?

Level 82
Dec 3, 2022
if the time limit is so extensive that you can guess randomly or sit and ponder every answer at length... scores will become less meaningful, and quizzes will generally be more boring to take. If you prefer to take the quizzes untimed, that's an option, you just won't get to compare how you did to everyone else who took it timed.
Level 61
Dec 3, 2022
I got 100% of the ones I answered but ran out of time. This needs to have a little more time.
Level 82
Dec 3, 2022
yeah.. again.. if there is so much time that you can just keep guessing until you get every answer... everyone could get 100% of every answer... but that's boring. If you only answer the ones that you know without guessing a bunch of times, you wouldn't need more time.
Level 67
Dec 4, 2022
I disagree. I wasn't randomly guessing, and sat and thought about my answers, and I am an admittedly slow reader. I didn't even get to the last 6 questions. This quiz could have used another minute.
Level 70
Apr 29, 2024
Yeah, lots of quizzes do not need more time, for this reason. This one, on the other hand, DOES need more time. I went quickly and mostly accurately, getting most questions at the first attempt, and most others at the second guess, and still got caught short by about 5 questions.