T Answers Quiz #2

Can you guess these random things that start with the letter T?
All answers are a single word
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Last updated: December 22, 2021
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First submittedApril 30, 2015
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Me ______, you Jane
Silvery Christmas tree decoration
Michael Jackson's best-selling album
Jewelry store with robin's egg blue boxes
It's similar to a ligament
Stage in a frog's life cycle
Maker of electric cars
Friar friend of Robin Hood
Astronaut beverage or Chinese dynasty
Time machine from Dr Who
Certain zodiac sign
City about 50 miles south of
Detroit or Madrid
Rome's river
Largest lake in the Andes
Conservative Party supporter in the UK
Playing cards used by fortune tellers
The heaviest U.S. President
Scottish fabric pattern associated with clans
Also known as lockjaw
Islamist group that controls Afghanistan
City in Italy with a famous shroud
Lake between California and Nevada
Strongest metallic element
Island shared by Indonesia and
one other country
Level 73
May 1, 2015
You know you spend too long on JetPunk when, as a non-American, you don't even have to think about who the fattest president was.
Level 59
Jul 21, 2015
I have a 25-year-old son with Down Syndrome. He had a teacher along the way that taught him facts about US presidents. That is one of the facts he remembers. That and the fact that Lincoln got shot in the head.
Level 21
Apr 5, 2016
Best. Teacher. Ever.
Level 65
Dec 16, 2015
Level 35
Mar 30, 2016
But do you know he got stuck in the white house bathtub?
Level 71
Mar 31, 2016
That is a myth, he had a special tub put in the White House before he became President.
Level 65
Feb 22, 2022
While riding on a subway one time, William Howard Taft got up so two women could sit down.
Level 80
May 29, 2015
I believe tungsten is harder than titanium
Level 93
Jun 5, 2019
It's hard to say which is the correct answer. By hardness, or tensile strength it is tungsten but by strength to weight ratio titanium comes out on top.
Level 72
Oct 14, 2022
I tried tungsten twice because I thought that I must have mis-spelt it. But then, I also tried Trump for the heaviest president
Level 51
Aug 19, 2015
can;t be that many Doctor Who fans here, or the comments would be full with: "it's Doctor, not Dr. you ingrate!"
Level 56
Jul 26, 2018
More spellings on Turin? (like Tourin)
Level 48
Sep 28, 2018
in italian the city is torino, but this quiz presumed you would answer in english
Level 74
Aug 11, 2019
titanium is controversial here..
Level 67
Mar 29, 2020
Got Timor
Level 44
May 12, 2020
Tetanus is also called lockjaw even though one of its symptoms is also called lockjaw
Level 78
Oct 1, 2020
Never heard of 'tarot' before!
Level 83
Jun 1, 2021
Guess it just wasn't in the cards for you until now
Level 83
Jun 1, 2021
I'd like to thank the Great Cornholio for helping me get the lake clue
Level 60
Aug 31, 2021
Oops. You might want to conside rephrasing that Afghanistan clue.
Level 42
Sep 21, 2021
Yes I also came to say this. Unfortunately the Afghanistan clue needs to be rephrased.
Level ∞
Dec 22, 2021
Level 68
Oct 14, 2022
Any quiz with the word Titicaca can't be all bad.
Level 67
Oct 16, 2022
except more people know about an overweight President.

I'm not one of them

Not bitter at all....

Level 28
Oct 14, 2022
I just realised - TARDIS is like tardiness, which means to be late. And the TARDIS is TIME machine
Level 72
Oct 14, 2022
"Strongest metallic element" - strongest what? Material strength? Definitely not titanium! Please revise this so that the clue matches the answer somehow!
Level 77
Oct 14, 2022
You beat me to it, bostjan.
Level 80
Oct 14, 2022
I tried "telephone booth" first, Oops.
Level 49
Oct 16, 2022
Tory is a general nickname for the Conservatives and their supporters, not just their supporters.
Level 84
Nov 8, 2022
'Tevere' could also be an acceptable answer to Rome's river.
Level 69
Jan 11, 2023
In what sense is titanium the strongest metallic element? The strongest metallic element to start with T is Tungsten which can withstand about 1500 megapascals of pressure while Titanium can only withstand around 400.
Level 69
Jan 26, 2023
should accept 'timur' for 'timor'. means east. so east timor means east east
Level 88
Feb 4, 2023
The shroud was carbon-dated to the Middle Ages. Senior vicars then decided not to allow further testing. O ye of little faith…
Level 55
Feb 14, 2023
Dr who question should accept telephone booth in addition to tardis.